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Eye candy time (2) Credor Seiko

This model was out around the year 2000, has Cal.6870 movement. This special caliber were only hand assembled and tweaked by only one man, Mr. Minoru Sakurada.
He started working Seiko since1965, who knows when but he'll retire very soon, and unfortunately that is the when production ends for this movement as well.
Photo courtesy of Mr. PD collector
Best regards,
Very nice Kohei. What movement is being used in the Credor now? I am looking at the Phoenix automatic non chrono, and wonder how Credor ranks. Is it more like Seiko or GS?
Current Prospex diver watch, 8L75 movement.
Their usual basic 3 hand movement is 4S77, but for the Phoenix auto, 8L was chosen(don't know why, but) although they assembled and tweaked to Credor standard.
As of result has screw down crown with 10 ATM water proofing, 4,800A/M anti magnatic, and beefed up anti shock features are all standard.
Credor ranks their it's own i think, has very small production of hand crafted quality watch, while Grand Seiko are try to achive best of the Seiko from
the assembly line.
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The 6870 seems to be used only in 18k gold and platinum watches that cost between 800,000 to 1,200,000 yen
($6000 to $10000) that are 1.98mm thick. At that price, I doubt Seiko/Credor make many watches per year,
but I am sure they are able to pay Mr. Sakurada's salary. Here are two other Ultra Thin Dress (UTD) watch
photos I found online. They are great looking technical marvels!!