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Omega Planet Ocean vs Rolex Submariner

So I am thinking to buy a new watch, I have a sub in my colection already and thinking of buying the new Omega Planet Ocean C0-Axil movement.
Which timepeice is better??? JLC Duelmatic, GP Seahawk II, Breitling B-2, Breitling Headwind, Breitling B-1, Panerai Pam 104, Rolex Submariner, IWC Spitfire Chronograph, Seiko SKX173, Seiko Black Monster, Tissot T-Touch
Me personally?....

I would take a Seadweller over a PO and PO over a Sub... Mason.
Give us a list of the criteria by which you judge "better".

On the other hand, you could define "better" very simply: if it has {insert brand name here} on the dial, it is better.

For my two cents worth, I'll say that if somehow partisan brand name loyalty could be put aside and objective measurement put in its place, the Planet Ocean is as accurate, robust, reliable and long-lived as a Rolex for less money. Flowers bloom then die, but ceramics last for ever. - Dawn Kanost The extreme limit of wisdom, that's what the public calls madness. - Jean Cocteau If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker. - Albert Einstein
Since you already have a sub, if you like the PO, you really can't go wrong in having one. The hard part will be picking the one you like best !
Very different watches. The tried and true Rolex vs the PO.
I own both and both are good in different ways. The Rolex is as a robust watch as you will find. The styling is 70s in my opinion.
The PO will have to stand the test of time. Its newer and with a
different type movement. I believe the co-axial will be a great thing for Omega. I think the Omega offers more "bang for the buck" than does Rolex. My sub has been 24 years without a service. That says something for Rolex. It really comes down to what YOU like.
Try them both and see which one you warm to.
I am in the same boat. i have a Sub Date and am considering another watch purchase.

I find the PO quite attractive both in appearance and price (I understand there is a possibility of a significant discount from some dealers). I love my Sub but have been gravitating toward larger sized watches lately. I think a PO fits the bill quite nicely. The orange bezel gives you the same style, but with a little flair. My new/old '56 Seamaster still runs flawlessly, so I would say that Omega quality is up there with the rest. Maybe not quite as solid as a Sub, but I am only guessing Haven't actually handled a PO yet.
I'd like to see some Non Bond PO's on the rubber strap as well. There's nothing like wrist shots!!
"Semper Ubi Sub Ubi"
I can say the build quality is the same and each has its strengths.

The negatives of the Rolex compared to the PO are the sharp edged case and bracelet, plus the bracelet feels cheap and the clasp even cheaper compared to the PO outstanding bracelet and clasp.

The negatives of the PO compared to the Sub are, cheaper feeling crown and bezel compared to Rolex's outstanding crown and bezel feel.

Taking price into consideration, the PO is my choice hands down.

Not taking price into consideration, I'd still give the PO the edge.
I am shocked that you would say that. :) A man in the company of a hot, suggestively dressed woman must remain sober enough to fight. - Man Law #17
I don't know how you really determine "better" when both are absolutely outstanding watches. The sub has much more history behind it, and is recognized by WIS and non WIS alike as "the" dive watch. I really don't think you will go wrong with either on a quality or durability basis. Personally, I like the Sea Dweller over the Sub, but just won't spend the MSRP for a new one. I just feel like Rolex is way over priced. I have a PO and could not be pleased more. I guess time will tell if the PO stays in the limelight of dive watches. A man in the company of a hot, suggestively dressed woman must remain sober enough to fight. - Man Law #17
maybe you need to think about it some more. I don't think you have ever pondered this subject before. :)

The world is my oyster, perpetually - Scott
A man in the company of a hot, suggestively dressed woman must remain sober enough to fight. - Man Law #17
Both watches are tough and are going to last a long time. However, I prefer the look and feel of the Planet Ocean. Also, I cannot warm up to the Oyster bracelet. YMMV!
Could you expand on your understanding that some dealers are significantly discounting the PO? I'm actually consider the PO and the Rolex right now (wedding gift from my fiance') Thanks in advance
Me: Rolex Y Series 14060M; Rolex D Series 16610LV; Omega Seamaster 45.5mm PO 2900.51.82; ML Pontos Petite Seconde Manual Wind; Tissot Seastar 1000 Automatic; Swiss Army Ambassador XL Manual Wind 24151; Swiss Army Ambassador Automatic 24150; Swiss Army Infantry Quartz 24656; Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Titanium Automatic; Hamilton Khaki King Automatic; Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Officer; Movado Classic Museum Quartz w/ Lizard Strap; Seiko "Black Monster" SKXA43; Invicta 8926; Invicta 3044; Invicta 2625; Casio G-Shock 2688; Orient Multi-Year Calendar Automatic; 1970-1974 vintage Wittnauer "2000" Series Automatic - MINT; various other watches...
"Semper Ubi Sub Ubi"
"Semper Ubi Sub Ubi"
There is so much other stuff out there don't get caught up in the Omega vs. Rolex diver crap. Looks at pilots, chrono's, GO's, Pannies (my new favorite), other Omega (speedies, deville, et. al), other Rolex (GMT, daytona, dj, et. al).
Both! I agree with hq0002, if you have both why worry which is better :) Current: B-1, Speedy Triple-Date, SuperOcean, TT DJ, UN 1846 Marine Chronometer, GO Sport Evo, IWC Portuguese FA Jones LE, Seiko Spring Drive Moonphase LE. Beaters: Luminox S/S Navy Seal, G-Shock, Seiko 5 Auto Wish List: IWC 5001, GO Perpetual, AP RO White Dial 15300 Grail: ALS Lange 1
As an owener of both a Sea-Dweller and a 42mm PO, I have the best of both worlds. Yes, there are aspects of the PO that I prefer over the Sea-Dweller. And, yes, there are aspects of the Sea-Dweller that I prefer over the PO. Since that topic has been beaten to death already, I won't revisit it.

Since you already have a Sub, I'd suggest getting the PO. That way, you have two great, very different dive watches.

To each his own, though. You know what they say about opinions...

made it a few millimeters bigger and priced it lower, as good a quality case etc..--it would still never be in the class of the Speedmaster--the history of the watch and what it means to space travel is unequaled. Same can be said for the Sub when it comes to the ocean. I think there are some things that cannot be made better even when they are as good and cheaper--like a better painting of the Mona Lisa. I can guarantee you that it would certainly be cheaper. My 2c.

If you ask Chuck Norris what time it is, he always says, "Two seconds 'til." After you ask, "Two seconds 'til what?" he roundhouse kicks you in the face. Chuck Norris doesn't wear a watch, HE decides what time it is!
Like you I like dive watches. I have A Sea Dweller and an Omega Seamaster 'Bond'.

I then bought a black Seamaster which developed a fault which Omega (after 5 months of trying) could not fix so my AD offered me a straight replacement. However I was wary about getting another black Seamaster so I decided to upgrade to a Speedmaster Professional mainly because I already had two great divers watches and thought something different would be worth looking at.

Now I am a big fan of easy to read dials with a date display, big second hand, great water resistance and an auto movement which is why I prefer divers watches so I have always ruled the Speedmaster out as not being that suited to me.

Boy was I wrong - I wear the Speedy more than any other watch, it's dial has superb legibility (even with all the sub dials), I don't miss the date at all, it's comfortable and I really enjoy manually winding it - strange but true !!! It is without doubt the watch that gets the most admiring comments as it just has refined, purposeful military looks. I really like this watch.

Food for thought ????

Just my two penneth.
24 years without service?
Considering how Rolex is regarding old watches and parts,
I would take it in for a service.
Not even Rolex oil is that good.
Why would you feel the need to make a comment like that?

The debate between Rolex and Omega has been ongoing for years. Comments surrounding the debate fall into a number of different categories, based on my observations: (1) thoughtful and reasoned; (2) insightful, when based on technical information and characteristics; (3) diplomatic; (4) offensive, accusatory, and rude (they're just watches people!!)

With that being said, neither brand produces a "better" watch in the objective, layman sense. Subjectively, a number of different characteristics evolve into our own personal view about which one is "better," such as: (1) what design do you subjectively like better? (2) what case and bracelet style fits you better? (3) which watch has a better finish? (4) which watch is more aesthetically and emotionally attractive? (5) which watch more suits the purpose(s) you are going to use it for (i.e., dress watch, dive watch, sport chrono, etc) (and the list goes on)

Personally, I only see one shortcoming with the PO, which is the fact that the bracelet has friction pin links instead of screwed links (a minor point to me). The design is excellent, as is the construction, fit, and finish. Moreover, it is more versatile than the Sub in that it looks better with and is more wear-able on a rubber strap.

The Rolex, in my opinion, has several shortcomings (which is why I don't own one): (1) the bracelet, which functional, can and should be better made (which Rolex recognized with the new Daytona and GMT bracelets) ; (2)it's just too common for my tastes; (3) the crystal is not anti-reflective on both sides, which results in crystal glare; (4) the crystal protrudes slightly above the bezel, which makes it more prone to chipping; and (5) IMO, it looks goofy on a strap.

Try them both on, and see which one YOU like best. Our opinions, while relevant in the educational sense, should be irrelevant, as you will have sole ownership to enjoy whichever watch you choose. Good luck.


I believe I have read posts where POs have been purchased for 15-20% off list. Maybe significant was too strong a descriptor, but I think anything above 10% off is pretty darn good. I understand the month after tax season is a good time to buy.

Anyway, they are both very good watches and I can heartily recommend the Sub date.
PM me for better Omega discounts!
Elton you asked what exactly I meant by my comment...

Matthewj and I have fun with each other about the whole Omega vs. Rolex thing we PM each other regularly and as we all know since he is an anti-Rolex, Omega fan I was joking with him as if he had not thought this topic through before. I am sure Matthew understood the joke in my post.

The comment had nothing to do with the actual watches. PO vs. Sub= personal preference or flip a coin.


Scott The world is my oyster, perpetually - Scott
As my signature indicates having some experience in both "camps"
I really think they are two different brands (obviously) and hence you are wearing two different products.
But you knew that already!
If you have/had a sub you would enjoy a PO large..
If you have a PO IMHO and you just want to kick some more "tires" it just might be a 'Dweller
That said a PO in the instruction manual lists a temperature use advisory for the watch and a Rolex sub never used to.
I froze both my subs in a feezer and additionally with refrigerant years ago no ill effects.
I also put my Subs in a deliberate generated magnetic fields of decent gauss with no ill effect I wouldn't likely do it with the PO.
I think they also advise against it in my PO manual.
Probably most people would say you shouldn't do it with a Rollie either.
But... Omega PO45mm Black 2200.50-st.stl bracelet Former Lovers: 2 Rolex Submariners St.stl.dates Tag Heuer Super Professional Tissot Seastar 1000 SAR
Answer: can understand why I'd raise the concern.
I really wouldn't call myself "anti Rolex" per say, just not happy with the treatment I recieved with the US service centers and the few examples of their product that I have recieved...but something had to make me like them enough to have bought three of them...

I also don't like the direction of the company today, but I do like alot of their older styles. "Semper Ubi Sub Ubi"
Elton I put a colon parenthesis smiley face next to a one liner about how Matthew should ponder his PO over Sub decision knowing full well he thinks about that topic all the time and has made his opinion known a million times on TZ. So honestly, no I cannot see why you would to quote you "Raise concern". Sorry.

Basically, I said to a KNOWN hardcore Omega guy, "Are you sure you want the Omega and not the Rolex?" tongue in check. With a smiley face next to it to further show it was a joke.

I am thinking about laying off posting for awhile, for an entertainment forum I see people getting bent out of shape too much and it has apparently started to make me the same way. I am having a fun exchange with someone who PM's me regularly and someone has to step in and try to "Check" me. I am on TZ everyday maybe I need a break as well as MANY others.

I know it sounds petty but so many people either defend their brand to no end taking any criticism as if someone just slapped their wife or something, or in this case take a simple comment and feel we need to throw down over it or something silly like that. This is all just supposed to be entertaining chat about watches.

And they say the Rolex forum is uptight....

Signing off for at least awhile,


The world is my oyster, perpetually - Scott
S'ok Scotty, I'll still be around. And The Irish Never Quit.

:) "Chronographs, like most finer things in life, only improve with time..." - In memory of Chuck Maddox.
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