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Seiko Bell-Matic 17 Jewels c.late 70's - Need some advice

Hello again everyone - sorry, let me try again!
I'm sure from my cock up (clicked create topic by mistake) you get the idea?
I would like to try a dry run of a restoration on my Dads old Seiko Bellmatic, if its worth it? The watch was worn daily and would benefit from a new strap (stretched) and a good polish/service. The movement is in working order.
Q - Did Seiko make them in massive numbers?
Q - Is it considered in any way collectable?
Q - Does anyone no a good restoration specialist?

I would much appreciate the benefit of your collective experience.

Thanks - any sorry for the posting error.....practice makes perfect!
I will try to answer your questions in order:
Yes, Seiko made a jillion of them.A very popular watch.
Yes, they are collectable. A lot of it being the novelty of an auto watch having an alarm function.

Only you can answer if it's worth it.

If it has sentimental value than probably having restored would be the answer.

They are not worth a huge amount of money , on say. Ebay.
A good one will go $125 to $150 and most go for $75 to $100.

You're looking at around $100 to have it serviced, more if you are going to have it restored.

I have a watchmaker that is very good with these in the States. Don't know about the UK.

ask this guy in nl for help. Don't know him personally but the blog is great!

regards from Hamburg, Germany
Thanks Chaps - I really appreciate your input. The blog you mentioned had details of a full restoration done on the 4006-6031 model, including case polish, new crystal and strap! That does it......I'll crack on and post some pics when it's finished.
Thanks again.