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What type of watch winder is necessary for OMEGA?

Do I need a specific type of watch winder for a vintage 1966 Omega Constellation? (i.e. clockwise, counterclockwise, OR alternating clockwise - counterclockwise) Does it need to be 1 hour wind, 3 hours at rest or some shorter winding and rest periods?

Any help appreciated!

... though they are convenient.

have a 1966 Connie cal 561. If I remember correctly, 650 turns per day will fully wind the mainspring (it can't 'overwind').

Your movement is most likely a 56x series automatic also. These movements wind in both directions. So you can set a winder to clockwise, counterclockwise, OR alternating. The wind/rest cycle doesn't matter that much, either.

My winder is a cheapy 4-watch version which I have set to alternating - running 90 seconds, then resting 5 min. I turn it on/off with an inexpensive timer while I'm at work for a little less than 6 hours (10 rev/min, 6 hrs = approximately 720 turns/day). I know that 650 TPD is the correct # for my Dynamics. My Connie & DJR have never run down at that setting.

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It has a 564.

What brand of watch winder do you have, as I am looking at a cheap one on ebay that looks similar to your photo?
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