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My Omega Seamaster stopped working :(

Hi I've bought this watch (James Bond Edition) automatic about one year ago, and it jst started to stop working over long weekends which I found normal due to lack of activity...
The problem got worse when last thursday it just stopped working overnight.
I called Omega and they told me to wind it up ( 50 times), I did it, and last night ( sunday) stopped working again....

This is my only watch.....

Any suggestions..... what could it happened?

Omega told me that the 48 hours power bank only works if the watch has been wound 50 times. They told me that over long weekends or lack of activity, the 50 wounds start to decrease and eventually it would stop working overnight and that I ONLY should wind it up when it stops!!. They also told me that normal use WON'T wind it up, it just keep it going.....
If its under warranty, take it back to an authorized dealer for repair. If its not..find a reputable watchmaker that works on Omega. I happened to luck into one when I walked into a large chain jewellery store that sold Omega, and their on site watchmaker worked on them.
good luck..
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If you put the watch to your ear and wind it, at some point you will hear a loud click click. This is the overwind protection and it lets you know that the watch is fully wound. I have a Seamaster similar to yours and mine takes about 70 winds to fully wind it, so maybe it still was not fully wound. I would fully wind it first and let it sit to see how long it goes. If it still stops, it needs service. I don't grow the beans, I just count them
if the watch has stopped running. That's why we hear of them stopping often.

Best Regards,

Damon When your watch gets out of order you have a choice of two things to do: throw it in the fire or take it to the watch-tinker. The former is the quickest. -MT
Did you wind it 50 times on Thursday or Friday and it stopped working on Sunday? If you did, then it's working perfectly. If you wound the crown 50 times one night, and the next morning the watch stopped working, then you have a problem. If you haven't worn your watch in a day or so and it has stopped working or is still going despite not being worn you have to wind it via the crown 40 or 50 times. By not doing so you're doing the equivalent of putting $10 of gas in a car a expecting to drive from Florida to California without putting any more gas in the car during the trip. To wind a watch completely just by wearing it takes a lot of activity and chances are most people don't move around that much during their day to completely wind a watch from a dead stop just by wearing it.

Best Regards,

Damon When your watch gets out of order you have a choice of two things to do: throw it in the fire or take it to the watch-tinker. The former is the quickest. -MT
consider putting your watch on a watch winder on weekends. The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things: of shoes--and ships--and sealing wax--of cabbages and kings....
Wow, thanks for the support. Last friday I calles Omega support and now I realize how UNINFORMED this representative was when he told me to be CAREFUL winding my watch because I could damage the movement. He did no even realize about the OVERWIND PROTECTION that most of the automatic watches have......
He also told me that I was NOT supposed to wind my watch every now and then ( especially in long weekends or so).....
After reading your suggestions I called the again, but this time the technician clarified the issue, YOU ARE absolutely right. I can wind my watch EVERY DAY if I want to with NO risk to damage the movement.
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