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My First Non-quartz Watch

I just got my new Seiko in the mail 2 days ago. I couldn't be happier. I thought I'd take a few pictures and ask a question.

First off, pictures! Excuse the dust. I must've wiped the crystal off 1,000 times.

Now, in the last picture you can see there is a little white dot just below the 5. It seems to be on the dial itself. I can't tell what it is, exactly. I'm not really excited about taking apart my first real watch to scrape some stray lume or printing off the dial. Suggestions?
Nice choice for starters.

As to the speck that bothers you, have you looked at it with a 10x loupe ? if it's a blob of lume, it would glow in the dark.

I suspect it might be a speck of dust, or dial font paint.

If it was my watch, I'd uncase the movement, use my blower to clean the speck, or a very fine modellers paintbrush and some Tamiya model paint to touch up the dial.

Others will tell you to ignore the problem, but for you it's like a zit on the tip of your nose.

Best of luck, enjoy the watch. Passionate for the high value mechanical watch, can't resist a nice quartz either.
as to the dot, i would also suggest using magnification to see where it actually lies. if it doesn't bother you too much i would just ignore it. it happens. but if it does bother you (and i wouldn't blame you) you could do as mtech says and take care of it yourself which isn't too hard, or a watchmaker might do it for you very cheaply since it doesn't involve anything major at all. There are only 10 types of people in the world - those who understand binary and those who don't
Thanks for the advice guys. As I don't feel too comfortable disassembling everything just yet, I think I'll be fine with having a speck. I don't know of any watch repair places locally, but then of course, I've never had a reason to look for one either.

I'm such a big fan of it. Every time I look down, I'm all smiles! I hope that in July I can add something entry level to the collection. I'm thinking a used Oris, Archimede, or Chris Ward would be awesome.
Nice photos, I prefer this model in the blue dial you have. Look at the speck of white as "character" similar to imperfection on leather.
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Ok. Next question. I'm having some troubles with it stopping randomly. I'm wore it to play golf this morning, so I was pretty active, but it still stopped midway though the morning. When I got home I spun the rotor around for a minute or two, and then it stopped again an hour later. What is the best way to get this fully wound?
I noticed that you left the plastic protective cover on the case back.

Your watch should not stop if you wore it for as long as you said. That sounds like something is wrong.
Argh. That's what I was worried about. It happens to be ticking right now, but I'm sure it'll stop again sometime soon. Does the rotor wind in one direction or two? Can I hand wind this model? I'm not exactly sure what movement is powering this model.
You have the venerable 7S26 movement in your Seiko 5. It winds -only- from movement of the spinning rotor in both directions. It shouldn't take more than 5 hours of routine wearing to bring it to a full wind status, less if you are not a desk dweller.

Sorry but the 7S series movements do not support hand winding.

This movement is not noted for having problems, I'm sorry to say that you should be investigating a return policy.

Hope this doesn't sour you on mechanicals, in general Seiko makes about the most reliable movements of any.

Good luck? Passionate for the high value mechanical watch, can't resist a nice quartz either.
Yeah, I hate to say it (and this is certainly not a good first experience), but you had bettr exchange it for a new one. Something is definitely wrongif it is stopping while wearing it. Good luck and don't give up on the automatic! I really love my Seiko Black Monster as well as my two other autos (Omega Speedmaster and Rolex GMT).
It definitely shouldn't be stopping. I have a Seiko 5 with the 7S26B movement and have not had any problems with it at all. The movement is a Japanese design but I believe the bulk of them are made in Singapore. If you look on the sites that sell Seiko 5's, you'll see some of them say "Made in Japan" and others don't. These can even be the exact same models, with the ones made in Japan being more expensive. I assume the fit and finish are better on the ones made in Japan. I don't know if the actual movement is made in Japan. If it is, then I would gather that the movement also has better fit and finish. Mine was made in Singapore and I haven't have the slightest trouble and it keeps really good time. It just may be that you got a bad one, or maybe someone dropped it from a 20ft high stack of boxes during shipping. Who knows. I would return it for a replacement.
Your Seiko has classic pilot watch dial details and is a real joy to look at. I'm sorry you're having trouble with the movement but if you've prepared it for wearing as per Seiko instructions and it stops while you're wearing it you do need to send it back. All you have to say is "stops on wrist".
Well I didn't buy the watch directly from Seiko. I got it off that auction site. So I'll have to contact the seller and see what he says, if his English is good enough. This is becoming a serious aggravation. He's a power seller, so I guess everything should go well. I'll just have like a 6 week period with no watch. Could someone PM me some of their favorite reputable online stores?