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Omega Electra 360

I am looking for information in regards to an Omega Electra 360.
I can't seem to find anything anywhere!?
I have never heard of a model called "Electra".

Best Regards,

Damon When your watch gets out of order you have a choice of two things to do: throw it in the fire or take it to the watch-tinker. The former is the quickest. -MT
Not sure how to pictures.. Can you give me a little
Do you mean the 'electronic' movement - regulated by the oscillations of a tuning fork rather than a quartz crystal?

Appeared in the late 60's / 70's as a precursor to quartz. Powered by a battery - but no 'tick, tick' of second hand - moves more smoothly than any thing else.

(see watch on the left)
.......get a pic up. Cheers, Neil.
Is the second hand of F360 smoother than that of Constellation chrono second hand?

Thanks for sharing, mjb
Yes the 300hz because it is driven by an electric motor, there is no deviation in it's movement at all.

The meca-quartz (chronograph function) is still powered by gears, so although one of the best out there, you can still see the incremental movement.
The second hand on any tuning fork watch (ie: Omega F300, Accutron, Longines Ultronic, etc) are the smoothest moving second hands - they actually like they are a tiny electric clock.

However, the hand does move with the use of gears and does have incremental movement. The incremental movement is not really noticeable because the second hand is moving 300 times per second! The main gear in the watch is the size of a pin head and has 300 teeth on it! (Accutrons ran at 360 hz)

I am posting this just to make sure people don't think that there is an electric motor directly attached to the second hand in F300's.
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