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Omega Seamaster 300 1967

Omega Seamaster 300 1967
I plan to share this on the public forum for fridays scan day but wanted to share it with other Omega collectors first.
I just recently picked up this vintage Omega Seamaster 300 from 1967 .The movement is the 24J. Cal. 565. I have an Omega bracelet that I have bought for it but that has not yet arrived. The condition of the watch is quite nice as it was in a collection that someone had but this person did not wear his watches that much. The case, movement, dial, hands, crystal and bezel, are all original. Here are some scans of the watch:

Rolex GMT II-C SS 116710
so good in pics because usually up close and personal they look even better.

Either that was restored or it has never been used more than once a year by the looks of it.
that it looks fresher than I do most of the time. Nice find my friend. Enjoy.



Mabye it will get to play with a Planet Ocean some day? "Oh! do not attack me with your watch. A watch is always too fast or too slow. I cannot be dictated to by a watch." Jane Austen - Mansfield Park
Cool, congrats! Here is my 67:

very cool ! just great!... now where do I get a new battery for my Blancpain !??
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before I start, that's a great watch.

BUT, the 565 is a date movement.

The dial clearly doesn't have a date & the Case ref no (on the inside of the rear cover) is for a non-date watch.

This should surely have a 552 movement in it ?

But as I started the Post. It's a beauty ! - a great place to find Omega brochures, owners manuals & more !
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Steve, that is an interesting question. As I was looking for a Vintage Seamaster 300, I did as much research as I could on the watch and the movements. I have found quite a few Cal 565 movements in non-date watches. Now, whether these were restored watches or watches with original movements, I do not know. Maybe someone else with more knowledge on this subject can let us know if there were non date versions of the cal 565 or what the situation is in relation to your question. thanks Rolex GMT II-C SS 116710
Oh yes! I didn't saw the movement no. 565!

The watch looks like it was fully restored.
Perhaps the pre-owner has had a 565 and Omega converted it into a non-date.
It also has the big (screwed?) crown.

But in the 60ies nothing was impossible at Omega.
The built in hands, dials and perhaps also movements available in stock.

I'm shure about the hands and dials, but I could not believe the movements, because thats to strange!

They didn't care about any specification in the catalog!
Except movements ...
according to Omega, they switched from the 552 cal. to the 565 in 1974 for SM300's. At that point they also changed the ref # to 166.024 for those watches with the new caliber.

My question to you all is the crown. I'm really confused which is the correct crown. My SM300 has the crown that sticks out much further than the ones you guys have. Can anyone explain this to me? Time is of the essence
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