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Omega Seamaster GMT White Dial Vs. Rolex Explorer II

Hi All,

Appreciate your comments.

Stuck with these 2 models.

Best regards
The Omega and something else and just skip the Rolex, but if you are set on it then wait for them to upgrade the piece as buying now IMHO isn't worth it. Good luck. "Semper Ubi Sub Ubi"
Both are great watches. And before I get booed on this forum, I'll state for the record that I love Omega and Rolex equally. But being a young guy who's able to afford only one nice watch at a time, I currently have the white Explorer II. It's been my daily wearer for about 6 months now, and I still can't get over it; dress up/down versatility, excellent legibility, terrific accuracy, and tends not to draw as much attention as other Rolex sport models I've owned.
Hope that helps.
... and it's hard to decide. I would take the Omega, not because of the money I would have to spend but because I like the Omega design more.

If I had to make my decision my reasons would be:
1. The - I call it "Fish Eye" - destroys the whole fine finish of this white dial watch.
2. Will Rolex be able to do a service in 20 years or more? I personally don't know. Perhaps someone in this forum may have a response.
Just my 2 cents.

But personally, I prefer the Exp-II
The dark surrounds on the hour markers are amazing. This is one of the most underrated watches around.
i had both,

sold the Rolex, kept the Great White. never regretted it for a second, but then again i am a diver, and Rolex Dallas service center was outright difficult and because of their attitude, i am done with rolex. love the watches, but Rolex USA wont treat me badly again.

I personally prefer the dial of the Exp. Both are great watches though. Get the one that brings the biggest smile to your face! Rolex Explorer 114270; Omega SMP Bond 2531.80.00; Tissot PR 100 Auto; 1988 Tissot PR 100 Grand Luxe (quartz); Bucherer pocket watch
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