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Setting a Seiko 7S26B movement

I purchased a Seiko V watch, SNK809K2, online which has a caliber 7S26B movement. There was no manual. How does one stop the second hand to properly "synch" the watch? Pulling the crown out to the first stop allows me to change day and date. At the second stop I can move the minute and hour hands, but the second hand continues to sweep in this position. Is this normal?
If you have to have your hands sync there is a method that takes some practice. If you pull the crown out to the second position to set the hour and minute you can set the correct time and when the second hand nears 12 you can applied slight backwards movement to the crown which will pause the seconds hand. When you have the time synced you turn the crown slightly forwards and the second hand will restart. This technique works way better if power reserve is low.
Thank you for your prompt post. Are there other Seiko automatic movements that don't hack or is the 7S26B the only one?