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Is the 7s26 a servicable movement? Will it just give out eventually and that's it, or would you service it to prolong the life. How long does this movement typically last?

As far as interval goes, it all depend how you used them.If you wear it everyday you can stretched to 3 to 5 years, many people keep going without service beyond that, but if you intend to keep it for long time, get it serviced periodically.

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Seiko prides themself on the fact that they do not use any outside vendors for materials.Every part of a Seiko is made by Seiko. They even manufacture their own oil which they say is second to none. I've read somewhere, and I'll try to find the link, Seiko claims due to their highly advanced synthetic oil, their automatics, when worn daily,will not need a overhaul for a minimum 10 years, not the normal 3 to 5 like other watches!
the 7S26 is a $50 movement. It would cost you more to try and service it. replacements are easily had.

I don't of any Seiko that claims 10 years before a service except maybe a quartz. It's very likely an auto wouldn't need to be serviced for 10 years but, if you want to prolong the watches life as much as you can... Seiko recommends every 3 to 5 years.
Seiko only recommends servicing a automatic if you are having a problem with the watch. They do Not recommend a 3 to 5 year service! The exception is for seals if, and only "If you are doing a lot of diving, then you may want to replace the seals, and only the seals". Their oil is state of the art synthetic and second to none. The movement may only cost $50.00, but they work, and work well.Your automatic 7S26 movement should run for more that 10 years without any problems (excluding possible water damage from diving). Do I know this for a fact? No, but I'll let you know in 9 years. However, Seiko says so!
You can verify this info Seiko Corp. of America....1111 Macarthur Blvd. Mahwah, New Jersey....07430
Phone # 1-201-529-5730 or Fax # 1-201-529-4525
the 7S movement is one of Seiko's most basic movement. It is a strong reliable movement but, if you wait 10 years to service it you're not only causing damage it won't be very accurate. There are friction points that over time will lose their oils or the oils will dry out. This causes undue wear on these area's which in turn cause damage and lack of accuracy. If you wait the 10 years for the gaskets to be're also taking the chance of water entry.

Sure it will work easily for 10 year without a service.... I have quite a few vintage Seiko's that never had a service after 30 years that work great but, they all could use replacement parts from wear.

You are incorrect about Seiko's recommendation. It's written fact they recommend servicing your watch every 3 to 5 years. This is for their high end movements though. The 7S isn't near the quality of them.

What you've read about Seiko using in house parts is correct but, that's mostly for their high end watches. Not all but, many of the 7S series are manufactured elsewhere in places like Singapore and China. Unless it says " Made in Japan "... it wasn't.
We aint talking High end! High end wasn't mentioned until you brought it up! Were talking 7S26 movements. Seiko's not servicing a 7S26 movement for a fix, they merely replace them because a replacement is cheaper than a fix. Maybe you should re read my post....It's easy to understand.....anyway, you can verify my statements with Seiko. Phone # 1-201-529-5730
if a high end watch is expected to be serviced every 3 to 5 what do you think should be done with a movement of much lower standards ?????

The last place I would want to call about a Seiko is a American service center LOL !
How much do you think that it would cost for this service and what work would be done?
from pass experience in having a service done and done right, it would consist of breaking down the movement to a point or all the way, sonic cleaning the parts, cleaning and relubing the proper pivot points, regulation, all gaskets replaced and siliconed and if a diver... a pressure test. The cost would depend on the type of movement. A 7Sxx I'm sure wouldn't be bad.

I too have faith in Seiko and I'm not real concerned about the 3 to 5 years but, just like with anything else mechanical..... it's preventative maintenance.

look at it like your car. If you change the oil frequently the motor will last much longer than if you changed the oil every 10 years.
Your car may run for those 10 years but, just think of what it's doing to the motor.

If services were done at regular intervals ... each one may not cost as much as it would if you were to let it go for 10 years ;-)

But then, it's is only a $50 movement. If Seiko USA told you 10 years... they probably figure you'll buy another watch before 10 years is up.

"Is a 7S26 a serviceable movement"...This is the original post!Show me where any other movement was mentioned except by you!
Your own words value the movement at $50.00. You insist that Seiko recommends servicing them at a 3 to 5 year interval, Which they do Not, You can call them just like I did! They do Not make this recommendation for a 7S26 movement because of the their value, they actually discourage it! I pointed out that economics make that move cost prohibitive, but you still insist that servicing at 3 to 5 is the way to go. I asked you how much this servicing would cost and what work would be done? You still have not answered but want the uninformed to believe your advice is correct.I think that you should show us where Seiko recommends this 3 to 5.... I could not rationalize spending $250.00 for a service that 1. is unnecessary, 2. discouraged by Seiko, and 3. the most important....Twice the cost of a brand new watch!

The 7S26 is a servicable movement in that it can easily be disassembled, cleaned, re-assembled, lubricated and adjusted. However, such work done properly by a watchmaker would cost ~$100 which exceeds the cost of a new movement so it isn't really cost effective.

you need to lighten up. For some reason you think because you spoke with someone at Coserv, it's the gospel.

as requested.... for the uninformed

verbatim from Seiko's web site..... this is translated... go ahead and translate it yourself....

Overhaul/OH [Other] check adjustment. In order to use a clock regularly forever, overhaul once in 2?3 years is required. Usually, washing of parts, lubrication, packing exchange, etc. are performed in overhaul. Opal [Coating] protein stone.

NOTICE it says FOREVER ! that's an extreme claim but as you said.... SEIKO SAID SO.

I also said I was talking about the higher end mvmts. I guy asked if a 7S26 is serviceable. If YOU bothered to read my FIRST statement..... I answered his question.

If you need to read it again.....

the 7S26 is a $50 movement. It would cost you more to try and service it. replacements are easily had. I don't of any Seiko that claims 10 years before a service except maybe a quartz. It's very likely an auto wouldn't need to be serviced for 10 years but, if you want to prolong the watches life as much as you can... Seiko recommends every 3 to 5 years.

you got yourself in a hissy because you think a watch doesn't need to be service in less than a 10 year period. Think what you will
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