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Sapphire crystal v.s. Seiko Hardlex... can anyone chime in?

I am wondering if a sapphire crystal is really that much better in any way than Seiko Hardlex which seems to be quite durable. I am in need of a replacement and wondered if an AR coated sapphire is really worth an extra $70?

Thank you in advance!
hardlex is very durable but, couldn't stand up to the abuse that a sapphire can..... to it's surface.

If it's a curved sapphire... imo, it's a must to have the AR coating. Only to the inside though.

here's a nice write up about sapphire xtal's ... depending on your use.... it may not be the way to go.

My Orange Monster with the Hardlex and have found it to be rather soft accepting a few scratches. Actually was surprised that the hardlex was so vulnerable to surface damage.

Have other SEIKO divers with sapphire - no dings, scratches, or gouges. It offers a visible difference in clairity and quality. It may make good sense to do the sapphire while you're going through all the expense of changing out the lens anyway.

If I remember correctly sapphire is a harder material than Hardlex or mineral glass, but if sapphire is harder, it would be easier to shatter with impact, but more resistant to abrasion type of damages.

We all know a diamond is the hardest material known, but it is very brittle and easy to shatter, just a impact with a hammer and the diamond turns into dust !