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Omega Baby Ploprof 120m Need Advice Please...

I'm think of buying this watch and it is out of my area of expertise (Newer Omega's I know).

1) For the guys that have one, how does it wear size wise?
2) How does this one look? Dial/case are being touted as original no redial.
3) I would buy the mesh band band to go with it for ~ $200.
Does this watch need to be sent off to Omega to be re-finished?

I would be "into" the watch ~$1500 after bracelet.

Deal or no deal?

Thanks all for your help!!

See pics from the seller:

There are more fake vintage Omegas out there than real ones so your best bet is to buy the seller on a watch like that. The photos are too small for anyone to read the case back numbers to verify that they are legitimate for the watch on Omega's on-line vintage database. The major concern that I'd have with the watch shown, given that it is real, is that it has seen some water damage at some point as evidence by the color of the lume on the second hand and the discoloring of the date wheel.

Best Regards,

Damon When your watch gets out of order you have a choice of two things to do: throw it in the fire or take it to the watch-tinker. The former is the quickest. -MT
Smaller, in my opinion, than it's actual 38mm size.

Chris "Why is it that every time I think I know the answers, someone goes and changes the questions?"-------------------------------------------
This is an earlier model of 'baby ploprof', evident by the dial ( two markers at 12 position ) and a 1010 mvmnt. The slightly later model has a 1012 mvmnt and single triangle marker at the 12 position.
It is an original, the case no. is on the inside, only the mvmnt no. appears on the outside.It has its original 'bakelite' bezel, and the case is a good size, I have one and contrary to the above post I find it wears as large as my yachtmaster, and Certina ds 200 (40mm).
Price wise its a good buy, but needs some work.If sent for the spa treatment however it will have the bezel changed for the later Aluminium one, a case re-finish a service and leave as as imo.
Although there are a couple around at the moment, this is only because of the 'auction' we all know about, however it is a farely uncommon model,and I dont think the 'auction' had one in it.
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