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Omega Stopwatch

Can you still get a stopwatch. I have searched on Omegas website and cant find anything. No other reason just I would think it would be cool to have one, more elegant than a digital stopwatch. Rolex 50th Sub, Omega Seamaster, more to come.
that's probably the best way to get a mechanical one. I doubt mechanical ones are made anymore. When you are looking to time events to a hundredth of a second, only digitial timers are used. Whoever wrote "Love means never having to say you're sorry" was clearly NOT married!
So far as I know Omega doesn't market any stopwatches (either mechanical, quartz or digital) to the public any more. They do still "make" them (or get them made), but they are used by Omega personnel for timing sports events and not sold to the public.

There is a sizeable collector market for vintage Omega Olympic timers and stopwatches and they pop up at vintage dealers, on eBay and the Sales Corner from time to time.

Good Hunting,
-r "Mechanical watches are so brilliantly unnecessary. Any Swatch or Casio keeps better time, and high-end contemporary Swiss watches are priced like small cars. But mechanical watches partake of what my friend John Clute calls the Tamagotchi Gesture. They're pointless in a peculiarly needful way; they're comforting precisely because they require tending." - WG
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There are still plenty about in various configurations.

I sold all mine but then recently came across this 1/10 second model at a boot sale and I couldn't leave it there because it had a nice blue centre hand!

Stop watches can make up an interesting collection.

Cheers, Neil.
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