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Comparing the 1170 & 1171 bracelets....

Hi Guys,

About a week ago Tyler asked about an 1170/653 bracelet combination. Tylers Original Post

I replied & said "They are the same, BUT about 1mm smaller at the watch end. I'll take some comparison pics & post them. "

Here they are & a few notes.

I believe my 1170 to be a genuine "old" bracelet. I am not aware of a source for NOS bracelets. If anyone knows where/how to find them, please E-mail me.

The 1171 came from a well known eBay seller in Australia ( some WATCHCOmpany or other ... Bill/Damon I class that one as a "slight bending of the rules" - OK ?)

The 1170 measures 22mm at the end.
The 1171 measures 20mm at the end.

The DO have a slightly different profile.

Click on any of the pics for larger versions

Here they are end to end. ( 1170 top, 1171 bottom)

& next 2 each other ( 1170 right, 1171 left) -please excuse the BAD picture !

& on top of each other showing the slightly different profile ( 1170 top, 1171 bottom)

So what does this look like on a watch ???

Well, I just happen to have a mate, with a 1040 Seamaster with an 1171/653 combination......

click on this one !!

I don't think the difference is enough to justify spending a large amount of time or money finding an 1170. But that's just my opinion.

The pictures of the watch prove 2 points....

1 - Non-WIS's don't give a Sh*t about our "rules". They build houses whilst wearing watches & regularly get them wet... the watches survive !

2 - You can take a steady picture of a watch, whilst sitting in the passenger seat of a BMW doing about 120 mph on a German Autobahn !! ( Nikon Coopix 950 & BMW 528 )

I hope this helps.

Steve - a great place to find Omega brochures, owners manuals & more !
Confusion say :- Man with 1 watch KNOW time. Man with 2 watches never sure !
That's exactly what I'd like the endpieces to look like on mine. I have the 1162 on mine, with no endpieces.
I guess it wouldn't matter whether I had an 1170 or 1171, if I could find the right endpieces.
I'm getting used to the gap, so it's not a huge deal, but it would be nice to tighten that all up.
Thanks, Steve!
I love the raised indecies on that dial of yours, too!
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