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Watch Identification

Well, here is another newbe. I collect a variety of things and watches are one of them. I have 2 Seiko's and of course having trouble finding information about them. Most of what I have seen on this forum are nice chronographs and I feel a little out of place. Mine are more formal dress watches.
The first is a thin gold color, rectangular watch.
On the face is: Seiko Quartz, Japan 6530-5080T and a symbol similar to <>

On the back is: 6530-5420 408588, then a small square with RO inside of it. Under that is a TL and the symbol similar to <>

If I understand this correctly it means: Mov't cal 6530, case number 5420, and made in the 4th year of a decade (Probably 1960's)in October, 8588th produced that month.
I have no idea what the T stands for or the RO or TL or symbol.???
Also, why is the case number different on the front and back.???
Is one the case number and the other the face number???

The second watch is round, gold color and also thin with a formal look. It is almost identical to a Movado museum series with a dark blue face.
On the face is: Seiko Quartz, Mov't Japan 7N00-7018 T1

On the back is: 7N00-7A49 433185, then a small square with RO inside of it.

Once again I think I know what most of this means except the T1 and RO.

Neither watch is in your database of Movement numbers. I did find the battery numbers.

Any further information would be greatly appreciated.
Hi there!

You are guessing right about the production dates and the difference between the number on the dial and on the back.

The only help I could give you is the 'T' following the number on the dial which means that the hands are covered with Tritium (a radioactive substance, not used now of course!) which glows constantly instead of 'storing' light like the modern luminous paints. A Seiko fan.
Thank you so very much for the information. I really appreciate it. Mel