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How long do Seikos last anyhow?

This is a newbie question but I was wondering for a Seiko Mechanical watch, how long will it be, on average, before I need to replace some of the parts inside? And how will I be able to tell?

"The movement must be completely overhauled every 4 to 5 years. During this operation, the watchmaker applies at least one gram of lubricant to at least 21 parts of the mechanism." (

Does that sound about right? I've been trying to learn as much as I can about good watch maintainence. Does anyone know of some good websites on that?
It's a 6309-7049 (150m diver)that had a hard life of surfing, sailing, swimming, etc. It was keeping good time up to the day it stopped and a simple service got it going again.
A mechanical Seiko (for that matter Orients and Miyota's too) will routinely go 15-25 years with no service. I'd have no hesitation at all to let mine go 10 years. You can tell when service is needed...the watch will start to behave differently than it did when new.

If the seals and crystal are in good shape, the oils will not get contaminated with micro dust particles. These little mechanical wonders are very durable, and inexpensive to replace. Passionate for the high value mechanical watch, can't resist a nice quartz either.
Just like the Marines' lady "friend" said in the classic war move "Full Metal Jacket" a Seiko will love you "long time".

Seriously, 4 to 5 years is very frequent for a Seiko automatic.
Well this one lasted for 32 years now, unopened. Going strong at +12 sec. I don't intend to touch it in near future either:)

Manufacture date: October 1976