1945 "Majestic" Pocket Watch?
1962 Jeanrichard Aquastar Divers Watch?
1967 or 68 constellation C case?
2nd watch purchase of 2005, simple white gold, (pic)?
change manspring:orthodox practice???
Comments on my UG oldies?
Favre Leuba - Sandow?
Henry Touchon watches?
I just found these. Le Chau-D?
Longines with unusual logo on dial?
Need help identifying omega model?
presents the Breitling USA Vintage Collection! (more)?
----- UTOs are landing -----Unidentified TimeKeeping Object?
Vintage Dealers in Long/Newport Beach and Seattle??
Vintage Rolex or not??
Was in a small country village..?
What's on its way to you now, or very soon...??
"8 Days" Airplane Clock?
"AXP" on Balance Bridge? Movement ID??
"Banner" watch/"Watch Wallet"/Timing my Vintage?
"CYCLE" brand of Watch?
"EWERT" pocket watch?
"Made in Hong Kong" Waltham???
"Old watches for elderly guys"???
#10 in Rotation - Omega 591 Seamaster...>?
#12 in Rotation - Omega 266 handwind...>?
#13 in Rotation - Croton MaticWind...>?
#18 in Rotation - Longines 14K All-Proof...>?
#20 in Rotation - Longines 22AS...>?
#21 in Rotation - 1950's Bulova...>?
#22 in Rotation - Longines 19A...>?
#9 in Rotation - 1939 Waltham Curved...>?
$192.50 for this Omega bumper?
$227.50 Heuer Camaro ....?
$373.00 for this Omega?
$455.00 for this connie?
& now the main event, Omega 30T2SCrg:?
"Adjustments" question...?
"Cant touch this" Never overhauled, Fifty-One hours and still going on one winding?
"Classic" style engraver wanted-- Are there any left??
"Geneve" diamond ladies watch?
"Merit" Chronograph w/ Landeron Cal.48 Movement??
"New" Hamilton just arrived!?
"Newe" Omega?
"Polishing" solid gold cases...?
"Redone Dials"?
"Sindaco" wristwatch info,please?
"Waterproofing" old watches??
"What Will it Really Look Like?" arrived.?
(Bargain) Blacks on Black Dial Day?
*** I have an antique watch i need info please help***?
... any Gubelin collectors??
... does anyone know 'GENEVE" watch history??
...and the payoff!?
? About Wittnauer Peculiar "2002" Calendar Watch?
? authentic 1920's cartier curved tank?
? Unusual vintage Omega...?
????? Bucherer 1403 ??????
@@@would this vintage worth anything ?@@@?
1 Hamliton for 1 Waltham?
1 Jewel handwindable automatic Westclox?
1 more new arrival- Elysee?
1 st pocket watch - advice needed?
1 st pocket watch - continued?
1 thru 20 marking on dial??
1 Waltham + 1 Waltham = 200 Jewels?
10 Full Years Guarantee....True? ...How?????
118 yrs old and still ticking,back at the flea markets>?
135 +yr old watch made in USA?
14393 SC Omega????
14k and 18k gold?
14K Omega just back from the watchmaker's?
14K Omega just back from the watchmaker's (redux)?
14kt Doxa?
15j AT&Co grade?
17 jewel movement question?
17 Rubis?
1840 Henri Perregaux Pocket Watch?
1850's AD?
1870 silver pocket watch winnign7 min per day?
1887 Elgin repair report?
1895 Elgin 6123023?
1896 Elgin Pendant watch 14K?
18K YG Old Open face pocket??
18kt Arthur King Watch?
18th Century French Mantel Clock?
1902 Longines wrist watch running fast...?
1906 (approximately) Longines?
1908 Elgin losing time.?
1910 Frith?
1914 Elgin Restoration (lots of picts)?
1917 Elgin - before & after?
1917 Elgin Pocket Watches?
1918(?) Gruen, need help identifying?
1920s Birks Ladies watch?
1920s Gruen Pocket - no SN?
1921 Waltham wristwatch in 9ct gold...?
1923 Illinois Pocekt Watch?
1924 Elgin Pocket - green gold?
1926 diamond encrusted ladies' watch?
1926 Limit 111 ?? Help Please?
1926 Omega Pocketwatch?
1927 Elgin cushion engraved?
1929 womens rolex?
1930's Rolex Mens?
1930s? Gruen Curvex?
1930's-1940's Gruen (I think)?
1931 Hamilton "Perry" arrived today. This is a "rare" Hamilton model, only 1,000 were supposedly?
1932 Bulova Jump Hour Watch?
1934 Elgin 15j problems?
1935 Elgin?
1936 or 1937 Ladies Elgin Watch?
1937-38 Rolex?
1940 Rima Any Info Please?
1940's Bulova restored...?
1940s Gallet Doctor's Watch worth servicing??
1940's IWC calibre 62 mechanical HELP !!!!?
1940's Omega chrono'?
1940s/50s Ulysse Nardin?
1945-1950 Zenith pocketwatch?
1947 Hamilton Gordon in solid 18K gold?
1947 Omega facelift - was a redial good? >>?
1949 Consumer Reports Buying Guide for Jeweled Watches?
1950 Elgin square today...>?
1950 Kirowa "Glashütte" Fly-Back chrono?
1950 Omega - Mission Accomplished?
1950 Omega Bumper?
1950's Audemars Piguet platinum ultra thin?
1950s Hamilton "Parker" arrived this week..........?
1950s Invicta chrono coming Monday!?
1950s Le Coultre?
1950's Longines dial problem?
1950s Omega?
1950's Omega arrowhead Constellation- Thanks to 2 good friends?
1950's Rolex?
1950's Vintage Hanhart Fly-Back??
1952 Longines>?
1952 NIB Cartier I have inherited. Info???
1953 Omega Cal. 283?
1953 Omega Seamaster 14K?
1953 Seamaster Deluxe?
1953 Timepieces?
1954 Bulova -- Before?
1954 Bulova redial??
1954 Mens Rolex?
1955 Hover?
1955 Movado--any thoughts.?
1957 - a good vintage?
1958 Omega Seamaster?
1959 Bulova Radioactive ??
1959 Russian Deep Sea Diving Watch?
1960 Gruen 510 RSS?
1960's Omega Seamaster Buckle Inquiry?
1960'S OMEGA vs. 1970'S OMEGA and Vintage vs. Modern movt''s?
1960s RADO Starliner...?
1960s ultra-thin AP?
1961 Omega - Radium or Tritium on Dial??
1961 vintage watch?
1962 Explorer Radioactive??
1962 Tissot Visodate Militare?
1963 favre leuba gmt. man wind?
1963 Omega Constellation --?
1963 Universal Geneve Microtor?
1964 Mido Ocean Star Powerwind.?
1965 Bulova?
1965 Seiko Sea Horse?
1966 Rado watch identifying marks?
1966 watch?
1967 Bulova Accutron repair?
1967 Omega Seamaster?
1968 Breitling Datora/valjoux 7734setting features??
1968 Seamaster Gold Chronometer?
1969 Marvin watch?
1970 Bulova 666ft Chrono-Diver?
1970 Cushion Case Accutron Spaceview?
1970 Popular Mechanics Watch Article?
1970s 20c gold Breitling Top Time 810?
1970's Bulova Automatic help?
1970's CCCP Watch?
1970s Omega Ladymatic photos?
1970s...more from Rado?
1971-72 Rolex GMT-MASTER?
1972 Omega Seamaster f 200hz?
1973 Dior by Bulova?
1973 Omega Geneve.?
1973 Seiko DX with 24 mm lugs?
1976 Accutron 218??
1976 Omega Chrono-quartz box wanted??
1977 Bulova LCD Quartz -Question Re: setting?
1979 Longines Quartz question?
1980's Seiko Sports 100 Alarm-Chronograph?
1988 cotton bowl classic?
19th pocket watch winning much time per day.?
1st Buy of the Year?
1st Omega of the Year?
1st post on the Vintage forum + a watch?
2 "new" aquisitions, one a late "Watch Your Age"?
2 before & after pix>?
2 for my wife?
2 for the ladies?
2 from the flea?
2 from the flea?
2 from the flea?
2 from the flea?
2 new additions?
2 new watches I found on an auction?
2 Of My Favourite Vintage Whats yours ??
2 Vintage Seikos (Modem Burner)?
2 watches that need indentifying?
2 years in the search (Eterna 1000 5 Star)?
200 posts.?
200 year-old leather straps??
200th post - lets see your vintage Rados please?
21 Jewls, 16 size, Elgin 1911?
218 Accutron quit working?
21j Bulova?
'24 Longines cal. L9.47...?
25 jewel hamilton?
25 Jewel Lord Elgin?
25th anniversary - Cool Caseback Day >?
25th Anniversary - Raketa?
25th Anniversary - Thanks for the strap Paul?
25th Anniversary Theme Day - the wrap up!...>?
25th ANNIVERSARY THEME DAY - this Friday!...>?
25th Anniversary: JAZ LED Casquette?
25th Anniversary: Neglected Brand / Vintage Movement?
25th Anniversary: Next watch came... I think there is still Friday somewhere, OK??
27 mm Longines?
3 "new" pocketwatches...?
3 Certina DS watches?
3 cushion-case Czech military wristwatches,?
3 from the flea?
3 hours to go and the winner is going to cry over this one?
3 rd Pocket Watch - Waltham Riverside?
3 vintage divers... :-)?
3 Vintage Soviets?
3 vintage watches (got them for free!!)?
30mm cal 283's?
30t2 Chrono question: It seeems that many of the gold models I see posted?
'34 Waltham?
3-register chronograph?
4 pocketwatches - looking for any info you can provide.?
'40's - 50's Rolex Tudor, hand wind, 21 jewels, model "oysterthin", shock resisting..more?
41mm Diameter LONGINES w/ Rectangle Mvt and Doctors Dial.. Any Info???
'48 IWC Resto...w/pics...?
5 dollar charity shop find.?
50 bar Delma diver........nice huh??
50 year old triple date moonphases...?
50's American classic?
50's and 60's Longines versus Omega..any thoughts?
50s era Zodiac - what kind of lume material??
50s Lord Elgin movement questions?
50's vintage Bulova Automatic repair?
50th Anniversary - a Ladies Watch...>?
50th Anniversary - Family Jewels Day...>?
50th Anniversary - White Gold Filled Gruen (with a secret)?
50th Anniversary Elgin Wristwatch...Any info??
50th ANNIVERSARY THEME DAY - the wrap up!...>?
50th ANNIVERSARY THEME DAY - this Friday!...>?
50th anniversary theme day--delayed by blackout?
50th Anniversay - Neglected Brand?
'51 Bulova running +1sec/day, "here Watch Wallet"?
'53 Seamaster Cal 420 Manual - Recommend??
'55 Tissot Worldtime?
5512 what do you think about....??
56 Oyster?
562 Omega movement?
60's Cyma mech wrists??
60's era omega seamasters...?
60's era zenith---?
60s Omega 'Connie'. Posted before many times; this time accompanied by some novelty pens.?
60's Thin-O-Matic?
60's Tissot Seastar w/ manual wind?
65mm Vintage??
7 to ring in '07?
70 vintage Eterna-Matic?
70+ years on the job, original and still tickin'?
70's day?
70's day?
70's Day - Chronosport Dive watch...>?
70's Day -- From the Sublime to the Audacieuse?
70s Day -- Groovin!?
70's Day (early).?
70's Day (early). Funky 70's No. 6?
70's Day (early). Olympics?
70's Day Five Dynamic?
70's Day Giant Technos diver?
70s DAY: Can't forget these. Didn't everyone own one?>>>?
70's Longines... :-)?
70's or 80's Seiko digital A259-5070T. Any details on this??
70s Zenith Defy Automatic Prices?
85 years old...>?
86 year-old Waltham in 9 carat gold?
9 hrs gang reserve?
93 jewels???
97 year old DOXA?
99 years old and still ticking>?
993 is getting a new home?
9K Gold 1920's ladies Rolex - Genuine??
A mint catch from the flea market?
A 12 size Hamilton movement I like...>?
a 19th century AUTOMATIC pocket watch??
A Ball Surprise?
A beginner asks?
A belated promised post...?
A Benrus from around 1950 ...?
A Benrus WristAlarm...?
A big something came my way this weekend...?
A bit of variety worn this week...>?
A Bullhead from the flea market?
A bumper-wind question please........?
A candidate for restoration?
A casual vintage Enicar refurbishment...>?
A catch from my vacation?
A catch from the flea. Is it a Russian Watch??
A change of pace...?
A collection of lesser known brands?
A constillation for 256$?
A coupla dials...>?
A couple of Elgin Grade 345 17 jewelers...>?
A couple of Hamilton Electric questions?
A couple of Swiss pocket watches?
A couple of very late twins?
A couple of vintage watch sightings in the movies yesterday...?
a couple russians?
A couple shots of a Helzberg Buccaneer.?
A couple vintage chronos - Eberhard & Wittnauer?
a Croton Aquamatic?
A decade on - 1985 - When, Where, What & Which?...>?
A different look at a fancy-dialed Hamilton...>?
A different type of vintage?
A Different Viewpoint - Composite Watch Images...>?
A dilemma of sorts...?
A distinctive dial...>?
A Dynamic Sunday morning!?
A fabulous new movement arrived yesterday...?
A family heirloom?
A family heirloom, restored?
A Family Portrait...>?
A famous trio for vintage fans?
A few close ups?
A few close ups.?
A few dumb questions about an old 1912 movement Elgin wristwatch?
A few favorites?
A Few Hamiltons?
A few hi beats (x-post at SCWF)?
A few more Omega six eaters>>>?
A few more shots of my Spaceview?
A Few Navitimer Questions....?
A few quick pics?
A few shots of the "new" one...?
A fine LeRoy hideously abused!?
A first for me - buying the same watch a second time! >?
A follow-up from yesterday's post -- How do you spot a redial??
A friend of mine has just started to get into watch collecting.?
A future restoration subject...>?
A gift using materials from Down Under...?
A Girard Perregaux Vintage found during my holidays ...?
A good example of why Universal...?
A GP from the flea?
A great book?
A 'growl' in the works. . .?
A Hamilton 10-size for Paul (et al)?
A Hamilton Microrotor...?
A Hamilton that isn't...>?
A Happy Day, and a thanks to MattB >?
A Hello and a watch?
A journey through some Accutrons...>?
A keen eye, a fine gun, and a Hamilton Weatherproof?
A Lemania 5012 question?
A Lemania Chrono revealed?
A less common brand...>?
A lesser known brand from the flea?
A lesser known brand...?
A lesser known watch company I want to know about.....?
A liking for subseconds...>?
A link for Paul Delury...?
A little concerned about the sound of my new (to me) 214?
A little help w/ info or id on this vintage pocket watch??
A little old Ralco?
A little something fun (and a little larger)...?
A little sunshine 4 wednesday?
A little vintage "eye-candy" for Valentines Day........?
a long story about a chronograph?
A Longines Admiral from the bay?
A Longines was in my mail today!?
A love hate watch?
A Lucerne Need Info on it?
A mainspring question?
A matched pair?
A Mess Of Newly Found Vintage Pieces (Modem Killer)?
A military watch?
A Nelima from the flea?
A new addition?
A new addition?
A new addition to my Omega stable?
A new addition—first vintage—any thoughts??
A new arrival?
A new life Gotham Gothamatic?
A new look at a plastic fantastic...>?
A new look.?
A new one for Friday?
A new one from the French Air Force?
A new Seiko 6119-5400 today...?
a newbie with a question-please help?
A newcomer's story.?
A nice chronograph?
A nice linen dialed Seiko (x-post SCWF)?
A nice old Lemania?
A nice vintage Waltham.?
A nice Wyler Dynawind?
A note on "Vintage" authenticity?
A pheasant leads the way?
A photo of a couple of my vintage watches...?
A photo tribute to the Hamilton Grade 917...>?
A pic of my Certinas?
A picture of my 1972 Seiko Chronograph?
A piece of watch history (long + modem warning)?
A pink gold chronometer Cal. 30T2RG?
A Pocket Watch on board RMS Titanic 14th April 1912?
A polish and new crystal for my grandfathers' Hamilton?
A post-Gruen Gruen ...?
A pregnant thought...?
A progression of Omega Constellations ...?
A project watch - dont laugh?
A quaint little piece...?
A quartet of Oldies ....?
A quest - what stopwatch was used on the Wright 1903 Flyer?...>?
A question about vintage British military watches...?
A question about vintage IWC movements?
a question for owners of Buren cal 11/12 auto chrono's>>>?
A question for the Illinois experts....?
A question on redialing?
A question on redials?
A question on style of hands...>?
a question on wear?
A question regarding cleaning chrono pushers...?
A question regarding polishing crystals....?
A quick Revue of a mythical watch ...>?
a quick shot of my eterna?
A quick treat for you guys!?
A railways watch...?
A rare Burlington.?
A really REALLY bad redial ...?
A recent aquisition - Hamilton Electronic...>?
A Record "Alarm" probably from the 50s NOS?
A Relic from Tissot's finer days...?
A Rodania Watch ...?
A Russian bought this morning?
A Russian Pakema from the flea market?
A seamaster chronometre in a front-loading case??
A seiko from the 70s >>>>>>?
A Seiko Seahorse?
A silver Hamilton..>>?
A simple Omega manual-wind...>?
A simple watch, and a mystery movement...>?
A single button chrono movement that is and isn't >>?
A small measure of serendipity...>?
A small tribute on Sept. 11th...>?
A spare time project>?
A story told to me by a vintage watch.?
A sweet West End with a bit of a history?
A swell vintage Elgin auto was delivered this weekend...?
A tale of two watches. Elgin and Waltham?
A Technical link with Zenith calibers?
A textured dial Shanghai a 581 watch?
A thousand! A few random thoughts.?
A Tissot from the charity auction?
A tough challenge...?
A treasure from the past?
A two hand UN could tell the time to a ...?
A unique Seamaster?
A vacation souvenir?
A Valjoux 88 question?
A very clean beautiful pocket watch (1.05mb)?
A very cool Omega?
A Very Mysterious Addition to the Stable?
A very rare chronograph...?
A vintage 600M diver?
A vintage diver for your viewing pleasure?
A Vintage H.Y. Moser Chronograph...?
A vintage watch that you can keep winding and winding....?
A visit to my watchmaker?
A watch for Railways?
A watch for "She who must be obeyed"?
A watch I traded a few days ago...?
A watch of german officer from WW2?
A weekend haul from the flea?
A West End watch?? (scans).......?
A whole lot of Hummin' goin' on...>?
A word on appraisals/valuations...>?
A working-class watch.>>>?
A. Schild 1250 bumper automatics??
A.H. Rodanet pocket watch?
abercrombie & fitch Seafarer?
Abercrombie & Fitch Co Junior Shipmate?
Abercrombie & Fitch question...>?
about bad and good quality watches?
About geiger counters.?
About interchargeability of the Omega balances..??
About Liema watches...?
About Longines 30CH Flyback?
about Omega Memomatic?
About time I posted this?
About Vintage Emperor Chronograph?
accuracy question?
Accurate when worn....?
Accutron 214 Project + TZ Strap!?
Accutron 214 questions?
Accutron 214 Service Recommendations??
Accutron 214 with new stainless steel bracelet! >>?
Accutron 218 batteries...?
Accutron advice needed?
Accutron advice needed re: dials/hands on 218s vs 214s?
Accutron and quartz era question?
Accutron Astronaut?
Accutron Band?
Accutron Battery Question?
Accutron Bracelet Redux?
Accutron Case parte numbers?? >>?
Accutron Deep Sea question >>?
Accutron hum. What is it??
Accutron ID question>>>?
Accutron love...?
Accutron problems (214 Spaceview)?
Accutron question?
Accutron Question?
Accutron Railraod, reconditioned?
Accutron Restoration?
Accutron smooth sweep - video - (link inside)?
Accutron Spaceview?
Accutron Thirft Find.?
Accutron trap Info?
Accutron with Bow Tie Lugs?
Accutron worth the trouble??
ADANAC Stopwatch?
Added a new strap told Benrus>>>>?
Adjusted to what??
adjustment knob pulled out; what next??
Admiral incabloc watch.....?
adv elgin 14k?
Advantages of bumper disigns??
Advice for A New Novice Collector?
Advice for buying a vintage pocket watch??
Advice for buying a vintage watch?
Advice for newbie re: '67 Seamaster?
Advice nedded on vintage Zenith purchase..?
Advice Needed - Old JLC Timekeeping?
Advice Needed - Pocketwatches?
Advice Needed for a 1970's Titoni Watch!?
Advice needed for these 2 Connies.?
Advice needed on wearing vintage Seamaster?
Advice needed, Glycine dress watch?
Advice needed. New to Pocket watches.?
Advice needed: Bellmatic and the 'bay?
Advice needed: Fitting movement into a ww case?
Advice on 1962 Seamaster please??
Advice on 60's-70's IWC Aquatimers...?
Advice on cleaning--NOT REDIALING-- a vintage dial?
advice on glycine NOS watch running erratic?
Advice on Gruen Curvex?
Advice on looking for a vintage Omega "cosmic" moonphase.?
Advice on selling specialized Vintage Collection??
Advice please. I have a WWII Omega WWW cal 30T2 coming without a strap.?
Advice sought: Replate 1940s chrono??
Advice/Info on strap & crystal for early Rolex Oyster?
Advice: Wakmann Chrono?
Aero chronograph for my collection?
Affordable vintage auto with power reserve feature?
After all, Manhattan is not so large...?
After Dark?
After my Buren humiliation...?
After posing the "dial question" below, I decided to try a clean up......?
After research, I can confirm's very exceptional !?
After seeing Don's post I hate hands I agree>?
Again a new member in my family...?
Again with the vintage Rados!?
Agassiz chrono?
Age of a Rolex - 6426?
Age of ladies' Gruen watch??
Age of my Memovox??
Aged Character?
Aged Dial Question?
Ah yes, natural light...?
Ah, I see the old A-8 is out again...?
Ahh the '80s?
Ahhh....Vacheron. One Auto. One Hand-wind.?
Airman Restored?
Akin to presentation engravings are initials and dedications...>?
Alanbury watch pix?
alarm pocket watch?
Alarm pocket watch?
Alarm watch suggestions (pics always nice)?
Alaskan finding ?
All arrived yesterday?
All have moved on to other owners....?
All Omega Experts please help?
All or Nothing - pocket watch numerals...>?
All or nothing day...only an old Longines lets me play this week?
ALL OR NOTHING DIAL DAY - this Friday!...>?
Alligator strap suggestions >>>?
All-Longines week for me...>?
Allproof ??
Almost New Vintage Owner?
Along the lines of the old brochures being posted here - here is an old shop sign. [nt]?
Alphonse Matile needs work...?
Alpina & Liema wristwatches?
Alpina pocket watch?
Alpina PW Part II - Two more photos?
Alpine watch company???????
Always a nice feeling when...>?
Always had mixed feelings about Rolex, but...?
Always wonder about this....?
Always wondered about this dial...?
Am I crazy??
American Elegance from a grandfather to his grandson, which is me.?
American History...>?
American Pocket Watch Guys: ID Assistance Needed - Again?
American Watch Day?
American Watch Day - Does this qualify????
American watch graduation gift??
American Watch Movement book??
American Watch pocketwatch from the late 1800's??
Amyone Know About Mulco??
An "out of character" purchase (for me)?
An amazing ultrathin chronometer, but what is it? JLC-AP...????
An ambitious project...please help?
An Anniversary gift to my wife - A Tudor Princess Oysterdate.?
An article on Certina watches...?
An Elgin 21j movement transformed...?
An Enicar & an Oris?
An Enicar Automatic from the flea?
An integrated Geneve...>?
An interesting deco direct-read, anyone know something about it??
An Interesting Gruen Autowind?
An interesting Mido ...?
An interesting Zenith tuning-fork...>?
An IWC Cal. 89 with a different dial, like it??
An OLD chrono´s age and brand??
An old Connie?
An old favourite - My seamaster Deville?
an old friend back from the watch doc!?
An old friend Omega on a new strap...?
An old Hamilton?
An old ladies Omega for the new year -- 1925??
An old one from the flea?
An oldie but a goodie.?
An Olma running!?
An Omega I dredged up from the Bay?
An Omega watch of smaller size ...?
An orphaned chrono finds a home...?
An SOS for an OMEGA?
An unusual caliber?
An unusual chronograph...?
An Unusual Jaeger LeCoultre Movement?
An unusual Omega Jubilee bumper automatic chronometer?
An unusual Omega Ranchero -- when we say "original", what do we mean??
An Unusual Swiss Hamilton?
Ancient Looking?
And another Longines goes for $455 - same as the last model >>?
And it works!?
And now for something completely different - new watches!...>?
And now for something completely different - New watches...>?
And what does RG (technically) mean?? (nt)?
Angelus 215 - Checked Into Intensive Care?
Angelus service advice? Thanks in advance!?
Angelus watch?
Ankra very slim watch?
Another "better late than never" T&T post - long, possibly boring, no pics?
Another "What Will it Really Look Like?" auction watch.?
Another 12 size!?
Another 265 Omega...?
Another 50's EternaMatic catch ...?
Another Accutron info request?
Another addition to my collection?
Another Atlantic?
Another back from the watchmaker?
Another Before & After, an Eternamatic "Centenaire 61"?
Another Before and After?
Another Bell Matic?
Another bubbleback!?
Another Certina i just bought?
Another Chrono ?? for Richarde?
Another day at the Fish Market?
Another decade on - 1995 - When, Where, What & Which?...>?
Another eBay score?
Another Elgin price question (advert circa 1948)?
Another for TZ PW collectors?
Another Grandfather Timepiece?
Another Hamilton movement I like, but as yet...>?
Another Illinois pocket watch - "Wolverine"?
Another interesting watch from Dad?
Another James Bond conundrum?
Another keywinder>?
Another look at a 1974 cal. 7019 Seiko 5 ACTUS I got recently..>?
Another Microrotor?
Another movement from the past?
Another new arrival...(long)?
Another new arrival...Pie-Pan?
Another new collector question re: movement quality and era?
Another new toy - there is something about the Seikos indeed >?
Another Noob?
another old ebel just in?
Another one from the flea market?
Another Pierce Chronograph (European Model) and Observations?
Another price record for Omega??
Another question for the Omega experts. Will this Connie movement....?
another recent addition --this one just happened?
Another restoration, 1953 Tissot..>?
Another Sea-Horse on its way!?
Another Smiths military W10 question.?
Another Super Compressor? You betcha!?
Another timer puzzle at 1/30th of a second...?
Another Trench from the flea.?
Another unusual practice of Rado...?
Another Venus?
Another vintage Omega in the stable....?
Another Vintage Question - Pocket Watch?
Another vintage taken in trade?
Another vintage watch used in ABC's "Pushing Daysies."?
antique fair find?
antique fob?
Antique GP in HK - any info welcome?
Antique Pocket Watch Question - "Jacot"?
Antique pocket watch: To polish or not to polish??
Antique Rolex - need help?
Antique Shop loose change?
antique store find - Omega, Wittnauer, Juvenia and Nimer - many pictures?
Antique store goodie bag!?
Antique store Omega restored?
Antique Swiss Pocket Watch?
Antiquity - 1874 English lever fusee...>?
Antuque Elgin ladies wrist watch?
Any Chronograph lovers out there? Lets see a few.?
Any AWC Waltham pocketwatch gurus here??
Any books about Longines ??
Any connection between vintage Invicta and Chronograph Suisse??
Any CYMA fans out there???
Any divers out there??
Any experience is remedying 'readypop' case backs??
Any experiences removing gold plating from cases??
any experts on rolex movement/case serial numbers around??
Any Felca lover or collector??
Any funky 70's lovers out there??
any good ones in this lot of 7??
Any good places in NYC??
Any good reference sources to help identify Waltham movement grades??
Any GP Sea Hawks out there??
Any Gruen fans here??
Any guesses on this poorly advertized Omega??
Any hallmark experts here ????
Any Hamilton Wesley fans out there? >>>?
Any help here identifying this Omega??
Any help in ID'ing this Omega movement?. Suspect it is in the cal 30 family, but?? [nt]?
Any help on this one ??
Any Help with ID of this Watch: Besançon DUD?
Any help with these??
Any help with this pocketwatch??
Any help, Newbie with old Tissot?
Any idea what Seiko i was looking at??
Any idea what year this was made??
Any idea where I could buy one of these?>>>?
any ideas about this Doxa military from 1940?
Any ideas for plating removal??
Any info about it?
Any info about Record Watch Co.??
Any info about this ladies Sovereign 17J watch??
Any Info Avail on these GP's??
Any info on a Tissot "Militar"??
Any info on DAMAS watches??
Any info on the Landeron 248 movement? Thank you. (nt)?
Any info on the Waltham Permaforce??
Any info on this Aqua Lung US Divers Sub ????
Any info on this Longines?
Any info on this Omega would be great?
Any info on Wolbrook mechanical Part ll??
Any info or feedback on 1950's CYMA watches??
any info please?
Any information about Movado Cal 125 Chronometer?
Any information about this old pocket watch??
Any information on LeCoultre Automatic??
Any information on this Citizen auto chronograph??
Any information on Windsor?
Any intel on this one....??
Any knowledge about Alpha watches??
Any knowledges about UG Polerouter Geneve??
Any old gold or copper?...>?
Any older Seamasters Not have 2nd hands??
Any one has any idea of the ago of this stopwatch??
Any opinion about a Heuer Jarama chrono cal.12 ??
Any opinions on Omega Mens watches with 620 movements??
Any opinions on vintage Mido Multiforts??
Any ran across a Raketa clock that has a wristwatch movement??
Any recommendations for vintage service of V7734 movement?
Any store in Los Angeles specializing in vintage watches??
any suggestion on redialing an Omega??
Any suggestions?
Any thoughts/info on this watch??
Any verge pocketwatch experts...?
Any vintage GP owners? I'm considering buying one..?
Any vintage IWC fans??
Any vintage Minerva experts around? I have a cool 40s Minerva chronograph but no info on it.?
Any Vintage Timex fans around??
Any Vintage Watches in NYC??
Any watchmaker to receomend??
Any Zephyr fans in the house ??
Anybody an expert on Tudor Submariner with Cal. 390 butterfly rotor (III 65)?
Anybody ever hear of an Omega 372 movement??
Anybody ever re-plate a case like this one......?
Anybody familiar with Questar??
Anybody has some info on a Landeron 39 Nicolet watch??
Anybody have a clue about this pocket watch??
Anybody have a good source(s) for info on vintage Seamasters? >>>?
Anybody have a Piaget 12P??
Anybody have a picture of a refinished dial by Dialcraft??
Anybody have one of these or can give some info? TIA?
Anybody have one of these??
Anybody heard of Mortima??
Anybody heard of Mortima??
Anybody help? (Faslodt Escapement)?
Anybody here work on old watches??
Anybody interested in a Boston-area TZ get-together??
Anybody know anything about Gubelin??
Anybody know anything about this??
anybody know how to change the day on a zodiac SST seawolf ??
Anybody know of a vintage watch company called "Lincoln"??
Anybody know what " Depose AW ".....?
anybody recognize these two watches? I am trying to find them bad!?
Anybody seen a case like this.... large pics?
Anybody seen a Vulcain like this ??
Anybody watch Heroes??
Anybody wearing a watch this weekend??
Anyone a Universal Geneve Guru??
Anyone collect watches from their birth year??
Anyone collect watches with 2 Crowns???
anyone done thier own replating? gold/silver wg??
Anyone else experience this??
Anyone else got a Lemania or two to share ??
Anyone else into vintage spring bars??
Anyone enlighten me about a Valjoux 9 Movement??
Anyone ever clean an aged dial with an ultrasonic cleaner?????
Anyone ever see this Ricoh??
Anyone ever trace the history of a vintage "brand"??
Anyone every heard of D.F.&G????
Anyone familiar with auto movement from Mido????
Anyone familiar with Benrus DO23 Auto Movement??
Anyone familiar with Blyssa watches ???
Anyone familiar with Bulova 12ECACD??
Anyone familiar with Hilton??
Anyone familiar with history of Ernst Borel???
Anyone familiar with Lemania RAN watches??
Anyone familiar with this version of Bulova wrist alarm??
Anyone familiar with Valory Geneve (Swiss)??
Anyone familier with Ginsler and Lee movements or watches??
Anyone familier with the Hamilton T-403 asymetrical models??
Anyone for Illinois??
anyone got any info on DUVAL watches?
Anyone got two exact same vintage watches??
Anyone has information about watch hands styles??
Anyone has something like this??
Anyone have any info on the Mondia watch company??
Anyone have any useful info on a Gruen Pan American??
Anyone have direct experience with some of the dial refinishing companies??
anyone have info re: rex??
Anyone have info. about Longines ALL GUARD?
Anyone have information on this Doxa pocketwatch??
Anyone have photos of Gruen Pan Americans?????
Anyone Have Photos Or Tech Sheet For a Jump Hours Fleurier Cal. 105B???
Anyone have suggestions on a decent low-priced cuckoo clock? >>?
Anyone have the link to the case restorer?
Anyone have Zenith serial numbers??
Anyone hear of Ernest Borel??
Anyone heard of "Lincoln" brand watches?>>>?
Anyone heard of Blumus??
Anyone heard of Ogival watches??
Anyone here have info re. Czech watch company PRIM? TIA nt?
Anyone here interested in weird '70s stuff like the Spaceman??
Anyone here that might know anything about this watch??
Anyone identify this Hamilton model??
Anyone identify this watch for me??
Anyone into LARGE Vintage Watches? What is LARGE???
Anyone into old Russian watches??
Anyone know a source for a strap for vintage Omega Dynamic??
anyone know about ancient elgins??
Anyone know about Betlach??
Anyone know about Enicar??
Anyone Know About Kienzle?
Anyone know about the Baumatic??
Anyone know anything about leonidas watches??
Anyone know anything about Mortima??
anyone know anything about ST1686 movement??
Anyone know anything about this Zenith??
Anyone know Fero watches??
Anyone know how to age/vintage a dial??
Anyone know How to date vintage Baylor with E.D. Heuer ????
Anyone know if the Felsa 690 could be manually wound??
Anyone know of a reliable watchmaker within walking distance of Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA??
Anyone know of dates of production of ETA 735 Tonneau Shaped movement??
Anyone know of the Marlys Watch Company?
Anyone know Sicura brand??
Anyone know the history of Tissot Seastars??
Anyone know the story on this old Zenith movement??
Anyone Know this Bulova??
anyone know what 1920s wristwatch this might be??
Anyone know what grade movement came in the Hamilton Dickens??
Anyone know what the numbers "217012" on the old Breitling Chronomat dials stand for??
Anyone know what the original hands looked like??
Anyone know what years Eterna produced the cal 1424 movement in the Kontiki?
Anyone Know Where Breguet a Paris, No. 128, Circa 1785 Is????
Anyone know where to get one of these??
Anyone know where to look up ebauche codes??
Anyone know which box style Longines used for...?
Anyone know which mvt. could be in a Bucherer?
Anyone know who can do fine dial work? Here's the scoop....?
Anyone knows of a good watchmaker who....?
anyone knows what vintage is this watch??
Anyone own a square Omega bumper? I have one coming and was wondering...?
Anyone recognize these pocketwatches??
Anyone recognize this Hamilton and Cosmic 2000??
Anyone recognize this movement??
Anyone Recognize this old Omega??
Anyone recognize this womens ltd edition watch?
Anyone recognize who the maker of this one could have been??
anyone seen one of these before??
Anyone seen this before??
Anyone still wear 34mm vintage watches??
Anyone tell me anything about this watch??
Anyone up for a NYC meet on May 21st. It's a Saturday :-) Please...?
Anyone Use RGM for a Restoration??
Anyway to find the age of my...?
ANZAC Day tribute...>?
ANZAC Day tribute...>?
ANZAC Day tribute...>?
aobut this Omega pocket who knows ??
AP with numbered 1 to 10 face and Aurore pocket watches?
AP Vintage Content - ref 2336?
Applied numeral dials - what do you have?...>?
Appraiser needed...?
Appreciating one of the original Mark X military watches, JLC Cal. 479:?
Aquastar Benthos?
Aquastar Benthos 500 question...?
Arcane Knowledge!?
Ardath Squarefeet?
Are Accutron 214 and 218 Hand Interchangeable? >>?
Are all Longines Ultra Chron chronometer grade??
Are chronographs high maintenance?
are mantle clocks as expensive to repair as pocket watches??
Are Omega Constellation all chonometer grade??
Are there any "affordable" rattrapante Chronos out there ??
Are there any vintage watch magazines on the market??
Are these beauties for real? Huge 40's pilots?
Are these watches worth anything??
Aristo Valjoux 24?? rattrapante stopwatch ... HELP??
Ariston by Illinois?
Ariston vintage watch?
Armac Watch?
Around the market today>>>>?
Arrival of Longines Flagship?
Arrived in the mail today?
Arriving just before Christmas..Ladymatic Omega?
ARSA Moon Phase. What is it???
Art Deco Rolex braclet watch with flip top?
Article I tried to post yesterday - Relojeros in Miami?
Article in Business Week: "Bill Gates Has Designs On Your Wrist"?
As promised, my second vintage watch.?
As promised, pics of that 1967 Hammy after restoration (repost from PF)?
AS Schild 1216 movement?
As we make the transition...?
As we near the end of the year, cast your mind back...>?
Asian Big & European Big?
Assistance with pocket watch, please.....?
Assorted Hamilton pocket watch pics (lots 'o pics!)...>?
astronaut, speedmaster or airman?
Asymmetrical Vintage Watch?
at first i thought this one was ugly...?
At the antiques market today...Omega and Eterna?
At the boot sale. Universal Compur chronograph.?
At the risk of being ridden out of the forum on a rail?
At what age can one call a watch "vintage"??
At what age do you consider Watches Vintage From??
at what age is a watch considered "vintage"?
Atlanta Watch Get Together?
Atlantic Watches?
Atlantic Worldmaster - what is the back code for??
Attempting to identify Hamilton wristwatch?
ATTENTION VINTAGERS: Do you recoil from restored or embrace them to a lesser degree...?
Attn: Accutron fans -- Railroad watch with two hands in one? [First post in a long time]?
auction gambles that paid off??
Auction information please?
Auctions: Sellers' Guidelines?
Autavia Chronograph?
Authentic Omega or not??
Authentic or FrankenWatch?
Authenticity of this Seamaster??
Auto Wind Day>>?
Automatic - What to Expect????
Automatic Day - Need a date??
Automatic Day x2: EternaMatic and Longines (Advice requested)?
automatic jlc, memovox?
Automatic wind day - Longines Ultra Chron?
Automatic Wind Day: Bulova I (ugly duckling)?
Automatic Wind Day: Bulova II (the noble one)?
AUTOMATIC-WIND DAY - the wrap-up!...>?
Automotive logos on vintage dials? >?
Auto-wind - a teensy, tiny, rotor...>?
Auto-Wind day --- 1969 Snorkel?
Auto-wind Day - More Longines comin' at ya...>?
Auto-Wind questions...>?
Awesome 1971 Accutron?
AWWC Pocket Watch from 1895?
B & M Tiffany...??
Babe ruth watch,1948?
Back After Disheartening Burglery?
Back at the flea markets today>>?
Back at the Flea Markets>?
Back at the Flea markets>>?
Back from the NAWCC Florida Mid-Winter Regional?
Back from the spa... :-)?
Back from the watch maker?
Back from the watchmaker and on my wrist: 1955 Seamaster?
Back from the watchmaker, vintage Seiko.?
Back from vacation, today's watch is Cortebert...>?
Back Home In Elgin?
Back to carrying a pocket watch tomorrow...?
Background of this old Laco??
Bad dealer. Any suggestions??
Bad luck with desktop chronometers?
Bad taste watch?
Bad two days to develope brain freezes >>?
Bag of watches. Possible Score??
ball railroad wristwatch?
Ball Trainmaster restored (finally!)?
Ball vintage (Trainmaster?)?
Ball Watch Co.?
Ballpark figures...price of used 19mm Rolex ss Jubilee bracelet: Omega beads o' rice? and?
Bank holiday boot sale.......?
Banner day!...1940's automatic:?
bargains at the auction site, vintage Omega prices and what was in the box?
Barth Skeleton watch, need help identifying it...?
Basic adjustment question...?
Basic vintage pecking order?
Battery for Hamilton Pacer?
Battle of the great 2 (To me)?
Baume & Mercier Bidynator?
Baume (not Baume & Mercier)?
Baume Chrono or fake??
Baume et Mercier seventies info wanted?
Baume Pocket Watch?
Baylor watch?
Be careful what you ask for... Tuning Fork?
Beat up Jaeger LeCoultre with a black dial P 468?
Beatle Paul watch...?
beautiful Hamilton?
Beautiful Vintage Certina with unusual marking?
Beautyfull Juvenia thin pocket watch movement?
Beehive hallmark/ brand mark on pocket watch??
Been away, and here's a few...>?
Been awhile....?
Been offline for a while...>?
Been playing with this one this morning :-) Certina?
Been wearing this Buren a lot recently?
Befor & After?
Before & After?
Before & After pics of my Omega 1945 Bumper?
Before and After pics of a uncommon 18k Seamaster Date Chronometre!?
Before and after!?
Before and after... (some pictures)?
Before the 992b & 992, there was the 990?
Before you ask?
Beginner vintage watch recommendations?
Beijing BS-2 watch?
being a "vintage watch guy" - looking for perspectives?
Beltane watches, does anyone know this??
Benat Watch-Does anyone have any information?
Benrus Datepointer - Vintage ETA ebauche...>?
benrus 'dial-a-rama'?
BENRUS Electronic...???
benrus ladies watch?
Benrus logo info?
Benrus movement question...>?
Benrus Pic?
Benrus Pocket Watch?
Benrus Question?
Benrus shot in bright sunlight - good details?
Benrus Sky Chief chrono Q?
Benrus Technipower questions.?
Benrus Vintage from early 70's>>>>?
Benrus watch company, 1947 photos?
Benrus watch question?
Benrus watches --se rial numbers?
Benrus, Bulova, Elgin, Whittnauer? Which to get??
Benson - Any Experts??
Best Accutron Movement?
Best Digital Camera????
Best Heuer Vintage Chronograph site?
best longines 50's model........?
Best looking Rotary ever?......?
Best place to have watch appraised??
Best Place To Sell Vintage Watches?
Best place to sell vintage??
Best watch week of my life, Pt 4 w/pics?
Better Case Back Opener?....?
Better late than never: From Triumph to Tragedy to Triumph?
Better photos of the Zodiac Sea Wolf?
Bezel ring dot repair help...?
Bezels - what do you like on a vintage wristwatch?...>?
Bezels! We're talkin' bezels right here!...>?
Bifora mens wrist watch?
Big vintage steel autos are hard to find!?
Big watch - small movement?...>?
Billhud please take a look at 30T2>>>?
Birds of a feather? Or: will these two Seamasters swim together??
Birthday Bulova?
Birthday watch advice needed?
Bit of Tissot help required please?
Black & White - a black-dialed Sportsmatic...>?
Black & White - Ingersoll PW?
Black Dial - Hamilton Ventura?
Black Dial day?
BLACK Dial FRIDAY - the wrap-up!...>?
Black dial Omega Seamaster/Constellations??
Black Dial Rolex Vs AP Royal Oak?
Black dialed Seamaster?
Black Dialled Rolex Precision?
Black Dials! !%$& Photos...?
Black Friday - "In Watermelon Sugar"?
Black Friday - A UK Airman and his Canadian date, Lorie...?
Black Friday - I found one!...>?
Black Friday birthday gift?
Black Friday: '68 Seamaster Chrono w/ Cal.321 and 3 silver subdials...?
Black Friday: Does This Count??
Black Heuer chrono bracelet's?
Black Minday redial question?
black,starr frost mfg date?
Blancpain Lady Vintage Cocktail Watch?
Blaucourt pocket watch...?
Bonheur (Swiss) 1930/40's - Ladies Dress Watch?
Bonheur (Swiss) 1930's - Ladies Dress Watch?
Boob Question - Redial?
Book on American Watches?
Boot sale bonanza!?
Boot sale fun at the weekend....?
Boot sale futuristic Seiko.?
Boot sale gold Eterna-matic?
Boot sale report, vintage Seikos one important watch??
Boot sale report. IWC, Longines and Omega!?
Boot sale watch pictures....?
Boot sale yesterday ....minty 5...?
Boot sale yesterday, only one old military watch. :-((?
borgel watch movement?
Borgel Watches?
Bought a few vintage watches at the fair yesterday including rare Seiko.?
Bought my first vintage - help!?
Bought this Tudor Oyster yesterday...?
Bought three new watches today!?
Bought three vintage watches today....?
Bought today...Lucky find.?
Bought two Omegas at a watch fair on sunday?
Bought two vintage Omegas this week.......?
Box and papers... and chronometer certification?
Box o' Watches?
Bracelet or strap??
Bracelet recommendation for black dialed Wakmann triple...?
Brad, AS1250 follow-up...>?
Brand envy....?
Brand logo?
Brand name= Admiration, any info/history??
Brand new, but they might as well be vintage...?
Brand Preference?
Brand questions?
Brands to Collect?
Breguet overcoil?
Breitling = Before, After & New?
Breitling Copilot?
Breitling ETA Movement 988331?
Breitling Navitimer 806?
Breitling Premier?
Breitling Premiers?
breitling stopwatch?
Breitling Unitime?
Brera Cal.1560 "F" Stamp Swiss 30J Automatc Questions.?
Breuget Repair?
Brief article on investing in vintage watches?
Brighton, MI?
Bring out your Walthams! Let's see those American classics...?
Britix Deluxe?
Broken Crystal?
Broken Omega Watch - any ideas?
Brother-in-Law’s Vintage Pocket Watch...?
Bubbleback case??
Bucherer Automatic - 60's?
Bucherer chronograph - opinions needed?
Bucherer Electric Wristwatch?
Bucherer watch need help & info...?
Bucherer: opinions/information please?
Buckle question?
buckles for vintage pieces?
Bulova 10AN with triangle date mark. 1926, 1935, or 1945??
Bulova 21j 10BM marked 'USA' question?
Bulova 23j automatic; quick-set.?
Bulova 60's quality??
Bulova Accutron 1972? Help?
Bulova ACCUTRON back tool?
Bulova Accutron SpaceView?
Bulova Ambassador?
Bulova Ambassador Movements?.....?
Bulova Ambassadors ...?
Bulova and Elgin insight??
Bulova art deco?
Bulova Bullhead?
Bulova case with stem hole at 4:00?
Bulova caseback needed?
Bulova Date Code before 1950.?
Bulova date symbol - an arrow??
Bulova dating question...?
Bulova Deco supreme...?
Bulova Excellency?
Bulova had a lot to say .?
Bulova I.D. Help?
Bulova Impressions??
Bulova in house automatics??
Bulova M66 not M6 4digit s/n?
Bulova Made in USA question?
Bulova movement?
Bulova Movement question 8AZ??
Bulova Mystery watch?
bulova oceanographer?
bulova oceanographer?
Bulova Oceanographer w/ 11blacd?
Bulova Pocket Watch identification help.?
Bulova Presidential?
Bulova questions?
Bulova Restoration Project.?
Bulova service in Netherlands ???
Bulova vs Omega?
Bulova Watch - Help Needed?
Bulova watch dating for serial # A24xxxxx?
Bulova wrist alarm?
bulova wristwatch chronometer ??
Bulova's Back!?
Bulova--Where Are They Now??
Bumper auto efficiency??
Bumper wind comparison?
Bumper/oddball autos - what do you have?...>?
buren grand prix?
Buren watch?
Buren watches?
burned dial around indices ... ??
Butch Coolidge's watch in 'Pulp Fuction'.?
Buy this Omega 30T2 or not worth it??
Buyer beware, watch grading?
buying a 61 omega piepan connie?
Buying a Vintage Watch?
Buying a watch as a present?
Buying From Asian Sellers on The Bay?
Buying this one.....?
Buying watches from foreign dealers?
BW Raymond 19J?
By request. Additional photos of Steve’s Rolex pocket watch>>>?
C.H.Meylan's Pocket watch movement Perlage finish..?
c1930 Breitling 12 ligne chrono ??
Cadillac ladies watch (long)?
Cafor Watch - Anyone any info??
Calender Month & Day Disc Felsa 693?
Caliber 11 Adjustments?
caliber 11-1/2peseux203 in a
Calling all experts on my vintage GP Sea Hawk?
Calling All Experts! Help- OUDIN!?
Calling all Experts!!! ID help needed!!!?
Calling All Watchmakers--Need an Opinion?
Calling experts on pocket watches (Elgin Grade 386)?
Came across this watch...?
Came Across two vintage Gay Freres bracelets..?
Camera Questions?
Camerer Cuss??
Camy Sputnik?
Can acids/salts from sweat corrode SS??
Can an 'exotic' day ring increase the collectability/value of a watch? >>>?
Can any of you guys tell me a little about this MuDu please!??
Can Any Yank Help ME PLease !?
Can anybody guide me to sites with substancial info on 60-70?
Can anybody help identifying this movement and watch?
Can anybody help with this??
Can anybody tell me what is this for??
Can anyone answer this question for me (military in nature)? >?
Can anyone date this for me please?
Can anyone explain grades to me??
can anyone give me info on this vintage JLC watch???
Can anyone give me the correct Accutron Crystal #?
Can Anyone Help A(very)New Collector Please ??
can anyone help date a pocket watch??
Can anyone help ID these marks?
Can anyone help identify this chronograph movement??
Can anyone help identify this Omega??
Can anyone help me ID this Girard-Perregaux??
can anyone help me ID this PW??
can anyone help me identify a Cronographe Suisse??
Can anyone help me identify the brand of this watch??
Can anyone help me with any information on any of these watches??
can anyone help me with this watex watch?
Can anyone help me with this??
Can anyone help me??
Can anyone help on these 2 oldies??
Can anyone help with a valuation?
Can anyone I.D. this Tudor??
Can anyone ID the meaning of this 'bird' inscribed on the back of a vintage chrono??
Can anyone ID this vintage dive watch? I am guessing '72-'74 era?
Can anyone identify ???
Can anyone identify my mystery movements??
Can anyone identify this 1930's Minerva Chronograph?
Can anyone identify this hallmark, please??
Can anyone identify this movement, please??
Can Anyone Identify This WW II German Pilot’s Watch??
Can anyone please identify this AS(?) movement?
Can anyone provide a name of someone that can service old manual chrono (Landerone?)? TIA?
Can anyone provide any info on this Gruen??
Can anyone recommend a vintage watch with these specs??
Can anyone recommend a watchmaker in Los Angeles area??
Can anyone recommend some good books on watch movments??
Can anyone recommend someone to service a 1972 Accutron??
Can anyone recommend the right battery for a Bulova Spaceview Accutron??
Can anyone see anything wrong with this movement??
Can anyone tell me about this Elgin pocketwatch??
Can anyone tell me about this Elgin WWII watch??
can anyone tell me about this JLC??
Can anyone tell me about this Lord Elgin 30J??
Can anyone tell me about this pocket watch??
Can anyone tell me about this Tradition watch??
Can anyone tell me about this visodate??
Can anyone tell me anything about my grandfather's old Gruen??
Can anyone tell me anything about this interesting old Russian watch??
Can anyone tell me anything about this watch??
can anyone tell me date of manufacturing of my RADO Grenn Horse??
Can anyone tell me how much this watch is worth?(Wittnauer)?
Can anyone tell me more about my Rado Starliner King Size??
Can anyone tell me something about this Omega?
Can anyone tell me what this is and what it may be worth??
Can barely tell the dial is refinished!?
Can I get any information of STAMMELBACH??
Can I manually adjust chrono seconds hand to zero (12:00)?
Can I replace Eternamatic 3000 movement with new ETA?
Can some one ID this Hamilton ??
Can somebody educate me on bullhead chronographs? >>>?
Can somebody tell me something about this movement...?
can somebody tell me something about this omega seamaster?
Can someone give some information about this watch ??
Can someone help me ID strap & buckle logo?
Can someone help me ID this movement?? Possible precursor of Minerva pythagore???
Can someone help me identify this vintage Hamilton and "Hudson".....?
Can someone help me with some vintage Zenith ID??
Can someone help provide more info...>>>?
can someone help to identify my Elgin watch please?
Can someone ID the manufacturer of this movement??
Can someone ID the model of this JLC??
Can someone ID this movement? Dial simply says?
Can someone kindly enlighten me: how do i post pictures ??
can someone please help?
Can someone post the original picture of the top left corner ? thanks !?
Can someone recommend a watch dealer in Czechoslovakia??
Can someone shed some light on this old enamel dial beauty ??
Can someone smarter than me Identify this as other than a Valjoux??
Can someone suggest via email or PM a good vintage strap supplier?
Can someone tell me about this watch?
can someone tell me more about my grandfathers watch?
Can someone tell me something about this one.?
Can someone tell me what the heck I just bought? (UG watch)?
Can still get half decent buys on Ebay >>?
Can this Hamilton be saved??
can you help?
Can you help identify the maker of this watch??
can you help identify this old tudor??
Can you help me ID this Gruen??
Can you help please??
can you ID this watch??
Can you identify these crowns??
Can you identify this repeater??
Can you identify this watch please?
Can you recommend a vintage watch repairer??
Can you say ...?
Can you spot the Hammy??
Can you tell me about this watch??
Can you tell me anything about this watch???
Can you tell me something about this pocketwatch??
Can you tell me something about this watch??
Cand you ID? S&CO Movement?
Can't Beat The Price?
Can't believe I found another one...?
Can't believe that some paid $209.00 for a bumper movement >>?
Can't believe this little Longines is sitting at $356.00 >>?
Can't believe what this Rachero sold for and not even the right dial >>?
Can't find a Nov/Dec thread on TZ about ...?
Can't seem to find the Benrus forum...?
CAPTION CONTEST - the Winner!...>?
Car Boot - Slim Pickings?
Caravelle - can anyone tell me anything about it??
Caravelle that i just got at a yard sale?
Care of vintage watches?
Care of vintage watches.?
Carrera - vintage or reissue? Guitars or jeans??
Carry case / storage for a pocket watch??
Carrying a pocket watch - anyone else have this problem??
Case covers.?
CASE DAY - the wrap-up!..>?
Case Day - Therma...plastic!...>?
CASE DAY - this Friday!...>?
Case Day - Wire Lugs?
Case day Cushion>?
Case day Swing Out>?
Case Day!! I took you literally!?
Case Day: Although I've liked and collected all variety of vintage, my first love is...>?
Case Day: Case? What case??
Case friday.........very 70's Seamaster?
Case lug springbar hole repair ...?
Case Makers-Hamilton Gilman & Otis?
case opener for longines?
case question....?
case refurbishment?
Case replating?
Case Restoration?
case won't clamp shut??
Case/Lug problem...Hamilton "Emerson"?
Caseback Collection...>?
casemakers info / keymarks?
Cattin-Aubrey brand??
Cattin-Aubry movement??
Caution, Alarmingly Dirty Watch?
CBS Sunday Morning TV Program...?
Celebrating the holiday weekend - A new Elgin?
Century USA works manufacturer????
Certina Cal KF400?
Certina Club 2000 and others?
Certina Coronation Chronometer?
Certina Crown info?
Certina movement ID needed.?
CERTINA New Art... Help?
Certina on the moon. . .?
Certina Valjoux 72 question?
Certina, but What??
Chains & fobs?
Change of heart on ugly watch...>?
Change of style using a reptile.?
Changes to forum preferences??
Changing men's metal bracelets?
Changing tastes - Made in USSR >>>?
Changing Tastes - size can matter...>?
Changing Tastes Day -- a late entry?
CHANGING TASTES DAY - the wrap-up!...>?
Changing Tastes...?
Charles Nicolet Tramelan info needed?
Charlin Watch Co.?
Cheap Investment Watch?
Cheapest Omega>>?
Check out a great collection of vintage Seiko chronographs...>?
Check out the new & improved here beta site...?
Check out this one of a kind Longines?
Check out what Bogart's wearing...?
Chinese Venus Copy?
choosing a strap?
Christmas came early for the stophmaster!?
Christmas Wish 1940s Breitling?
Christmas Wish Day-Moon Phase?
Christmas Wishes - Hamilton Taurus Electric?
CHRISTMAS WISHES DAY - the wrap-up!...>?
Christmas wishes to the forum...>?
Christmas Wishes: I know I'm late but I wouldn't be with this under the tree...>?
chrome plating?
chromium case JLC?
Chrono with date at 3?
Chrono. cert for vintage Omega Constellation??
Chronograph time-keeping?
Chronograph dials?
Chronograph LeJour?
Chronograph movement ID?
Chronograph Suisse Restored?
Chronographe Suisse ?????
Chronometers - what do you have?...>?
Chronometers markings before the 1973 COSC??
Chronometre Chronometre!!?
Church Rummage Sale find>>?
Cimier Questions?
Circa 1875 Ladies pocket Watches?
circa 1900 cartier?
Circa 1951Lord Elgin Family Heirloom?
Circa 1970's LDJ TT Rolex?
Circa WWI Waltham - worth repairing??
CITIZEN BULLHEAD from the seventies?
Citizen Chrono Master 1967.?
Classic Movements for Collectors?
Classic Wakmann?
Classics of the future?
clean dials.?
Cleaned up Omega followup from a previous post?
Cleaned up the subject?
cleaning plastic "glass"?
cleaning a watch face?
Cleaning agony!?
Cleaning Antique Watches?
Cleaning dials?
Clear case back for Omega vintage constellation?
Clearer photos of the 1960s Gallet chronograph?
Clebar 21j gold incabloc ladies a Keeper or loser?
Clebar Find?
CLINTON Watch Co.?
Clinton Waterproof Watches?
Cockle Watch History ??? help please?
Coin silver hunter cases?
Cold Weather?
Collecting less expensive vintage for the newbie- Mido & Hamilton?
Collecting on a theme - an update...>?
Collecting theme day - Girard-Perregaux (no surprise..): Some square GP?
Collecting Theme Day: Chronographs... Here's a nice vintage Breitling...?
Collecting Theme Day-Microrotors?
Collecting Theme: American 10s watches?
Collecting Theme: Rolex?
Collecting Theme: Still Ticking...?
Collecting Themes - Accutrons...>?
COLLECTING THEMES DAY - the wrap-up...>?
Collecting themes day... Omega Constellations?
Collecting themes: Watches from the 40’s + 50’s?
Collecting watches vs. guitars?
Collection maintenance question?
Collector opinion on keeping worthness?
Colored Dial - brown dials are tricky...>?
COLORED DIAL DAY - the wrap up!...>?
Colored Dial Day: 2 for 1?
Colored Dial: 50's Chronographe Suisse w/ Copper Dial...?
Colored dial: blue Omega Seamaster Chrono?
Colourful dials - what do you have?...>?
Columbus Watch Co. 1890's pocket watch info?
Combined - Can you tell me more about these??
Combining two hobbies - antiques and watches?
Combo Frames - watch image collages...>?
Comment/Suggestion on Running Time?
Comments on my "restoration" technique??
Comments sought on interesting watch?
Communist watches??
Comparison between a Tuna and a Puck... :-)?
Completed project - longines?
Complication Day Accutron 2185?
Complication...Hamilton Cal 11?
Complications - a Day/Date with a bell...>?
COMPLICATIONS - Omega Speedmaster?
Complications - some Accutron complications...>?
COMPLICATIONS DAY (better late than never)?
Complications day - i´m late (and a small complication)?
COMPLICATIONS DAY - this Friday!...>?
COMPLICATIONS DAY - this Friday!...>?
Complications Day...... Minute Repeater with Chronograph and Calendar?
Complications: Cosmic Moonphase...round or square??
Complications: Accutron Astronaut Mk II?
complications: Benrus duel date....?
Complications: moonphases, a day late?
concord watch?
confused gal needs help!?
Connie 10 sided crowns hard to wind? Look here?
Connie makeover, part two ....?
Conquest & Harvel...>?
Constantin of Geneva - long shot ????
Constellation case advice?
Constellation Dial; Poll to refinish dial or not?
constellation pie pan question?
Constellation pie-pan dial question...?
Constellations - countering the Frankenwatch?
Contemplating Buying a LeCoultre Futurematic ...?
Continuing question about my TUDOR 'run time'?
Continuing the rotation - I didn't move far...>?
Continuing to carry...>?
Conventional WISdom on the Seiko 6138 chrono's??
Cool Case back day;Posting for a friend Gold Omega?
Cool Case back day>?
Cool Caseback - from Dorothy, with love I assume...>?
Cool caseback - lookout, a shark!...>?
Cool Caseback Day - new winner!...>?
Cool caseback: Hatches?
Cool Caseback; My grandfathers outer case back?
Cool Casebacks - 1917 Elgin..>?
Cool Casebacks - a pair of engraved Streamlines...>?
cool enicar in the mail today?
Cool regulator...?
Cool Vintage wrists that won't break the bank>>>?
Copper face??
Cord Style Band and Clasp for 1940 Ladies Rose Gold watch?
Cornavin - Russian or Swiss?
Cornavin automatic moonphase?
Cornelius Kaufmann?
Coronet Ocean Wave?
Correct band for a polerouter??
correct crown for Pie Pan Connie 168.005??
Correct hands for seamaster chronometre???
Cortebert - Venus 170?
Cortebert Watch.?
COSC accuracy for $47 ... ? ... yup !?
Cosmic 2000 Question?
Cosmic arrival?
Cosmic Omegas?
Cosmic twins. [nt]?
Cost for a COA??
Costs after ebay madness.?
Could anyone please tell me anything about the vintage chrono' in my posession ....?
Could this be the world's oldest wristwatch??
Could you help - identification needed??
Couldn't resist this Hamilton Perry!?
Coupla aviator's watches ...?
couple of "Driver's" wrist watch?
Couple of new Seikos....?
Couple of new shots - omegas and a hamilton?
Couple of Omega's off the bay?
Couple of project Omegas?
Courvoisier Freres(chaux de fonds)- information sought?
Cracker Watch?
Cracking open a Hamilton?
Crazy Lugged Chronograph Back From the Watchmaker?
Crazy project?
Cripes. Broken mainspring.?
Critique Please of This Omega Pie Pan?
Cronel Diver Watch?
Cross hair dials, lets see 'em!?
Cross-post....the Curse of Billie Bachelor?
Croton Auto ID and Info help please.?
Croton Chronomaser back from the watchmaker, and on my wrist!?
Croton cleaned, oiled, timed.?
Croton Nivada Grenchen?
Crown an stem detached - Benrus 3 star Auto.?
Crown Day - Hamilton "H"?
Crown Day - recessed crowns...>?
Crown for cals 505 551/61 and 564 Constellations?
Crown Quiz...>?
Crowning Glory - chunky 218s...>?
crowning glory -- Mr. Pointy?
CROWNING GLORY DAY - the wrap-up and prize winner!...>?
Crowns in vintage watches. What percent of vintage watches (say, '40s to '60s)?
Crystal Bell work... :-)?
Crystal clocks??
Crystal measuring (Accutron 214)?
Crystal question....?
Crystal wrench tool?
Cuervo y Sobrinos whaddya know?
Cuff Link Watch?
Curious about this pocket watch I was given?
Curious about this watch strap. Please help?
Curious about Wittnauer (Revue) movements...?
curious which american made hamilton movement....---?
Current project watch, 1790?
Curved case backs on modern watches?
Curvex brochure. Too large to scan, so I took a piccie.?
CWC Military Scan : NATO I dont post much here so here you go guys?
Cylinder movements in wrist watch??
CYMA >> looking for info on 70's model?
CYMA 36000 1972 Chronometre?
CYMA for PW fans?
Cyma Manual Watch?
Cyma Military pocket watch?
Cyma Tavannes?
Cyma watches?
Czapek & Cie?
Czech Airforce Lemania movement?
Dads 1935 Precision.....?
Dad's '72 Omega and my restored '72 Hamilton?
Dad's Accutron!?
Dad's pocket watches - looking for info & Atlanta watchmaker?
Damage to lugs by metal bands?
Damas valjoux 90?
Dan Patch watch?
Daniel - I'm looking at your post regarding the Seiko bracelet...>?
Darn those metal bracelets...?
Dashboard watch/clock looking for a Bugatti?
Date a longinese chrono help please?
Date a Model!?
Date changing - a question >?
Date of vintage Tissot??
Date this Hamilton Pocket Watch?
Dating a Bovet watch??
Dating a Bulova (1930's-1940's??)?
Dating a Hamilton 992 RR?
Dating a vintage Oyster?
dating a vintage watch?
Dating an Elgin 761?
Dating Eterna's?
Dauphiné hands: why are they so called??
Davros - a question on one of your collection...>?
Day & Date on Omega Dynamics?
De Frece watch?
Dealer says "good shape" then find 3 arm piece of auto winder only has 2,?
Dear All vintage watch collectors, do you know?
Decasing an IWC Cal.89?
Decipher Bulova military contract code?
Decision Between the Rolex 6694 and 6494?
deco asprey ladies wristwatch?
Definitely never buying another gold/f watch off ebay?
Delano White Shark?
Deployant clasp for my small (ladies) wrist?
Deployant for Vintage Patek?
Deserted Island Day - Elgin Shockmaster...>?
Deserted Island Watch - as good as many, and better than some...>?
DESERTED ISLAND WATCH DAY - Friday - that's today!...>?
Deserted Island Watch Day (no pics, just a few heretic thoughts) >?
DESERTED ISLAND: It would have to be built..?
Design Icons?
Desirable characteristics of vintage chronographs?
Developing my taste for watches?
Dial & Hand Cleanup??
Dial Cleaning - your thoughts please??
dial cleaning solution??
Dial Cleaning Tips Needed?
Dial cleaning/hands refinishing??
Dial Day - '48 Tissot Quadrant Dial..>?
Dial Day - another Accutron dial I've admired...>?
Dial Day - clean and simple...>?
Dial Day - Fancy Personalized Dial Pocket Watch?
Dial Day - GUB NVA 20?
Dial Day - Lemania Chrono?
Dial Day - Linnen structured dial (GP)?
Dial day -- my favorites?
Dial day - one of the nicest Hamilton dials I have seen...>?
Dial Day - Simplicity (GP)?
Dial day: Bulova Accutron (nt)?
DIAL DAY: Rare Gubelin Ipso-Vox Alarm?
Dial ideas sought for a R W Caney mantle clock?
Dial Matt finish?
dial numerals; wore away?!??
Dial question......?
Dial refinish...yea or nay??
dial refinisher??
Dial Refinishing?
Dial re-printed??
Diamond and Plat Hamilton watch?
Diamond or zircon?
Did anybody hear of Etonia Watch Company??
did anyone heard aboutFAVRE- LEUBR&CO watch company?
Did Cartier ever goldplate Sterling silver????
Did I do the right thing??
Did I get lucky? Movado experts help please?
Did I make a bargain ??
Did IWC sign all Their Cases ??
Did my Watchmaker Ruin This Dial??
Did Omega ever issue a railway approved wristwatch?
Did somebody say sunburst??
Did someone say "Birks?"?
Did Universal Geneve ever make a 23 jewel Microtor??
Difficulty obtaining parts?
Digging the pocketwatch!?
Dipping toe in the deco water.?
Dirk, I get an error message when I try to open your post below...>?
Disappointment - a matter of size, err...mattering...>?
Disappointment - Hamilton 992 Dead on Arrival!...>?
DISAPPOINTMENT DAY - this Friday!...>?
Disappointment day-- Pierce chrono?
Disappointment:..Yikes! Two mistakes on one purchase...?
Discontinued chrono movts. from maitenance point of view??
Discoveries while not buying?
Disney Cinderella Watch (Pink Dress) & Snow White - Any info on this?
Display / storage options??
Display back for Polerouter??
Display Back for Rolex 5500??
Display back for vintage watches?
Display Caseback??
Dissapointment Day...Bulova 'Railroad'?
Distant relatives:?
d'like your opinion?
do older silvered dials darken/fade/etc??
Do people really know??
Do unsigned crowns bother anyone??
Do you actually wear your vintage watches??
Do you all wear your nice old watches daily??
Do you believe your seller??
Do you guys think it's a redial??
Do you have additional info about Lemania 15 TL movoment.?
Do you have any vintage watch restoration projects on the go?...>?
Do you have any vintage watches with personalised inscriptions?..>?
Do you know anything about the Milus brand??
Do you know this Swiss makers mark??
Do you like to wear your vintage "skeleton" style??
Do you pay much attention to hands?...>?
Do you recognize this watch??
Do you service your own watches??
Do you think a vintage watch is an appropriate gift for an 18 year old??
Do you think this IWC Yacht Club is from the 1960's or 1970's?...>?
Do you wear your pocket watches??
Does 70's styling count as vintage yet??
Does any of these have model names??
Does anybody have any thoughts on the sale prospects of Heur mechanical at most major?
Does anybody have in info on this old Omega.?
Does anybody know Eternamatic 3000 18k pink gold??
Does anybody recognise this 'Minerva' chrono???
Does anyone collect Accutrons? I'm trying to find a nice Astronaut but don't?
Does anyone collect for their daughters??
Does anyone else have a "no name" Valjoux 7750 chrono to share??
Does anyone else use some vintage for beaters? Love to see them?
Does anyone have a Credos??
Does anyone have a Vintage Breguet Type XX ? Could you please tell me how many batons there are on the minute register and whether it totalises to 30mins or 15mins??
Does anyone have any serious military watches to show??
Does anyone have any vintage Ricoh watches?...>?
Does anyone have info on this vintage Rado chronograph??
does anyone have longines production/ serial numbers post 1970??
Does anyone have photos of Hamilton Grade 661?...?
Does anyone have some information on this old Timex??
Does anyone here know any details about this UG Tri-?
Does anyone here know anything about "Octo"??
Does anyone know about this Bulova??
Does anyone know anything about the Matthey-Tissot brand??
Does anyone know much about Ducado Pforsheim??
does anyone know of?
Does anyone know of a watchmaker in the South Florida area??
Does anyone know of an online tutorial on how to remove a movement??
Does anyone know of any good Vintage Rolex Sites?
Does anyone know the brand "Coresa"??
does anyone know the brand Marvin? (nt)?
Does anyone know what Hamilton models used the 770 movement??
Does anyone know where can i buy a NOS dial of this Wakmann.?
Does anyone knows the brand EISFINE??
Does anyone on here know anything about Olma??
Does anyone out there have a Longines Cal. L.990??
Does anyone own a (more)?
Does anyone recognize "S&W" as a watch case co.??
Does anyone recognize this dial??
Does anyone recognize this Doxa??
Does anyone wear vintage quartz watches?...>?
Does fake Rolex Bubbleback really exist??
Does Omega have NOS dials??
Does replacement acrylic crystal hurt value?
Does this 1913 Elgin look legit??
Does this dial look original??
Does this look like a legit Omega bracelet? >>?
Does this look original to you??
Does This Look Right To You??
Does this look right??
Does this look right??
does this seamaster 300 look alright??
Does this sound right??
Does this Titus chrono movement look authentic??
Does this watch have any value (Zodiac+PICS)??
Dogma watches. Any info???
Doing a bit of housekeeping today?
Doing some shopping for vintage -- suggestions??
Dom Watch?
Dom Watch again?
Donald Asked Me To Post This Picture Here ---?
Donald Longines?
Don't get caught between these crosshairs....?
Don't own any pocket watches. Can I post this one instead?>?
Don't see many of these beveled crystals anymore?
Don't see too many of these...?
Don't see too many Rado's.... :-)?
Don't see too many silver Bulova's... :-)?
Don't see too many vintage Citizen's :-)?
Don't you hear my call although you're many years away...>?
Don't you just love the 70's?
Double "Red Sea" Dweller?
dout about this IWC?
Doxa Anti magnetic date info?
Doxa Grafic Reveil pocket watch info??
Doxa Ladies Dress Watch: Please help with Info?
Doxa movements?
DOXA Sub question?
Doxa Synchron?
Doxa used to be a manufacture 1 [nt]?
Doxa Vintage Pre-Sub from 1950's: Is it the real thing?
Dramatically drop Dn of the amplitude in one pos...?
Drawbacks of a Longines Ultra-Chron high-beat movement??
Dreadnought watch?
Dress Chronograph Favorites?
Dreyfus freres?
Dubai Vintage??
Dubious About A Ulysse Nardin-Advice Please?
Dude, I need your help! Please read. ( lots of watches )?
Dueling Wachmakers/Dealers?
Dugena Microrotor Question?
Dumb Question?
Duplex quarter repeater?
dyrtyness cause of watch winning time???
E, GUBELIN 18 kt PW- year of manu facture ????
E. Howard & Co. Boston?
Earlier Shanghai watches?
Early Early American Watch Day - 1928 Elgin..>?
Early Babe Ruth by Central Watch Co??
Early Blancpain automatic?
Early Cool Caseback Inscriptions >?
Early Datejust Question: Ref. 6305-1 vs. 6305-2??
Early Military Chrono?
early Omega bumper care and feeding...?
Early that get noticed:?
Early Quartz. photos??
Early Quartz...>?
Early Triumph, recent acquisition..>?
Early Wristwatch - 1920's Bulova hingeback...>?
Early Wristwatch Day - another Omega?
Early Wristwatch Day - lever set Hampden?
EARLY WRISTWATCH DAY - this Friday!...>?
Early wristwatch day Another Waltham>>?
Early wristwatch day, 1926 Waltham?
EARLY WRISTWATCH DAY: Early Aviator and Omega's first Aviator >>>?
Early wristwatch with a date :-)?
Easter boot sale report.?
easy to date this one... 1902?
Easy trade at Torneau Chicago!?
Ebay - A horse traders market?
Ebay Moonphase Deal New Arrival?
Ebay question?
eBay shopping spree update: Some good, some bad...?
Ebay treasure?
Ebel Cal 99 Parts ????
Eberhard &Co. Chronograph Movements??
Ebony and Ivory?
Eccentric Omega dial, genuine or refinished??
Ed. Heuer question - EARLY Heuer Pocket Watch NOT Tag Heuer?
Ed:DUBOISE LOCLE - Jedediah Smith?
Edox Delfin?
Edox Geoscope Documentation?
Eight days a week! (large images!)?
Ekegren, anybody heard of it??
El primero in DA HOUSE!?
Election Watch Co ???
Election Watch Co.?
electric/electronic watchse?
Elements of Dial Design: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly?
Elgin - not the watch, the case - or : these good ol' days (large pics!)?
Elgin 14K PW Grade 315 etc?
Elgin 582 Pictures?
Elgin 670 and 559 movements?
Elgin 673...some help on this one?
Elgin 730 and 730A??
Elgin 752?
Elgin 760...>?
Elgin 761?
Elgin 761 - Back from the dead?
Elgin 775?
Elgin 8 day pocket watch?
Elgin 848 auto?
Elgin Advertising Pocket Watch?
Elgin Auction Question - why so expensive??
Elgin BW Raymond?
Elgin BW Raymond 23 jewels?
Elgin BW Raymond Gr 571?
Elgin BW Raymond price check >>?
Elgin Cal. 775 23J with 6 adjustments...?
Elgin Coin Watch?
Elgin Durabalance questions & more?
Elgin enamel bezel, really enamel ??
Elgin from Sles Corner?
Elgin from 1927, my wife voted no...>?
Elgin gold pie watch?
elgin ladies wrist watch?
elgin ladys diamond 14K watch help?
Elgin Movement 804??
Elgin Movements 717,719 and 721?
Elgin movements from the 1950s?
Elgin Open Face?
Elgin pocket movement ID needed?
Elgin pocket watch?
Elgin pocket watch?
Elgin pocket watch?
Elgin Pocket Watch?
Elgin Pocket Watch?
Elgin Pocket Watch?
Elgin Pocket Watch?
Elgin Pocket Watch?
Elgin Pocket Watch Case ID?
Elgin pocket watch repair????
elgin pocket watch, advise sought?
Elgin pocketwatch?
Elgin Railroad watch?
Elgin Sportsman - Expandable Band??
Elgin Sportsman new dial?
Elgin Stopwatch Type A-8?
Elgin Stopwatch...?
Elgin sweep seconds?
Elgin today...>?
Elgin transitional - Interesting redial...>?
Elgin vintage ladies watch help needed.?
Elgin vintage watch?
Elgin watch?
Elgin Watch?
Elgin Watch?
Elgin Watch Parts?
Elgin watch question?
Elgin watches?
Elgin with sub-sec at 3 o'clock?
Elgin, Elgin Deluxe, and Lord Elgin?
Elgin, Illinois?...>?
Elgin-B.W. Raymond question?
Elgin--Piping Rock?
Elrex Chronograph HELP identify Movement?
Elusive Longines...?
Embarrassed by a new mainspring?
Emerson Watch ???
Emo Watch Co??
Enameler and Re-Dialer...Help please !?
End of year Collection update Chronographs?
Engin_R - please read...>?
English pocket movement?
ENGRAVING & INSCRIPTION DAY - Friday - that's today...>?
Engraving & Inscription day - my most precious watch?
Enicar - I would lik to know more?
Enicar 1140 AR movement problem?
Enicar Automatic 165D?
Enicar Day-Date ref.2169.51.36?
Enicar Mantagraph movement question....?
Enicar Sherpa super Divette case question?
Enicar Sherpa Super Jet and Super Dive Case?
Enicar Ultrasonic 25 Jewels?
Enjoyed all the American watches, thanks. Here's a 70's Hammy...?
Enlarging the Family?
Enlightenment on Doxa, please ... as my?
Enterprise Unknown Pocket Watch?
Equal time for the ladies. Longines from the 1940's?
Ernest Borel or West End??
Erotic Omega?
Eska Pocket Watch?
Essential tools of the vintage amateur beginner?
Estate Sale Deal?
Estate Sale Find?
Estate/garage sale Sources?
ETA 1080?
ETA and Valjoux are the same??
ETA Movements?
Eterna built in 1943, kaliber 852 [nt]?
Eterna bumper automatic?
Eterna chronometer gold capped?
Eterna Flieger...?
Eterna KonTiki?
Eterna KonTiki lovers here you go... oh, and a new Canon too ..!?
Eterna Kon-Tiki question?
Eterna Matic Punt!?
Eterna Question?
ETERNA Saturday !?
Eterna serial numbers...??
Eterna Signed Crystal?
Eterna Super Kontiki: why are the dials _always_ so bad??
ETERNA-MATIC -- original or redial??
Eternamatic "makeover".....?
eterna-matic KonTiki?
Eternamatic materials questions?
EternaSonic Kontiki electronic orange dial?
Etna Watch Co. Geneva?
Eton watch c.1920s any ideas??
Even the biggest pockets I have won't hold it...?
Even though it's not yet Friday, what are you wearing??
Even though its snowing, its BLACK MONDAY?
Ever hear of Repco Watches (Swiss)??
Ever heard of a Douglas watch??
Ever heard of a flower clock??
Ever heard of a Watex??
Ever seen a Hamilton PipingRock Chronograph Lemania 1873??
Ever seen one of these??
Ever wish you'd kept one? Here's mine...>?
Every time I see one of these, I drool...?
Everyday Vintage Watch Recommendations??
Everyday's an excuse for vintage?
Evolution of a watch collector......?
Excelsior Park Cal 4 chronograph?
Excelsior Park Chrono Movements?
Excelsior Park chrono movements....?
Excelsior Park Chronograph H.O.S.?
excelsior park chronograph wristwatch?
Exchange idea: IWC Yacht Club for Omega Speedmaster Moon?
Exotic Omega Pocket Watch Plus Questions?
Experience in Cleaning Dials?
Experience with dial refinishing??
Explain Yourself - Old Fogey Digital Me?
Explain yourself -- the story of my dad's Accutron.?
Explain Yourself Day - it was a hard decision, between...>?
EXPLAIN YOURSELF DAY - this Friday!...>?
EXPLAIN YOURSELF DAY - this Friday!...>?
Explain Yourself! An exercise in self defense...?
Explain yourself....>?
Explain yourself: first Gruen?
Explain Yourself: Gee, I guess I have a lot of explaining to do :)?
Exploded Illinois Bunn Special (Dial up people, let me know if this is slow I'll repost differently)?
Fabriqué en Suisse... et Argentine?
Faced with a Dilemna?
Factory box's>>?
Fair & square .. for a change .. !?
Fake gold chrono...?
Fake Vintage Omega: I recently posted this on the Omega Forum...>?
fake vintage omegas?
False advertisement.?
Family heirloom -- a recent discovery?
Family heirloom discovered!?
Family treasures?
Family watches?
Fancy dial brothers...>?
Fantasy Shopping Spree?
Fare thee well?
Fast trade today...?
Fathers day project?
Favorite Brand - Girard-Perregaux?
Favorite Brand = Fake!?
Favorite Brand Day - Rolex - Lots of Pics?
Favorite Brand Day....Seiko of Course?
Favorite Brands Day-Omega (many scans)?
Favorite Day Seiko?
Favorite Decade - The '60s ?!?!?...>?
favorite decade......mine is a half and half- (lots'o' pics)----?
Favorite Photo>?
Favorite Photos - a selection (lots of pis)...>?
Favorite Photos - GP Sea Hawk?
Favorite Photos - Silver pocket chronograph?
FAVORITE PHOTOS-of my favorite watch... [nt]?
Favorite strap for vintage watch??
Favourite watch of 2004?
Favre Leuba?
Favre Leuba Twin Barrel movement?
Favre leuba twinpower..some help needed?
Favre Leuba Watch?
Favre-Leuba is back...>?
Favre-Leuba Lavina...>?
Favre-Leuba Sea King?
Feedback required on 70s JLC, Heuer etc.?
Feeling blue? Here is what you need!?
FELCA: They do exist!?
Felsa Bidynator 415 Movement?
Felsa Bidynator F 693?
Ferrero "trench" watch?
Few more macro shots of Omega c. 1950?
Few years ago, a smart guy wrote in a TZ Forum: >>>?
Finally a convert...?
Finally an alternative to the spiraling prices of Omega and Longines!?
Finally back from rehab?
Finally bought a B-Uhr!?
Finally cracked open my vintage Omega - are parts *fairly* interchangeable with other calibres??
Finally figured out how to get the bloody camera to work =)?
Finally finished this one up>?
Finally found me a hummer?
Finally found my Hammy Seckron from 194x?
Finally found the right Cal.11/12?
Finally got my bracelet sized... :-)?
Finally got my vintage Movado chronograph...?
Finally got some info from Omega...?
finally got the Seacron?
Finally had some time to COA these two...?
Finally saw what people mean by an "overwound" watch.?
Finally! My grandfather's Wakmann is back!?
Finally!! I got a Polerouter.?
Finally, a proper dial! >>?
Finally, I have a vintage piece,?
find the error on this Waltham!?
Fine & unusual porcelain dial?
Finish of IWC cal. 89?
Finished bumper>?
Finished my first triple date with moon phase?
First attempt at a restore !!!! Be kind !!!!?
First Attempt In Opening Seamaster Case Back.........?
First chrono...?
First pick up of '08?
First Pics with my new camera?
First pictures on here :¬)?
First post here_____with my latest vintage addition?
First post in Vintage forum - my grandfather's Omega?
First post on TZ?
First purchase of '07...?
First real repair job: Waltham 1894 Model?
First timepiece purchase of 2006?
First Vintage Arrived?
First Vintage help!.. I like the old 1960's Rolex Oysters..?
first vintage watch unveiled?
First Vintage: 1951 Bulova?
First watch of the year?
First watch related watch purchase for 05?
Fitting a new movement to a vintage case and dial?
Fix rotating dial - dial pins broken?
fixed bar strap??
Flea Market $5 Benrus?
Flea Market BLING!?
Flea Market Find?
Flea Market Find! But help...what is it??
Flea market find, Cyma Cymaflex?
Flea Market find: Cymaflex & questions?
Flea market finds?
FLEA MARKET FRIDAY - that's today!...>?
Flea Market Friday - Solid Citizen...>?
FLEA MARKET FRIDAY - the wrap-up...>?
Flea market friday I don't know much about?
Flea Market Phoenix?
Flea markets...?
Flea-market true story, or info needed on Harwood?
Fleurier watch???
Fluco ?? Enlightenment needed please?
Fluted bezel pocket watch case>?
Follow up to Engraving Day?
Following on from my Rado thread previously.......?
Follow-up: the display back has arrived!! (big pics, possibly slow download)?
For all the odd-ball admirers>>>?
For all you UG Polerouter lovers....?
For basemetalbezel and the other members of the "informal" Benrus forum...?
For Chuck Knight and other square watches lovers >?
For Folly/Tom: another IWC 89....?
For Hamilton the end was well nigh...>?
For Martijn... another GP shot....?
For Octoberfest a couple of old Germans...?
for the 50s and 60s fan?
For the Bulova Snorkel Fans?
For the Elgin fans out there...?
For the new collectors...The Regulator :?
For those who wear both vintage and new watches...>?
for vintage Rolex submariner owners, please read (long post)?
for you accutron guys..pic of my granfathers 218.....?
For you what watch is most representative of the 60' 70' and 80'?
For your amusement, a Cimier slide ruler timer?
For your pleasure this 1950's Bulova?
Forget IWC for a while, just got this Constellation, Cal. 561?
Forgotten members of the Omega Family?
Fork 'em over! Let's see your Tuning Forks!?
Former strap winner asking of opinions?
Fortis squared...>?
Fortress Swiss Chronograph?
found an A.Lange & Sohne, need info?
Found military-looking vintage Omega..?
Found out something about Hamilton today...?
Found this Wittnauer "sector" recently?
Found what I THINK is a really good SS double deployant w/pushbutton release (and straps too!)....?
Found while digging thru my 2 be fixed box?
Four old watches from Grandpa?
Four recent acquisitions?
Four Zenith 135 For sale!...........................?
Fourth auto passes the one-week test...>?
France vs. Italy?
Franken movement??
frankenfake on ebay?
FRECO Watch?
Fredonia Pocket Watch?
Free 1939 Elgin Sales Catalog with around 300 wrist watches?
French (?) ladies' pocketwatch?
French (?) ladies' pocketwatch followup?
Fresh from the flea?
Freshly Restored Chronograph.?
Friday before & after>>?
Friday evening at the flea?
Friday evening from the flea?
Friday pic >?
Friday scan Longines ULTRA-CHRON nirvana..:-)?
Friday score.....?
Friday the 13th! - do you have a "lucky" vintage watch?...>?
Friday watch?
Friday Wear : which watch on your wirst today ??
Friday WRIST CHECK....................?
Friday's vintage wear...>?
From day's gone by .............?
From last observations: THE Power Reserve?...?
From the Bottom of the bay?
From the Vault - vintage Tissot machinery...>?
Fully Restored Jaeger-LeCoultre RAF Cal. 467/2: Info & Comments Welcome...?
Funky 70's?
Funky 70's chrono... :-)?
Funky Friday?
Funky Friday, I'll play.?
Funky Omega De Ville Dating Question and Query?
Funky Seiko!....?
Funky valjoux 7750?
Funny story about a Patek?
Futurematic Hack Stop Problems?
gallet purchase ?, Valjoux 72?
Gallet Trippple - Back from the Dead.?
Gallet with a little history?
GAMO ????????????
GARADO. Oooooh yeah?
Garage sale find: Benrus 30-jewel?
Garrards and Smiths Information?
Gaston Poncet Chrono????
General Pocket Watch Questions!?
Generic brand identification help??
Geneve Watch Company...Not Universal....?
Genex Watch?
Gentlemen, start your geiger counters?
German chess clock...?
German Movement ID Assistance Please...?
German vintage colorful to me.?
Germinal Voltaire & Jules Jurgensen connection??
Get this book!?
Getting closer to finishing up this dial (British issue)?
Getting educated on vintage Omega and IWC?
Getting out scratches?
Getting personal in 1972...>?
Getting started through an inheritance & questions about repairs?
Getting the case back off Wittnauer/Redialing...Help a WIST?
g-grandfathers pocket watch, help!?
Gift, Rolex explorer II 1655?
Gigandet - who can point me the way to some informations?
Girard Perraguex vs. omega, help?
Girard Perregaux?
Girard Perregaux "NOS" Quartz 1973?
Girard Perregaux 1950s????
Girard Perregaux calibers?
Girard Perregaux Gyromatic?
Girard Perregaux High Frequency Movement ???
Girard Perregaux military dial...>?
Girard Perregaux question?
Girard Perregaux Vintage Movements??
Girard-Perregaux (circa 1930s)?
Girard-Perregaux calibers?
Girard-Perregaux Pocket Watch Information Needed?
Girard-Perregaux Souveraine?
Girard-Perregaux vintage chrono info please...?
Girly-Man Strap on Vintage Tank?
Gisbert A. Joseph Price Bargaining?......?
gisbert a. joseph data base, question...?
Gisbert Watches W/O Crystal?....?
Given grandfather's watch... any Timex experts??
Glad to join you fine folks, my first post to the vintage forum! (long)?
Glashutte Spezimatic Fix or Trash??
Glass crystal replacement, any suggestions??
Glitter Day?
Glitter Day - A Quartet of '50ish Omegas....?
Glitter Day - an ultrathin gold AP...>?
Glitter Day - Dressed down dress watch.?
Glitter Day - H. Moser Tonneau?
Glitter Day - I think I finally got it worked out?
Glitter Day - My most recent acquisition >?
Glitter Day - Some of my Hamiltons?
GLITTER DAY - the wrap-up!...>?
Glitter Day >?
Glitter Day -Not Mine?
Glitter Day- Should it glitter??
Glitter Day,Gruen >?
Glitters! My contribution?
Gloria Chronograph?
Gloria Chronograph?
Gloria Chronograph arrived : )?
Glorious Green Gold Gruen?
Glycine Airman?
GLYCINE AIRMAN - 1960s - Information Wanted?
Goin' to Beantown?
Going deco again :-) [nt]?
GOLANA - who knows that company?
Gold $$$$$$$$$$?
gold bracelet for 1960s Constellation??
Gold buckles?
Gold Buren Intra-Matic?
Gold case pulled out of shape?
Gold hallmark dating on 9K 1910s case?
Gold plating, gold color??
Gold Watches?
Goldcapped Omega Beauty?
Golden Quandry?
Gold-plated watches - what do you have?...>?
Good customer service from Roamer?
Good Day Hunting!?
Good grief! A new watch, AND a new pic!...>?
Good Lord...Elgin, that is...?
Good Repair shop in Los Angeles?
Good Resource on Bunn Specials PW?
Good sites for watch brand history??
Good source for open-ended bands for fixed-lugs??
good source for pocket watch repair?
Good sources for signed straps??
Good vintage Karma this week...>?
good vintage watch book?
Good week for buying on the bay >>?
goodbuy or did i screw it??
Got a few eBay jems recently.....?
Got a few movements off the bay today, but erred on a connie case >>?
Got A Hummer Today?
Got a new one :-)?
Got a new one this Saturday... :-)?
Got a new vintage Seiko... :-)?
Got a Rado Ceramic for $125- (See Pic)?
Got a strange electronic beater?
Got an old Seiko workin' again... pic?
Got another gem in my collection, this time a Gruen VeriThin grade VE?
Got any advice??
Got Don's sharkskin strap today. What do you guys think? [nt]?
Got LED??
Got lucky at the flea?
Got lucky today?
Got my 3 Omega movements and watch >>?
Got my 70's Longines this weekend...?
Got my first Omega?
Got my Gruen back, some Questions.?
Got my Slava - first mechanical watch I've owned in decades?
Got new funk tonight... :-)?
Got some info from Omega on my Cosmic...?
got the Invicta divers watch today..........?
Got the two Omega's I won on Ebay which needed a little work >>?
Got this last week...?
Got this little seven jewel watch when I was 7 years old?
Got this post from EOT Dive Forum, please delete if this isn't allowed.... :-)?
got this today >>>>>>>>>?
Got to play with one of these while visiting the watchmaker today.?
Gotham 14K Gold Bracelet Watch?
Gotta love green gold?
Goupilles Ancre ???
GP "1st quartz" ??
GP >Bill M This is what might be inside your GP>?
GP Gyromatic Info please...?
G-P restored?
GP Sea Hawk Mainspring?
GP Seahawk on ZRC strap supplied by Paul!?
Gramp's LeCoultre "8" Travel Alarm?
Grand dad's old watch?
Grandad's Old Watch?
Grandfather Omega?
grandfathers pocketwatch?
grandfathers watch?
Grandma's Watch?
Grandpa's Elgin?
Grandpa's gold Waltham pocketwatch?
grandpa's hamilton. my first watch.?
Grandpa's PW back from service...big pics!?
Granfathers Watch?
Grant (???) Wrist Side Driver's watch case?
Grant Watch Co.??
Great Grandmother's Waltham and Chain?
Great Great Great Grandfathers Pocket Watch...?
Great theme Paul! I gotta say that of all these oddballs...>?
Great watch exhibit in Cincinnati?
Great-Granfather's 1880's Watch?
Greek watch manufacturers -> vintage watches?
Green Gold Anybody??
Greetings from Cape Town?
Greetings to Paul Delury...?
Greetings to Spain (some pics)?
Group shots. Gotta love 'em.?
Grown Older Together?
Grrr... What's more frustrating than...?
Gruen 17Jewel 430cal movement?
Gruen 1924 50th Anniversary Pocketwatch?
Gruen 415CA Question - parts??
Gruen 65 Jewels??
Gruen Airflight - Rarity??
Gruen Airflight vs. Gruen Day/Night?
Gruen and Lavina??
Gruen baguette cal. 107?
Gruen Cal 480 auto in 14K gold case....?
Gruen Calendar Day Date questions...?
Gruen crosshatch face?
Gruen curvex?
Gruen Curvex?
Gruen Curvex?
Gruen Curvex restoration?
Gruen Curvex-Really From The 1930's-Never Seen This Face/Original??
Gruen Deco Style?
Gruen Driver Watch-Info-Original-Age-Rare????
Gruen factory for sale?
Gruen gold watch?
Gruen Guild mystery watch?
Gruen Guildcraft?
Gruen ladies watches?
Gruen Louis XIV?
Gruen Louis XIV ***modem burner***?
Gruen Pan AM???
Gruen Pan American?
Gruen Panamerican?
Gruen PanAmerican watch?
Gruen Pentagon, circa 1925?
Gruen Perpetual Calendar?
gruen pocket watch?
Gruen Pocket Watch?
Gruen Precision?
Gruen Precision 25J Automatic calibre 518 CA?
Gruen Precision dials?
Gruen Precision Pic for Matt B.?
Gruen question...?
Gruen self-wind setting?
Gruen semi thin- to refinish or not refinish??
Gruen Silver 1920's pocket watch swiss case?
Gruen Techni- Quadron?
Gruen triple date?
Gruen Ultra-VeriThin?
Gruen v3?
Gruen Veri-Thin?
gruen verithin date??
Gruen Veri-Thin Watch,?
GRUEN watch ??
Gruen watch case?
Gruen Watch info, any Gruen experts out there??
Gruen needed?
Gruen Watch-Interesting Shape-Any ID/Age/Info??
gruen with lnks (attempt number 2 -- think I got it right this time))?
GS Crystal # For A Vintage Hamilton.....?
Gubelin Ipso Vox???
Gubelin Ipso-Matic, are they all automatics??
Gubelin triple date?
Guess I can't complain anymore. Thanks Chuck Knight?
Guess the movement??
Guidance for a Newbie?
Guidance Sought - New Vintage Collector?
Gustave Jacot of Locle?
Gustave Loup?
Gyromax: Patek Philippe?
H L Matile Pocket Watch?
Haas Neveux Geneva Seal Pocket watch movement..?
Had a litle time over?
Had this one for a few weeks?
Had to buy it. Have no use for it, but price was fair?
Hail To The Chief..>?
hairline dial cracks?
Hairlines in Ceramic Dials?
Hallmark question ... on a silver case?
Hallmark watches - made by Blancpain??
Halsa not Halso?
Hamden repair?
Hamiltom electric pacer?
Hamilton movt 982?
Hamilton - revisiting the past...>?
Hamilton - solid gold!??
Hamilton "Secometer 'C'": Open sesame!?
Hamilton "Carrera"...?
Hamilton 2001 Space Odyssey Watch?
Hamilton 23 with winding slippage ....?
Hamilton 400?
hamilton 401 movement?
hamilton 4992b?
Hamilton 735 movement?
Hamilton 927 #2209484 Help please?
Hamilton 930 - How good a timekeeper??
Hamilton 950 versus 950B?
Hamilton 982 Can anyone ID the model's name of this one>>?
hamilton 982M and 770 pics??
Hamilton 992 mainsrping? Time for another project...?
Hamilton 992 Pocket watch (view back case)?
Hamilton 992B in Illinois Case?
Hamilton Ad Scans 1954?
Hamilton Alarm please?
Hamilton and Buren...>?
Hamilton Auto - What do you think of the?
Hamilton Automatic...?
Hamilton Caliber 748. Anyone have info on this movement??
Hamilton Chronomatic?
Hamilton Chrono-matic Count-down?
Hamilton Chronometer?
Hamilton date info?
Hamilton last.?
Hamilton Electic question.?
Hamilton Electric?
Hamilton Electric?
hamilton electric v. electronic??
Hamilton Electrics??
Hamilton Electronic Restoration - After?
Hamilton Family Foto?
Hamilton from 20's - Longines from 50's?
Hamilton goes Hollywood?
Hamilton GS Military...?
HAMILTON is this a "piping rock" model??
Hamilton Langley?
Hamilton Masterpiece?
Hamilton Micro rotor movements - which manufacture? >>>?
Hamilton Model 23 Chronograph?
Hamilton Movement in UK Casing?
Hamilton movement question...?
Hamilton Movement Resource....?
Hamilton Nautilus 500 - question?
Hamilton Nautilus Electric . . .?
Hamilton Packard??
Hamilton Paige.?
Hamilton Piping Rock?
Hamilton Piping Rock: correct hands??
Hamilton pocket watch?
Hamilton pocket watch needed?
Hamilton Pocket Watch Query?
Hamilton Pocket Watch Question?
Hamilton Pocket Watches 950B, 950, 992?
Hamilton Putnam find...?
Hamilton PW dial ??
Hamilton Question - Swiss movement???
Hamilton RR Special 505 worth saving??
Hamilton subseconds from about 1930?
Hamilton Thin-o-matic?
Hamilton Thin-o-matic?
Hamilton Thoughts??
Hamilton Time Capsule?
Hamilton Tonneau?
hamilton tonneau wgf engraved?
Hamilton Transcontinental question?
Hamilton UDT?
Hamilton Ventura?
Hamilton vs. Hamilton-Illinois ??
Hamilton Watch Case?
Hamilton Watch HELP?
Hamilton watch model??
Hamilton Watches?
Hamilton Watches?
Hamilton with Elgin case??
Hamilton wrist watch 1950??
Hamilton watch movement...pix?
Hamilton wristwatches 40's-50's?
hamilton ygf cushion engraved?
Hamilton Yorktowne vs Clark?
Hamilton: beautiful, rugged, leading edge designs?
Hamilton: Great Bang for the Buck?
Hamilton: The Finest Watch You Can Give or Get, $39.50-$10,000?
Hamilton-American in name only?
Hammy Glitter x 2?
Hampden pocket watch?
Hampdon Watch Co.?
Hampton Watch co. pocket watch?
Hand plating redux >>?
Handwind Mido Commander Ocean Star??
Happy (belated) Birthday, Accutron!?
Happy 4th of July.........?
Happy Birthday, Accutron!?
Happy holidays and a merry christmas, especially?
Happy Holidays to all my fellow TZ vintage collectors!?
Happy New Year, and a little Tissot/Omega/Lemania Query?
Hard to believe - 14 bids and sitting at $250.00 >>?
Has anyone else noticed the increasing number of?
Has anyone ever seen a dial signed..>?
Has anyone got any further information on these LEDs??
Has anyone had problems with vintage Wittnauer electric watches keeping accurate time??
Has anyone had problems with vintage Wittnauer electric watches keeping accurate time??
has anyone heard from Rob Berkavicius ??
Has anyone heard of "De Bruce" Swiss Made 40's (?)?
Has anyone heard of a Gruen Cal.3850 Curvex??
Has anyone heard of Herwins??
has anyone heard of Postala brand pocket watch??
Has anyone puchased a vintage watch from Wanna Buy a Watch in Hollywood, California??
Has anyone seen a dial like this...?
Has anyone seen one of these??
Has Anyone seen this model before>?
Has this Tiffany been got at??
Have 2 pocket watches - seeking info?
Have any bejewelled vintage watches?...>?
Have any stepped cases or scalloped dials??
Have anyone information of an vintage certina??
Have been bitten by the enamel bug.?
Have movement and dial, just need a case...?
Have the prices of Omega watches gone so crazy that people pay anything for them? >>?
Have you ever forgotten about a watch you own? I have, many times... :-)?
Have you ever seen an Omega w/o any markings on the inside of the case...?
Have you ever seen this before??
Have you ever seen this HUDSON style?...?
have you noticed....?
Haven't posted this one before; a 1955 auto:?
Haven't strpped this on in awhile?
Haven't worn a vintage and Swiss in a while :-) Decided to go with this today...?
Haven't worn this in a long long time...?
Having difficult time posting picture??
Having just said "no more watches" in 1007...?
He Shoots & Scores a Universal Geneve?
Heard about the McQueen Monaco? How about a Siegfried Rauch Bucherer??
Heard of Alienor??
Hebdomas 8 Day?
Helbros Sterling - Worth fixing??
helbros watch?
Helbros. Invincible??
Helbros-Aureole? Anyone know about this one??
Hello all! Have you ever seen such a CYMA before? >>>?
Hello and Swiss movement help please?
Hello everyone! Help Needed!?
Hello to all?
Hello Tz Vintage :-) >>?
Hello vintage watch collectors: Does the meaning of collection vintage lose..?
Hello, could you help me identify this vintage Waltham that was handed down to me??
hello... guess what? I have an old pocketwatch...?
Hello...I'm new?
Hellp date Invar movement!?
Help - Elgin pocket watch - odd setting lever location.. pics..?
HELP - Bulova Mark 2?
Help me identify this watch?
Help - Unnwn Omega?
Help - Vintage Watches?
Help : How do you remove the back on a Accutron Railroad??
Help a newbie?
Help about dates on a Porsche Design, please?
Help accessing dial....?
Help and advice sought..?
Help appreciated regarding information of this watch !?!?
Help dating Croton Aquamatic?
Help dating ladies Hamilton 757?
Help dating watch with British gold hallmarks and Bernex No 2 mvmnt?
help finding cleaning/servicing?
Help for a first time vintage rolex buyer-please?
Help for my 68' Longines CHRONO?
Help getting info on a watch- vintage?
Help ID a waltham? fake??
Help ID Gruen pocket watch 1930-1946??
Help ID this beautiful 18k pocket watch?
Help ID this Hamilton?
Help ID this vintage GP?
Help id valjoux chrono movement?
Help ID/Date These Hamilton, Certina, and Elgins?
Help identifiying an old Tissot?
Help identifiying this vintage Solix?
Help identify?
Help Identify Caliber Please?
Help identify my grandmother's watch...?
Help Identify this "Venus", and more information??
Help identify this Bulova alarm watch movement?
Help identify this Omega?
help identify this pocket watch??
Help Identify Vintage Omega Seamaster?
Help Identify Wristwatch?
Help identifying a chrono caliber?
Help identifying a Pocket Watch?
Help identifying a Tiffany watch movement?
Help identifying a vintage pocket watch?
Help Identifying Agon Calendar?
Help identifying auto movement.?
Help Identifying Double-split (Rattrapante) Pocketwatch Movement?
Help Identifying E Gubelin movement?
Help Identifying GrandPa's PWatch.?
Help identifying Hamilton?
help identifying movement?
Help identifying my first wristwatch (1962)??
Help Identifying My Grandfather's Hamilton Pocketwatch?
Help Identifying Mystery 77 Jewel Titoni Auto Please?
Help identifying pocket watch?
Help identifying pocket watch movement please?
Help Identifying Some Oldies?
Help identifying Sterling silver hallmarks??
Help identifying the maker of a Swiss chronograph?
help identifying this rolex movement please?
Help Identifying this watch?
Help Identifying this watch...?
Help Identifying Universal Geneve Military Watch?
Help identifying vintage Longines Automatic?
Help identifying vintage pocket watch?
Help Identifying watch?
Help identifying year of manufacture?
Help ID-ing Illinois pocketwatch... (with story...)...?
Help IDing old Bulova (large picture):?
Help in buying/ investing in a watch?
Help in dating my Bulova?
Help in looking for a watch?
Help in movement ID please ( 3 similar questions)?
Help Info needed about Gruen Curvex?
Help Info on Lucian Piccard?
Help locating vintage parts??
Help me find a pocket watch. Calling Ben Hsiung and Paul Delury and others?
Help me ID?
Help Me ID this Pocket Watch :-)?
Help me identify this 1950s Favre-Leuba?
Help me identify this Longines please ...?
Help me identify this movement?
Help me identify this old Omega wrist watch. Thanks?
Help me identify this Omega Seamaster?
Help me identify vintage automatic Bulova?
Help me learn more about this one please?
help me out to find this watch please?
Help me please! Royce??
Help me to identify this watch movement please?
Help me with a movement identifiation challenge?
Help Me With This LeCoultre?
Help need dating vintage Longines.?
Help needed?
Help needed?
Help needed - unknown swiss watch?
Help Needed - Vintage Omega Constellation?
Help needed Blancpain Fifty Fathoms?
Help needed finding crown for a vintage Omega Seamaster...?
Help Needed From the USA Please?
Help needed identifying a vintage Omega Seamaster?
Help needed in Finding Raketa Brand?
Help needed on Bulova 666 Feet?
Help needed on Vintage Glycine..?
HELP NEEDED to identify watch?
Help needed with Omega Vintage?
Help needed with pocket watch(es) ID?
help needed,please?
Help needed........... BENRUS Citation Electronic?
HELP NEEDED: Benrus Vintage Ladies Watch?
Help needed: waltham alarm?
Help Old Rolex - New Bracelet !?
Help on "GRUEN GUILD" Deco watch ID?
Help on a vintage IWC.?
Help on a Vintage Rolex??
Help on Dating a PoleRouter?
Help on deciding on a vintage puchase >>>?
Help on first vintage watch?
Help on Hamilton Ball 998?
Help on ID of Chrono Movement & Problem Question?
Help on identifying a vintage IWC movement?
Help on Omega Hallmarks?
Help on this vintage Wakmann Chrono?
Help Please?
Help please from USA watch collectors?
Help Please to Identify My Old Heuer Stopwatch?
Help please with info on this Bulova automatic...?
HELP please. Big problem viewing posts. Cannot see 'em?
Help please: Certina Article?
Help posting Images?
Help Quick Please!! - Hamilton Coin Wrist Watch?
Help refubishing leather straps please.?
Help restoring my 1964 Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute?
Help Restoring my 1964 Breitling Navitimer Cosumonaute?
Help Scans Needed for Cal 354 Connies?
Help solve a mystery... on Mathey Tissot Watch please.?
Help to ID a Louvic watch movement needed please ->?
Help to identify a swiss movement?
Help to identify an strange Universal Geneve?
Help to identify my Watch?
Help to identify Sicura watches?
Help to indentify my Omega?
help tp identify ball PW?
Help Valuing/Identifying some watches?
Help w/ Heuer Carrera?
Help w/ id of 2 watches?
Help wanted on identifying pocket watch, please?
help with a ball RR pocket need expert?
Help with a Carlton watch?
Help with a new find ... PLEASE?
Help with a silver Mark?
Help with a vintage LeCoultre?
Help with a watch I'm unfamiliar with.?
Help with an Elgin pocket watch?
Help with an old rolex?
Help With Bulova?
Help with Cal number please?
help with damas watches?
Help with dating a watch?
Help with dating old Timex??
Help with GP Gyromatic "Strider"???
help with Gubelin ID?
Help with hall marks on pocket watch.?
help with hamilton serial # dates??
Help with history of friends pocket watch.?
Help with ID of this 20-30 yr old Omega Seamaster?
Help with ID'ing a vintage Ulysse Nardin chronograph please. Thnx.?
Help with id'ing a watch (PICS INSIDE)?
help with info on Elgin pocketwatch?
Help with info on pocket watch?
Help with Info on Vintage Breitling Transocean.?
Help with my Vintage omega?
Help with new watches?
Help with old watch?
Help with Omega Cosmic triple calendar and moonphases?
Help with Rado 990 41 jewel?
Help with Rolex?
Help with Spouse - I've been bitten by the bug?
Help with stopwatch ID?
Help with the vintage calendar?
Help with this Lemania Chrno?
Help with this Omega please?
Help with this PW (for a friend)?
help with this rado?
Help with this Sam Mortlock (1786) (Modem Burner)?
help with this watch?
Help with Vintage Chrono action please?
Help With Vintage Girard Perregaux Watch?
Help with vintage Longines Conquest?
Help with vintage Omega?
Help with Vintage parts?
help with vintage wrist watch?
help with watch i.d.?
Help! advice need concerning what to buy.?
Help! - Does anyone have a parts diagram for an Omega 711?
Help! I'm having problems...?
HELP! - VJ7733 vs. VJ72c?
Help! Breitling Co-Pilot and Cosmonaute Ref. 1809?
Help! European collectors! Royal watch by Henzi&Pfaff?
Help! I have no clue?
Help! Is this watch even in existence??
Help! I've bin trying to get info on the vintage of my Tudor. On Rolex FAQ's it says...?
HELP! My watch was stolen out of my watchmakers mailbox...?
Help! Need hands for 1958 GOS Seamaster! Help!?
help! need picture of bulova dial?
Help! Old German pocket watch - no idea what it is (pictures):?
Help! Rolex identification!?
HELP! seiko watch info needed?
Help! Vintage Omega?
Help!! Info and Parts for a Vintage Blancpain Fifty Fathoms!?
Help!! Running very fast...?
HELP!!! Lorie Watch? >>>?
Help!!! I just got my Bulova pocket watch but I can't date it!?
HELP!!! I need a hairspring for my incaflex?
Help, Early Seamaster bumper, redialed as a Constellation??
Help, Hamilton Pocketwatch I.D.?
Help, help, help?
help, posting pics with message?
Help, watch accident!!!?
Help,Please tell me something about this watch!!!!?
Help. information about unique watch??
help... significance of bulova whale??
HELP: My vintage Glycine crown popped out?????
help: pocket watch "j. barth & fils"?
Help: Ball Railroad Wristwach...?
Help: Camy Sputnik 41-jewel super-automatic '56??
Help: Dubois Fils?
Help: Is this Zodiac a fake??
Help: want a replace glass of a Tank watch?
Help--repairing vintage quartz?
Help--what do you know about this??
Helvetia Stop and Sport?
Helvetia watch?
Henry B. Henshel (Bulova) Obituary in the WSJ?
Henry Moser & Co?
Here are some better pics of my vintage Benrus>>>>?
Here Comes the Sun (re-jigged)...>?
Here is a pretty interesting little site...?
here is an interesting one...?
Here is another lesser known watch brand...Pierce?
Here is my "new" Omega 30t2 RG Chronometer....?
Here is my favorite Seiko from the 70's?
Here is that beautiful dial Gruen I've been talking about...?
Here she is... :-)?
Here we go! New Year's Resolution Day >?
Here's a classic "don't" for eBay shopping?
Here's a couple of peculiar straps I should have posted on Friday...?
Here's a Gruen VeriThin...?
Here's a new one I got...?
Here's a old Longines Conquest...?
Here's a photo of the Omega cal. 267 movement >>>?
Here's a rare beast . . .?
Here's a watch I enjoy carrying...>?
Here's a watch I've never strapped on till today?
Here's a watch story?
Here's an interesting Longines Chronometer movement?
Heres an interesting question from a collector I met?
Here's an old Ollendorff digital watch for you vintage guys...?
Here's an old pocket watch collection picture...>?
Here's another 2 tone deco by Bulova?
Here's another recent Bulova redial...?
Here's another that I'll be having overhauled this year. Just thought I'd share.?
Here's pics of my 70's Longines I was talking about earlier today...?
Here's some new pics of my new toy... :-)?
Here's what started the madness about ten years ago... :-)?
Here’s a quick photo of my new (vintage) 14k Longines manual wind. More details later.?
Herna watch?
Heuer 3H on Alternative Mesh - Opinions ??
Heuer Autavia GMT Approx 1965?
Heuer Autavia Hands?
Heuer Autavia Question?
Heuer Autavia Question? ANY good service spots??
Heuer Autavia Strap Question...?
Heuer automatic, maybe first model??
Heuer Chonograph Identification Help?
Heuer Chronograph Repair Question/Advice?
Heuer Monaco?
Heuer Orvis Solunagraph?
Heuer service. Go to Tag Heuer??
Heuer Stopwatch?
Heuer Yacht-Timer (info please?)?
Hey all...?
Hey guys. Here is a 1963-ish Longines.?
Hey Paul, Twins>>?
Hey Peter from Germany, my 1st GP!...>?
Hey stophmaster...?
Hey there Can someone Tell me anythin about Rone Watches??
Heyworth, related to Elgin??
Hi everyone! My first restoration: GP Sea Hawk?
Hi folks pics of my 2 vintage automatics?
Hi guys, bumper 354 running +4-5 mins over 24 hours...?
Hi Guys. Been a while since I've been over here but I need some Vintage V & C help.?
Hi Paul, long time no see...?
Hi! I'm new here....?
Hi! New user and first vintage Bulova watch?
Hi, I just opened my Glycine Airman Special...?
Hi, I'm new and have a question?
Hi, I'm new here. I have a value question?
Hi, I'm new here... :D?
Hi,new to the forum,wants to see to your favourate,and here is mine(image)?
Hierarchy of Longines models...anybody know??
high end brands?
High grade pocketwatch movements &?
Highest jewel counted Seiko?
Hilton 21 Jewels?
Hip to be Square Day - Elgin?
Hip to be Square: Seiko Chrono 7016?
Historic Bulova??
Historic watch prices?
Historic Zenith rescued from the display cabinet!?
History of maker Mathey Tissot?
History of Rado??
Hit my FAVORITE source! Not as dramatic?
Hmmm - new Toy..?
Hmmm, good value for watch repair??
Hmmm, what have we here??
Hmmm...I'm not sure, but...>?
Hoffman Sunrite?
Holiday Surprise?
Hollow spring bars?
Hoping for help learning about a family watch?
Horological history questions?
Hot of the auction site....?
How a power reserve indicator works in a vintage Hamilton...?
how about this omega constellation cal:561 ??
How about a nice GM wheeler for Friday?
How about one more IWC??
How about some stories on inexpensive "pleasant surprise" vintage watches??
How accurate are your vintage pieces..??
How accurate are your vintage watches??
How Accurate Is Your Vintage Watch??
How are porcelain dials mounted??
How 'bout a vintage diver...>?
how can I identify wear on white gold fill??
How can they do this?????
How cool is THIS!!!?
How Did they paint vintage numbers?
How did we get to 28,800 bph as a frequency standard??
How do families let these things go??
How do I date my Elgin....?
How do I date my Girard-Perregaux??
How Do I Get to This Movement?
How do I identify an old LeCoultre watch??
How do I identify the model and age of a PP watch??
how do i set moon phase on bucherer cal 693?
How do you choose a watchmaker to service your vintage watch??
how do you date a vintage movado?
How do you feel about presentation watches??
How do you feel about Twist-o-flex bands??
how do you guys display your vintage watch advertisements?...?
How do you keep track of your watch collection??
How do you pronounce "RADO"??
How do you set the day & date of a Rado 30jewel Daymaster?
How does 'chronometer' rating hold up.?
how does one pick a watchmaker??
How does this work??
How does vintage Movados compare to vintage Omegas...?
How easy is it to damage a non-shock watch?
How good is the Longines Conquest??
How I did on my 3 Omega purchases?
How I repaired a rolled gold plate watch case?
How important are box and papers??
How important is it that your vintage watch have an original case??
How important is it to you for your watch to have an original/signed crown??
How long have you been on TZ?...>?
How many "o-matics" can we list?...>?
How many 1955 Gold Titus Chronos ???
How many adjustments you say??
How many micromotors can you fit on the head of a pin?...>?
How many of you have uncased movement in your 'collection'?
How much can a dial be refinished?
How much should quality service cost??
How much to key wind?
How much value does box & papers add?
How often does it need to be wound??
How often to clean an Accutron??
How often to handwind??
How old is my Waltham??
How old is this bulova??
How rare/how much are pocket watches with tourbillons??
How rude of me not to post this here!!!?
How should a watch sound??
How the HECK do you remove links on this Accutron "Bullet" bracelet????
How the heck to adjust a incastar regulator on my Mido?
How thin is very thin? Check this out!?
How ti find vintages??
How to authenticate vintage rolex??
How to clean a spotted dial ???
How to clean a vintage dial??
How to clean metal dial??
How to deal with a small watch?
How to determine the date of manufacture of an Antique Lever Fusee?
How to Determine Value of 60's Vulcain Chronograph??
How to find manufacture date on this Lord Elgin?
How to find year of manufacture for Tissot, Edox, Rado...?
How to get chrome plating off without ...?
how to get my photos to come up?
How to order the correct stem for the old watches????
How to paint worn dial numerals?
How to pronounce watch names?
How to remove some old dirts from vintage watches??
how to remove this caseback??
How to show a Zenith cal. 135??
How to tell if Bumper "Automatic" Function works?
How to Use Dial Enamel??
How to Value a Pocket Watch?
How were the detail work applied to?
How were the Vintages when the watches were new ??
Howard PW?
Howard Wristwartch?
How's this for expensive DON....>>?
HP Model 01 Calculator watch?
Huge 1950-Omega?
Hugeous Marvin from about 1940?
Hump Day What's on your wrist today>?
Humphery Bogarts Watch?
Hy Moser & Co. Saltofix?
Hy Moser watch predecessor to IWC?
I almost mistook it for NOS...?
I am devastated?
I am meeting with Deitrich Gruen tomorrow morning?
I am REALLY excited about this one...>?
I am seeking a referral for a watchmaker who can restore?
I am stupid. >>?
I am thinking to collect a pocket watch, what do you recommend under $500?
I am trying to post a photo:?
I blame Neil.?
I bought this cool original Vacheron Constantin Box for my '49 cal 454 but I can't?
I broke my watch!?
I brought out a cool Longines for this week...?
I buy my first vintage on ebay?
I can't keep them all...>?
I cant pass these up...?
I can't wait any longer :-( I NEED this now... :-(?
I can't wait! I have to show you my new Hamilton Electric!...>?
I collect vintage robots, does anyone have any pictures of the MIDO Robot? Thanks?
I cross posted this from the Breitling forum. I thought you some of you gents would get a charge out of this?
I did it! I did it!?
I don't know why I waited so long. My first vintage watch.?
I don't understand the markers on this dial. . .?
I fitted a new crystal fitted to my Seiko Sports...?
I friend of mine is offering me a vintage VC. I have some question, please, help!!!?
I got outbid on an Omega bumper >>?
I got taken this weekend -- now what??
I got to get me a camera...?
I guess it must be "conservation of energy" or something like that?
I had almost forgotten about this watch...?
I hate working with watch hands?
I have a boring collection?
I have a bunch but... Look at this thing! My god!!! It's ... GREEN!!!?
I have a great idea, but I need some help (gift for my father)?
I have a question about adjustments that I hope...?
i have a scan request for you vintage collectors----?
I have ani nteresting client: Dietrich Gruen?
I have just bought...?
I hope you've had better luck than me...>?
I inherited a 1940's Philippe Patek?
I inherited an Eterna watch?
I just found out that i have an Omega that i had not idea it was all these years right next to my desk !?
I just got my first Vintage Omega - What's the next steps??
I just got this.....?
I just had to post this...?
I just realized that we come from a family of finely aged Hams!?
I kind like it both way, but which would you prefer an original or re-done??
I kind of enjoy buying a watch with "issues"....?
I knew I had a movement pic around here somewhere!...>?
I know auction links aren't allowed, but this is hilarious...?
I know I'm late, but this is a Dynamic watch/strap combo.....?
I know it isn't perfect, but I love it anyway.....?
I know nothing about this Omega. Omega experts, please help?
I know there's a vintage Rolex Forum here at TZ...?
I like this forum. The least amount of hubris to be found at TZ. nt?
I love Omega?
I love this game!?
I love vintage chronographs! (modem burner)?
I made a fantastic trade!?
I need a dial refinisher?
I need a little help from the Hamilton experts>>?
I need a strap for this....?
I need a watch band for this deco watch - ideas??
I need both your personal opinion and some technical advice...?
I need help on refinishing an enamel bezel?
I need help trying to place a pic of my rado wathc on this forum?
I need help with this Waltham?
I need opinions on this dial. . .?
I need some help?
I need some help please.......?
i need some help researching!!!?
I need some help with a vintage watch?
I need some help...?
I need some price advice on the "Rare Vintage Omega - Cadran Brevete Stopwatch 15 Jewels" auction?
I need some Zenith Pocket watch help!?
I need suggestions for an 1980's watch?
I need urgent advice, before tomorrow.?
I need vintage Omega expertise here....?
i need your help please!?
I need Your opinion on chronographs...?
I need YOUR opinion!! 30’s Longines?
I posted similar advertisements like these a few months ago. Here are the rest from an old magazine I have:?
I posted this in the...?
i posted this on the public forum, but thought you guys.....?
I probably won't get into pocket watches like wristwatches, but...?
I promised to share more, here is another Gruen pocket watch?
I really liked this, it was different?
I regret to announce the passing of John Gelson, Hamilton's last president . . .?
I seek your opinion... (long)?
I should have been working..?
I started working on the British issue watch?
I thank Neil...?
I think I finally have 2 "sweet spot" straps !?
I think I'll get this one up and running >?
I think we missed scan day...?
I took a chance on a Seiko chrono...>?
I took delivery of this yesterday!...?
I tried this on the Omega forum without finding much help, so I'll try here...?
I want my Breitling back?
I Want To Purchase More Watches Like My Vintage?
I want to wear a pocket watch!?
I was just imagining what it would have been like...>?
I went ahead and bought it...(post below) Thanks!! (pics)?
I will be away from the forum for a while...>?
I wonder?
I wonder if the first movement is really a Valjoux ??
I wonder what watches our kids will collect?
I wore the Ocean Pearl today...>?
I would love to see some articles/thoughts on vintage watch company mergers of the past?
ID and info help on vintage Hamilton.?
ID Help?
ID help on a pocket watch. (pics, 56kers be warned)?
ID help please...?
ID Jlc?
ID Lady's Gucci?
ID on a Girard Perregaux??
ID on this IWC?
ID this unmarked ESA 9210 based watch??
Ideas for leather 2-watch travel case??
identification of a exactus watch?
Identification of a repeater movement - Please Help?
Identification of watch please?
Identify a 'old' watch?
Identify Rado watch...?
Identify this Waltham?
Identify Vintage Pocket Watch?
if it were some retro reissue?
If my watch runs way too fast ???
If something's too good to be true....?
If you can have only one pocket watch??
If you like vintage Seiko's?
If you Show me Yours, I will show you Mine.?
If you walked into a jewelers in the 1920/30's, this is what you might have seen...>?
I'll be away for a while...>?
I'll name that Tissot in one...?
Illinois Wristwatch Question?
Illinois Bunn Special?
illinois central>?
Illinois ladies- questions?
Illinois Pocket Watch?
Illinois Pocket Watch?
illinois pocket watch "The Master"?
Illinois PW jewel replacement question...>>?
Illinois Santa fe special?
Illinois watch co.?
Illinois Watch Service?
I'm a few months late with this... :-)?
I'm going to London in two weeks. Where are the "boot sales"??
I'm holding my breath on this one....?
I'm looking for high quality watch repair...?
I'm looking for watch bands?
im looking to buy a vintage omega any year suggestions?
I'm nearly 50-this Angelus is probably older...?
I'm not usually a '70s guy...?
I'm on a Gruen Pocket Watch shopping spree, here is another nice one...?
I'm quite keen on vintage Zenith W/R watches........?
I'm seeking info on the Lemania 2310 or 27 CHR movement...?
I'm so excited!?
I'm so excited!?
I'm square again, and backwards too!?
I'm takin a break from Microtors...?
I'm taking this opportunity to grab a new "handle"?
I'm thinking about a wrist alarm. Any favorite brands??
i'm trying to identify a generic swiss made wristwatch?
I'm wearing a Nappey !!!!!!?
I'm wearing this Omega today>?
image testing of a vintage LeCoultre and Vulcain Cricket?
Impact of NOS part in valuation??
Import duties on vintage stainless watch??
Impromptu DC area TZ get together Wednesday nite!?
Impulse Elgin - Now what do I do???
In love with unidentified skeleton watch?
In search of strap calendars?
In the mail today!?
in the mail today.?
In the mind of a vintage lover - frankenstein watches...?
In the secrets of brands story ...?
In your opinion ...?
Inbound..roll of the dice.?
Incoming first vintage?
Incoming! (Warning: Large photos ahead)?
Incoming! My first calendar chronograph...?
Incoming: Elgin wristwatch with unusual offset rotor automatic?
Incoming: Essex one-button chronograph. 1930s? Extremely rare? Unique??
Incoming: One last non-round watch...?
India Made watch?
Indigo Landeron 48?
Indy TZ lucheon - the wrap up?
Info needed on a few watches !!!!?
Info about 1940's(?) Abercrombie & Fitch Shipmate??
info about a possible brequet pocket watch?
Info about Lemania watch?
Info about this Longines pocket watch??
Info appreciated re this vintage JLC...?
Info for Omega pocketewatches..?
Info help request - Atlanta brand??
Info Needed - Bulova Accutron Railroad?
Info needed on Concord watches?
Info needed on General Stark hampden PW?
Info needed on Hamilton "Rebuilt"?
Info needed on new vintage Omega....?
Info needed on old gold watch (photos)?
Info needed on the Enicar Ultrasonic,pictures inside post...?
info needed on two tissots.?
Info needed..RELIDE?
Info on 1970's HEUER - pre tag?
Info on a 1949 Bulova??
Info on a movement labeled FE or FF 140?
Info on a some of watches I have, Please!?
Info on Benrus wanted?
Info on Bertmar Watches??
Info on Certina??
Info on Eterna & Baylor brands ??
Info on Hamilton Mantza??
Info on Jeanneret movements from 30's?
info on latest purchase early 60s constellation?
info on old jaeger L C watch please?
Info on Paul Breguette and...?
Info On Pocket Watches... (Sorry About Your Modem)?
Info on these watches??
info on this old Rado Gazelle?
Info on this Omichrom politely requested?
Info on this vintage Omega??
Info on this vintage Tissot?
Info on Titus (50s Incabloc)?
Info on Ulysse Nardin?
Info on Valjoux 7765?? HIstory, etc???
Info on Venus 170 chrono movment...?
info on vintage elgin?
Info on vintage watches?
Info on Zenith Chronometre Cal 135 1950´s?
Info regarding this Omega with Cal. 265 mvt?
info request?
Info Request for Swiss Henri Richard of Le Locle pocket watch?
Info request for vintage IWC?
Info request on Valjoux 72 C?
Info sought on 1950ies or 60ies Rolex Precision?
info Tichin pilots watch 60's?
info wanted on "Omega Chronometre"?
Info?? Longines Observatory?
Info-request Sabina Diver?
Information About Mimo?
Information about Peseux movements?
Information about Rolex A 7360 vintage pocket?
information needed about a watch?
Information needed on restauration of vintage Blancpain?
Information on a Men's Pink Gold Moonphase Rolex??
Information on Hamilton Ellsworth wanted - Pics preferred?
Information on Sheffield Watch?
Information Please?
Information request?
Information sought on Fontainemelon movements.?
Information sought regarding man's Piaget watch >>>?
Information wanted about the Movado Polyplan.?
Infortation on Military Jaeger LeCoultre?
Infos on a R. Lannier Pocket Watch ??
ingersoll wrist watch?
Ingersoll, made in Great Britain. Problems with winding.?
Inherited 72 year old Benrus?
Inherited beautiful vintage tissot (pics)?
Inherited some pocket watches, anyone know about these??
Inherited this watch from my Grandfather in 2002?
Inherited watches, Milus/Felca?
Input/Thoughts On Straps Please?
Inquiry... Old watch for Christmas....?
Inquiry: Great Grandfather's 1897 Pocket Watch?
Inscribed Cases?
inserting quartz movements?
Inside my old Longines...?
Inside pin lever movement?
Inside the Illinois...?
Inside Universal Geneva micro rotor movement?
Install Sapphire Display Back on Vintage Watch??
Interested in first vintage watch?
interesting air pressure watch?
Interesting article... :-)?
Interesting Band & Bracelet - UG, new addition to collection>?
Interesting Bulova...>?
Interesting Cal.11/12 (Very Long)?
Interesting dial markings?...>?
interesting early Hampden wristwatch?
Interesting Hand - yes, Hand...>?
Interesting Hands - cathedral?...>?
Interesting hands - Hamilton daggers...>?
Interesting Hands - Hilton...?
Interesting Hands - I got those Elgin blues...>?
Interesting Hands - Lacy, scrolled look?
Interesting Hands - somewhat uncommon Hamilton hands...>?
Interesting Hands : did you say Hands ??
Interesting hands, Omega Connie?
Interesting hands, or not??
Interesting Hands: Caravelle?
Interesting Hands: Wyler Dynawind?
Interesting info for longines fanatics?
Interesting inscription......?
Interesting mark on a movement?
Interesting movement - Ball 23j?
Interesting movement - Howard Series 10?
Interesting Movement - Incaflex...>?
Interesting Movement - shaped Waltham...>?
Interesting Movement -- very late. Boing! A bumper.?
interesting movement day; 1882 elgin grade 102?
Interesting Movement. Felsa Bidynator?
Interesting movement: Dudley watch?
Interesting movements...Elgin Durabalance?
Interesting Mvmt day >Elgin 1936 era?
Interesting Mvmt Hamilton 982Masterpiece & 992B 6 Adjsts?
interesting old benrus in a boxlot today?
Interesting photo of Dueber/Hampden Watch Co?
Interesting Strap & Bracelet?
INTERESTING STRAP & BRACELET DAY - this Friday - Win a watch!...>?
INTERESTING STRAP & BRACELET DAY - the wrap-up and watch winner..>?
INTERESTING STRAP & BRACELET DAY - this Friday - Win a watch!..>?
Interesting Strap & Bracelet: I think this one qualifies too, does it? >?
Interesting Strap and Bracelet Day?
Interesting strap: Spaceman?
Interesting watches.?
Interim Pic of my Hooded Lug Seamaster?
International Dial Company Questions...?
International Dial in Ohio. Anyone have any thoughts? (nt)?
Intrepid Aviator?
intrigued with watches?
Introducing my collection of vintage chronometers?
INVAR 18K Gold Pocket Watch?
Invicta Chrono-Sport for Gregoire (and others...)?
IRAQ 1930?
Irish Verge?
Irregular second hand movement?
Is 1983 vintage? A dial hard to describe -- 1983 Omega Phase de Lune Or?
Is a good adjustment, the consequence of the system of regulator ??
Is a Hamilton 986A any good??
Is a redial ever preferable to original??
Is any of these symbols recognizable to anyone??
Is anyone getting or giving a vintage watch for Christmas?...>?
is it a complete disaster if a minute hand falls off??
Is it getting out of hand??
Is it okay to wind a vintage movement that has been?
Is it possible to fill in deep...?
Is it possible to find out the manufacturing date for... 2 pics?
Is it possible to get replacement dial markers??
Is it possible to still buy Minerva NOS??
Is it Real Polerouter??
Is it safe to backwind to semi-quickset the date??
Is it worth it??
Is it worth restoring? Lemania chrono mono-pusher caliber ID.?
Is most of your vintage purchasing online, or is it possible to find something in person??
Is my new Bulova really from the 1930's??
Is My Oyster Perpetual Real??
Is radium a real problem with vintage watches??
Is the Elgin 730A a hack movement??
Is the Hamilton caliber 401 considered an inhouse manufacture movement??
Is the jewel in center a real factor of précision ??
Is the New forum an Improvement???
Is the wrong dial or could it be correct??
Is there a "Blue Book" price guide for vintage watches??
Is there a 'correct' way to wind my cal. 601 Omega??
Is there an online resource for early 1970s Pulsar models??
Is there any cure?????
is there any way to know from numeration if a watch is newer or older??
Is there really thousands of generic Swiss watchmakers before....>>>?
Is there, in fact, different types of acrylic??
Is this a chronometer movement??
Is this a good price for vintage Omega??
Is this a Longines observation watch??
Is this a Real franck Muller??
Is this a real Longines??
Is this a redial? Hamilton with cal 63 or ETA2451?
is this a redialed longines??
Is this a redialed Omega??
is this a solid gold rado??
Is this a valuable watch??
is this a vintage omega???
Is this a Waltham or...??
Is this Accuquartz an Accutron??
Is this an authentic Rado Purple Horse watch??
Is this an early Vacheron Constantin?
Is this chrono worth $700??
Is this Connie dial legit???
Is this Enicar all-original??
Is this fake? or redial??
Is this Omega real??
is this omega seamaster a fake??
Is this one too small for my chubby wrist??
Is this rare, in unused condition ??
Is This Really The Most Anonymous Watch In The World??
Is this Swiss??
Is this this Favre-Leuba 36000 worth a repair??
is this vintage??
Is this vintage??
Is this watch worth $795??
Is this watch worth the repair?
Is this watch worth the repair?
Is vintage Rado collectible??
It all adds up!?
It is 1948 and you decide to treat yourself to a new watch - you go with...?
It is a Beater, but....?
It is a hot day so wearing a smaller vintage today?
It is good to be back! My latest: Chronographe Suisse?
It never fails to amaze me at>>?
it seems that L48 and its fam. are low end chronographe?
It took over 4 years for a watch with the right combination to find me...?
It's 1969 and you're in Paris...?
It's a sad state of affairs when...>?
It's alive ! :)?
It's been a long wait, but worth it.?
It's decision time for this one?
It's Electric! Hamilton: "The World's First Electric Watch!"?
It's Friday here already..?
It's Friday! What are you all wearing??
It's funky, it's vintage and it's NEW?
It's good to be back!?
Its Gruen Monday?
It's here: Longines Grand Prize auto, and what a BEAUTY!?
IT'S HIP TO BE SQUARE DAY - the wrap-up!...>?
Its rare, serious Deco, I'll post it on "BlacK MondaY"?
It's Sunday! Let's see those Airflights!?
It's Transi-Tronic!...>?
It’s Alive! A Vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre Ticks Again.?
It’s old. It’s gold. It has a cylinder escapement and...?
I've always wanted a vintage Waltham, s-o-o-o-o-o...?
I've asked this a long time ago and still don't know what to do, should I redail...?
I've been a very busy boy-modem burner?
I've been itching for a 18K Pie Pan Connie....?
I've been soooo busy. Sorry I've been gone for so long...Large pics!?
I've beheld my Dynawind!!...?
I've bought my first tuning fork watch today - guess the brand name... >?
I've doubled my vintage collection......?
I've got a pirate in my house...?
I've got high hopes for this one......?
I've got this German book...?
I've just received a Baronet auto, 30 jewels in rose gold, can anyone shed?
I've never seen a vintage Gruen like this one.............?
I've really done it now ...?
IWC 1940's gold case...?
IWC Automatic?
IWC back and funky Seiko!?
IWC British www...need help....?
IWC C53 PW, dated to 1911, WOW!?
IWC c89?
IWC c89 questions..>?
IWC cal 88 restoration (same as posted on IWC forum)?
IWC Cal 89 (Long)?
IWC cal 89 Dial Is it the dial or the crystal??
IWC Cal. 83 est. 1947?
IWC cal. 83, 88?
iwc cal. 89?
IWC cal. 89?
IWC Cal. 89 dial and movement?
IWC Cal. 89 Red Gold?
IWC cal.89?
IWC caliber 89 -- how do you locate a good one??
IWC caliber 89 opinions??
IWC Caliber Jones and Seeland Serialnumberlist online!?
IWC Calibre 89 Dial Question?
IWC help request?
IWC Mark X RAF Pilot's Watch...?
IWC MarkXI Airforce Pilot Watch 6B/346 No.794 issued 1950?
IWC Movements Help !!!!?
Iwc parts order????
IWC pocket watch, circa 1880s?
IWC pocket? -?
IWC Portuguese?
IWC vintage cal. 89 from the 50's - Dunhill lighter from the 70's [nt]?
IWC W.W.W. C.83 Mark X (photo update)?
I´d like to say hello?
Jaeger Help calling all experts?
Jaeger Le Coultre?
Jaeger Le Coultre?
Jaeger le Coultre Day Date, Master Mariner?
Jaeger Le Coultre help!?
Jaeger LeCoultre Caliber 449?
Jaeger Le-Coultre Old watch request info?
Jaeger PW Military markings?
Jaeger-LeCoultre "Geomatic" question:?
Jaeger-LeCoultre Geomatic?
Jager LeCoultres with Vacheron Constantine movements?
James Stewart's Tissot from Hitchcock's 1954 Rear Window.?
Japanese vintages 1950's or earlier?
Jaquet Droz?
JARO Watch?
Jeager-LeCoultre Vs LeCoultre?
Jean Louis Roehrich (Universal Geneve)?
Jenny info...?
'JETLINE' Swiss Made Wrist Watch?
Jewel Count - I'll start with my pocket watches...>?
Jewel count day - 7 & 23?
JEWEL COUNT DAY - Friday - that's today!...>?
JEWEL COUNT DAY - the wrap-up!...>?
JEWEL COUNT DAY - this Friday!...>?
Jewel Count Day...7 & 21?
Jewel Count. 57 and 7?
Jewelers or Watchmakers - Gubelin and Furhman & Spritzer?
JimA, please email me...>?
JimA, still looking for stainless Accutron crowns? >>?
JLC pocket watch?
JLC and Lecoultre?
JLC Geomatic?
JLC Geomatic Help!!?
JLC Mark X?
JLC master quartz question?
JLC Power Wind?
JLC Reverso's?
JLC Watch - What is it??
JLC Watch Band?
JLC with 449 movement?
Jules Jurgensen: Opinions on this brand? What level were this company's watches??
Jump Hour?
Junghans quality ???
Junk shop find, Pierce Chrono?
Just a pic I like, of a watch I like...>?
Just a watch, and pic, I like...>?
Just acquired my first vintage dive watch...?
Just acquired those 2 beauties (Zenith inside)?
Just an ol' Speedy 321?
Just arrived?
Just arrived !?
Just arrived : My Longines Flagship?
Just arrived Seiko Chrono?
Just arrived: Waltham Colonial Riverside 21j >>?
Just back form the post office... :-)?
Just back from the watch shop?
just back from the watchmakers.. with this..?
Just BIN'd a bumper connie off the bay >>?
Just bought a Tudor, need some parts info?
Just bought this little Omega?
Just bought this load of parts off the bay - notice anything odd??
Just bought this Omega with $.51 to spare?
just bought this,what do you think??
Just brought home: Tissot from a flea market >?
Just cant seem to sell this one...?
Just don't get it - this sold for $385.00?
Just dropped my old Elgin...?
Just fixed up a $5 vintage Helbros from my fleamarket finds.?
Just for fun: A vintage character and a quiz ....?
Just found my father's 1982 Hamilton "self-wind".?
Just got a bargain...Help?
Just got a Vintage Long Playing Breitling NOS?
Just got this Glycine back from the repairers...?
Just got this today?
Just how long have fake Omegas been around??
Just Humor. Skip if you don't think fake rolex's are funny.?
Just in - Elgin 645 auto...>?
Just in: 1960s Minerva automatic, Felsa cal. 670?
Just inherited 1940's (?) Patek Philippe?
Just inherited from my father.....?
Just landed - my first Rado.?
Just nabbed another chrono-diver...?
Just nabbed myself this baby =)...?
Just opened my Chronomat...?
Just picked up this Howard Pocketwatch?
Just picked up this JLC vintage, what do you think??
Just picked up this unusual 1954 LORD ELGIN...?
Just posted my NOS-looking Seamaster 300 on the Omega Forum > (link)?
Just received this.?
Just returned from my watchmaker?
Just returned from the watchmaker?
Just returned from the watchmaker?
Just returned from the watchmaker ; a family heirloom?
just returned from watch maker?
Just some pics of my great, great grandfather's Howard for your viewing pleasure:?
Just trying to get a 1954 Rolex 6284 timing adjusted...whew..?
Just up this Jaeger Chronograph today?
Just wanted to say 'thanks' for everyone's help - I managed to pick this up recently...?
just won some Longines junk?
Just won this little lot of Omega items?
Just won this Lord Elgin Shockmaster?
Just won this Omega yesterday night >>>?
Just won this... :-)?
Juvenia extra flat?
JW Benson?
JW Benson Pocket watch?
JW Benson wristwatch?
JW Benson. movement ID, please?
Kauffman straps?
Kauffmann Watch Straps?
Keep watches wound, yes or no ??
Key Wind Pocket Watch?
Kienzle pocket watch info needed?
Kingston Watch Co??
Know your Bulova models? Help me then?
Kurth Freres / Grana chrono from 1930's ?????
Kurz swiss watch circa 1968?
Kwik n' dirty Benrus Sunburst Automatic?
La Perla watches?
Laco Watch...older? Any info or where to get??
LACO-SPORT Antimagnetic?
Lacroix watch is it real and when??
Ladies & Gentlemen, I just recieved this vintage Movado...?
Ladie's "Omega Tissot" ...?
Ladies 1915 Waltham 14k SOLID Gold CONVERTIBLE Watch A+?
Ladies' Benrus Direct Read?
Ladies' Bulova Watch?
ladies clasp extension/ omega ladymatic??
Ladies cocktail watch strap?
Ladies day 1940's rolex (hopefully anyway):?
Ladies Day: Lady Hamilton - also my first photos of a disassembled watch?
Ladies Omega Dynamic?
Ladies Omega Information, Please?
Ladies Rolex?
Ladies vintage watches - let's see yours...>?
Ladies Watch - well, it's small enough!...>?
Ladies Watch Day - 1917 Elgin...>?
Ladies watch day - Elgin conversion?
Ladies Watch Scan Day - Elgin?
Ladies Watches?
lady hamilton 757?
Lady's Bucherer?
Lady's Hamilton Watch Scan?
LAICA Vintage watch, can you help?
Lambert Bros. Pocket Watch?
Lancet Watch???
Lanco 17 jewel?
Landeron 4750 - checking & posible repairs?
Landeron 48: should I be concerned about this??
Landeron and Valjoux?
Landeron Cal 189, any info and or pictures?
Landeron caliber 349?
Last catch of the year.?
Last evening from the flea?
Last new addition of the year (I think....)?
Last one -?
Last try at asking this question?
Last weekend at the flea.?
last weekend from the flea.?
Last weekend's flea market find?
Late 20's early 30's Bulova case question...?
Late Xmas present?
Latest addition?
Latest addition WWW Omega?
Latest addition to my Omega collection?
Latest addition to my vintage family...?
Latest addition to the watchbox..?
Latest addition... Omega memomatic?
latest aquisition .............?
Latest Family Member?
Latest Find - Hamilton Illinois?
latest find/project?
Latest Flea Market Find - Rose Gold Hamilton?
Latest restoration; an "everyman's" Bulova...?
Latest score?
Latest Score and a Question?
Latest Vintage - now to restore it..?
Latest vintage - Hamilton Pacer?
Latest vintage - Seiko chronometer content?
Latest Vintage Acquisition, and a question?
Latest vintage Bulova?
Latest vintage Deco Bulova?
Latest watch resurrection on perhaps the most useful of complications...?
Lator ladies watch?
le coultre info/movement i.d help?
Le Coultre watch?
Le Phare (C.Barbezat-Baillot) movement to identify?
Le Phare Split Chrono???
Le Raymond Locle 18 K gold watch?
Least worn :-)?
Least Worn Day UPDATE - Favre Leuba?
LeCoultre "Powermatic." Did Vacheron make the movement??
LeCoultre 'bottle cap' or 'ships wheel' or 'Bradley'?
LeCoultre Cal 812 "Bumper" movement?
LeCoultre cases?
LECOULTRE, MEMOVOX vs JLC memovox - need info please?
LED fans?
Legendary Calibers??
Legion Wristwatch?
Lejour balance staf side?
LeJour movement?
Lemaina Chronograph, just bought.....?
Lemania 1340?
Lemania Chronografo - need to identify movement?
Lemania Marchairuz?
Lemania Military Chronograph timepiece?
Lemania military type chrono??
Lemania movement question?
Lemania WWW cal.27A?Question to Steve G.?
LEROY Watch?
Lesser known brands?
Let the big dog out today...>?
Let's play the eBay game: "What Will it Really Look Like?"?
Let's see some divers - I'll start it off with a couple shots?
Let's see some vintage Omegas!...>?
Let's see some vintage watches with water-related references...>?
Let's see those vintage ALARM watches....?
Let's see what you're wearing...>?
Let's see you silver dials for Scan Day?
Let's see your Disco watches!?
Lets see your favourite vintage caseback !?
Let's see your redials! The good, the bad, and the ugly :-)...>?
Let's see your unusual cases.?
Let's see your vintage dive watches...>?
Let's see your vintage power-guzzlers!...>?
Let's see your watches with company logos ...?
Let's share what oil are we using?
Leucien Piccard (Sea Shark)?
Liberty Watch??
Life's full of complications, so let's see yours!...>?
Like to share some of my collection?
Lindbergh Longines?
Linnet Swiss with F. Hadorn on the movement?
Lip - Zvezda?
LIP watches >>>>>?
little 18k gold tiffany & co?
little info on OMEGA 30mm cal. movements?
Little mechanical chimer, or is it charmer??
little mechanicals?
Little question of guilt >>>?
LIVING IN THE 70's DAY - the wrap-up!...>?
LIVING IN THE 70's DAY - this Friday!...>?
LOB SOB?????
Locate the redial expert in Toronto, Canada?
Lo-Herma 1960's watch?
lone eagle watch box?
Long as I'm alive,?
Long cyclops Seamaster?
Long term care of Vintage wrist watches.?
Long time no IWC, just got a new one?
Long Time, No See...>?
Longine popularity?
Longines - 1st try to upload image?
LONGINES ... +box?
Longines old story?
Longines 12.68Z and 12L...?
longines 13zn vs. longines 30 ch?
Longines 14k Gold Fill?
Longines 1950es Cal. 23Z, finally my own pic ...?
Longines 20 - 1943 a. D. 1937?
Longines 22L movement?
Longines 30CH vs. 33ZN - is one more desirable than the other? (more)?
Longines 343 rotor??
Longines '59 question?
Longines Admiral cal. 343?
Longines Admiral model?
Longines and Wittnauer?
Longines Automatic All-Proof?
Longines Automatic bargains??
Longines Automatic Gents Watch - need advice?
Longines Brand - Interested In hearing (more)?
Longines cal L990.1?
Longines cal. 290?
Longines Caliber 431L ??
Longines 'Checkers'?
Longines Chrono on ebay?
Longines Comet - Authentic???
longines conquest advice please!?
Longines Conquest HF. The HF means High Frequency??
Longines Conquest Ship & Stars vs Fish?
Longines Conquest weekly auto test...>?
Longines Electronic pics...?
Longines Flagship ....?
Longines for $2 - anything cool (large picture):?
Longines for me this week...>?
Longines for Sri and Peter?
Longines info please?
longines L990.1?
Longines LCD?
Longines Longines-Wittnauer et al?
Longines mainspring - Bestfit number??
Longines movement?
Longines Movements?
Longines Mystery Bling Bling????
Longines Mystery dial. Collectable????
Longines NOS pic#2?
Longines one button chrono'?
longines picture?
Longines President Adams?
Longines question?
Longines Question?
Longines Question??
Longines Questions?
Longines quilloche?
Longines Tank?
Longines Tank: Estate Find?
Longines Ultra Chron?
Longines Ultra Chron dates of manufacture?
Longines Ultra-Chron?
Longines Ultra-Chron?
Longines Ultra-Chron service??
Longines Ultronic?
Longine's Vintage Customer Service?
Longines vintage: Did this company make?
Longines Watch?
Longines Watch - Info help?
Longines what is it??
Longines with big vintage type crown?
Longines Wittnauer ????
Longines wrist watch?
Longines,let the auto manual battle begin.....?
Longines: in-house movement??
Look for Tudor Sub Hands?
Look what Dad found lying around! Any info on this gorgeous Wittnauer? >>?
Look what the Postman done brung........?
Look! What a POOR watchmaker can do????
Lookiing for..anyone got a Zodiac Astrographic like...?
Looking at this pic today reminded me...>?
looking for 1940's chronographs around the $300 mark?
Looking for a band for this watch....?
Looking for a daily wear gold chrono ...?
Looking for a good Watchmaker in the Phila. area............?
Looking for a large square watch?
Looking for a larger version of this ad (30T2Rg)...?
Looking for a nice pocket watch display stand?
Looking for a picture of a particular O&W/Jenny Chronograph...?
Looking for a present...?
looking for a vintage diver...?
Looking for a vintage piece?
Looking for a vintage restoration referral?
looking for a watch?
Looking for a watch w/ pegs not hands?
Looking for a watchmaker?
Looking for a website?
looking for advice on vintage divers like Enicar Sherpa?
looking for buddies who collect vintage pocket watches?
Looking For Elgin Watch Case Sources....?
looking for first vintage watch?
Looking for Hamilton 987 info/history?
Looking for info on a BE Gloyd pocket watch.......?
Looking for info on a vintage Elgin (divers, early quartz)?
Looking for info on a Waltham pocket watch?
looking for info on an old Rolex (circa 1970) and an old Omega (1950's???)?
Looking for info on father's old Rado?
Looking for info on Jenny watch company...?
Looking for info on LeCoultre...?
Looking for info on old Vacheron pocketwatch?
Looking for Info on this Hamilton Military?
Looking for info on this Omega Seamaster XVI?
Looking for info on Timecraft watch?
looking for info on v&c chrono?
looking for info on vintage Bulova?
Looking for info on Volga mechanical watches?
Looking for info on Wyler Tank Watch?
Looking for info/comments on this Aviator's Chronograph...?
Looking for information on a IWC Ladies Gold Watch?
Looking for information on Pierpont?
Looking for insight on the Seamaster 30 series >?
Looking for more info on this c.1929 Omega...?
Looking for my first minute repeater PW..?
Looking for my first vintage watch and would like suggestions?
Looking for online research tools?
Looking for Paul Buhre info.?
looking for recommended and reasonably priced service for my vintage watch in Los Angeles area...?
Looking for referrals for a watchmaker to service Vintage Military watches?
Looking for some info on a vintage OMEGA?
Looking for some Longines advice?
Looking for someone to service old pocket watch?
looking for thin vintage watch suggestions.??
Looking For This Watch Band(Gruen Drivers Watch)?
Looking for vintage ad for Gruen's driver's watch?
Looking for watch bands for closed end watch?
Looking to ID this vintage watch?
Loose crown?
loose snap-back case?
Lord Elgin?
Lord Elgin?
Lord Elgin "Micromatic" anyone have any info on these??
lord elgin masonic pocket watch?
Lord Elgin questions?
Lord Elgin with 559 movement...>?
Lord Elgin's?
Los Angeles vintage pocketwatch repair referral??
Lost dials?
Lost in the sand..The commander has gone.?
Lots of E. Howard Pics?
Lots of jewels. Imperfect pic of one of my favorites>?
Lousy scan, but you'll get the picture...>?
love of vintage?
Love those Longines...>?
Low end Benrus 10DN?
Low jewel count?
Lucerne Chrono?
lucerne plexiglass case watch?
Lucien Picard?
Lucien Picard Question....................?
Lucien Picard question?
Lucien Picard Seashark?
lucien piccard?
Lucien Piccard DUFONTE?
Lucien Piccard... vintage??
Lugs Day - Sharp lugs , not always a good thing...?
Lugs day: IWC bombe....?
lugs day: Pincers - Montine?
Lusitania Pocket Watch?
Lusserna for R.H. Macy?
Lylo Chronograph, but what movement??
M9 Bulova Accutron 218 Skeleton 14K?
Made famous by NASA's selection of the Omega Speedaster?
Made in America...>?
Made in Massachusetts...>?
Mailman just dropped this off :-)?
Mainly the Movement - well, have you?...>?
making a custom display back, any experience, leads??
Making something out of semi crap >>>?
Making The Grade...>?
Man!!! I have tried hard with no success!?
mantle clock/movement question (warmink/wuba)?
Manual day - Reverso?
Manual or Automatic day?
Manual or automatic day (very late)?
Manual Wind Day - Poppy's watch?
Manual wind day - Two Dynamics?
Manual wind Omega Cal 911 flightmaster?
Manual Wind: Grandpa Kay's Bulova?
Manual Winding Men's Piaget?
MANUAL-WIND DAY - double pleasure (big pics)?
MANUAL-WIND OR AUTOMATIC DAY- Friday - that's today!...>?
MANUAL-WIND OR AUTOMATIC DAY - Seiko 6105-8119 diver?
Manufacture logo FWM, any ideas??
manufacture name?
Mappin & Webb circa 1939?
Marconi - Rolex connection??
Markings on movement?
Marvin 640 caliber?
Marvin Chronograph Help?
Marvin flying dutchman autodate?
Marvin Watch - Who can help me??
Mass confusion in the Accutron Factory!...>?
Massive Auction haul?
massive revue?
matching Hands to the luminous color of the markers..?
Mathey Tissot?
Mathey Tissot?
Mathey-Tissot JAPAN?!?
Mathey-Tissot UHF?
Maybe i'll get some help about dial refinishing in this forum.?
Maybe vintage lovers might be able to answer this...?
Me again. And that Longines Mystery too. I have a better picture and?
Mecaline - meaning?...>?
mechanical handless dial.?
Mechanical Pocket watches..are they still manufactured??
Mechanical Watch early?
Memovox case?
Men's 19 Jewel Hamilton?
Mercedes hands for a bubble back?
Mermod & Jaccard Jewelry pocket watch?
Message format is Poor (more)?
MG 50th Anniversary watch info please?
Mickey Mouse Watch..........................(swiss made)?
Microrotor Movement Pics?
Mido "Multi-CenterChrono" w/ Gold case, Telemeter & 24 hr chapters?
Mido bumper automatic and manual winding?
Mido Commander - Authentic or ???
Mido Commander Chronometer.?
Mido Multi Star Vintage Acurrancy?
Mido Multifonic?
Mido Multifort Extra 1939~1941 Manual, Help please?
Mido Multifort Super Automatic - Help please...?
Mido Multifort Superautomatic "RM"??
Mido Ocean Star?
Mido Ocean Star Powerwind?
Mil watch Collection avice needed?
Mil Watch Day?
Milbur Skin diver and Berman automatic movements..Info request?
Military Omegas?
Military rolex what is considered "good" accuracy??
Military submariner model identification?
military watches?
Military watches?
Military watches?
Military Watches---Strap Options??
MILITARY/AVIATION DAY: R.A.F issued navigators' watches?
Military/Aviation Day: Elgin A-11...Army Air Force 1944...?
MILITARY/AVIATION STYLE DAY - Friday - that's today!...>?
MILITARY/AVIATION: American and Swiss Made>>>?
Miller Watch Company??
Milus one o clock model?
milus watches?
Mimo Watch Find Works A1 Need Resto. Is It worth the time??
Minature Elgin pocketwatch, just located in a moving box from 12 yrs ago?
Minerva top end PW from days of yore...?
Minerva 1255 back from service. New photos...?
Minerva cal.22 Question...?
Mini review of my 6159-7019... :-)?
Mini-WIS meeting in Gainesville, FL...> (long)?
Miramar Diving Watch?
MIREXAL chronograph?
Model just have to wonder...?
Moderator >>>?
Molyneux Pocket Watch?
Monarch watch company?
Monitor lizard on my 1955 Omega Seamaster?
Montgomery Dial?
Moonphase Complications?
More "handy"work; before..... [nt]?
More [!] re: 'Newe' Omega - What do they mean??
More Americana...>?
More crystal questions.. (please, someone!)?
More Elgin Watch Factory Photos?
More Enamel from my collection?
More feeding my mania for PW chronos, although?
More info on first Eterna Kontiki ever if anyone is interested?
More info on some of the watches worn in UFO!!!?
More information on this Omega please - Genuine????
More information re: my 1966 Omega Seamaster-courtesy of OMEGA?
More Kontiki love.?
More on the Benrus DO 23?
More on the Seiko chronometer...?
More Rado Madness?
More than Flea’s at the flea market today?
More Tragedy to Triumph...( long )..>?
More zany Space-Age names & designs...?
Morning the Passing of the Waistcoat or Vest as contributing to the demise of the pocket watch.?
MOST & LEAST WORN WATCH DAY - this Friday!...>?
Most & Least Worn>?
Most and Least Worn - Omega Seamaster?
Most cost effective (cheapest?) way to ship a watch to...?
Most desirable Movements?
Most legible dials - let's see yours...>?
Most numerous brand - Walthams?
Most Numerous Brand (Seiko)?
MOST NUMEROUS BRAND DAY - Friday - that's today!...>?
MOST NUMEROUS BRAND DAY - this Friday!...>?
Most Numerous Brand Day: Bulova?
Most numerous brand day: Universal (long)?
Most Recent Accutron Project Completed.?
Most recent restoration project completed..?
Mother of pearl case??
Movado '69 chronograph question?
Movado Kingmatic President?
Movado Perpetuale?
Movado Super Sub Sea Divers Chrono?
Movado Super Sub-Sea?
Movado vintage: Don't read much about?
Movado watch?
Movement caliber numbers?
Movement decoration?
Movement help - PUW1261?
Movement help please!?
movement ID?
Movement ID help for 1940s Helbros?
Movement ID help needed?
movement ID help on Paul Breguette wristwatch?
movement ID needed for Everite (cartouche is M in shield)?
Movement ID??
movement maker cartouche - B in a circle?
Movement removal question?
Movement shot...?
Movements - Omega style...>?
Movie stars and vintage watches?
Moving some Tanks around............?
Mr. De niro's watch in "Ronin"?More?
Mr. French would be proud!?
Mu Du watches?
Mudu "Doublematic"?
Mulco: Anyone know anything about the brand ??
Murvep- Anyone know anything about this Watch..............?
Must be Art Deco tuesday?
Must be Glitter Day somewhere by now...?
Must be something in the air?
my " new " vintage?
My "old" baby jst arrived!?
my [new] Vulcain Cricket?
my 1st post 1st pics and 1st question?
My 1st vintage arrived today !!!?
My 1st vintage watch trade?
My 2 Flea Market findsfor this weekend>?
My 6098?
My 6138-3003?
My Anniversary gift from my wife....>?
My Bargain of the Year >?
My best friends father just retired. I chose this one as his retirement gift because......?
My Best Lot?
My Bifora?
My Birthday Gift - An omega memomatic?
My Birthday Present [nt]?
My Bumpers?
My chronograph OMEGA?
My Collection?
My collection as of 01/01/04, maybe I am a "vintage guy!"?
My collection so far ( modem killer!!)?
my current dead favorite watch?
My Dad's 1940's Longines?
My dad's 1950's Breitling AOPA Navitimer ... oldy?
My daily wear vintage >>?
My Daytona Homage?
My doctor said...?
My Elgin Research - Thanks!!?
My ELGIN, Serial Number 30164632.?
my father passed on the family heirloom---?
My father's eterna?
My Father's watch?
My favorite 12s Hamilton - The 900?
My Favorite Christmas Gift?
My favorite dress watch?
My favourite dress watch?
My favourite Omega?
my first AP?
My first "official" American vintage wristwatch.?
My First Alarm.................?
My First Attempt At Image Attachment?
My first EDOX?
My First G-P?
My First Hammy?
My First Jump Hours Digital Watch?
My First Mechanical Watch?
my first post / my vintage russian?
My first post on the Vintage forum?
My First Rolex?
My first Swiss Watch?
My first vintage?
My first vintage / pocket watch.?
My first vintage buy?
My first vintage chronograph with a question?
My first vintage Longines...?
My first vintage piece?
My first vintage watch?
My first vintage watch?
My first vintage watch?
My first vintage watch?
My first Vintage watch, is it a real rado??
My first watch from the bay?
My first watch with tuning fork?
My first watch, Terten Watch?
My Gallet?
My Gallet Doctors Chrono Is Fixed + Other Vintage Stuff?
My grandad's watch?
My granddad's Eterna?
My grandfathers Bifora?
My grandfather's Omega seamaster?
My Grandfather's Pocket Watches?
My grandfather's tired old Omega chrono?
my grandfathers watch?
My Grandfather's Watch?
My grandgrandfathesr pocketwatch...?
My grandmother's gold lapel watch?
My Grandpa´s pocket watch?
My Great Grandfather's Watch?
My Hamilton?
My Hamilton "Parker" has an older brother...?
My Hammy Heat?
My holiday gift to myself...?
My interpretation of a KGB Spy watch?
My last one: JLC Polaris?
My latest - Clinton 17 jewel?
my latest - vulcain grand prix?
My latest acquisition...?
My Latest addition?
My latest baby?
My Latest Eterna?
My Latest Nivada Grenchen, and Vulcain . Stamping Help Needed.?
My latest restoration... Agena?
My latest restoration: Hyde Park/Titus/A. Schild bumper.?
My latest Vintage?
My Latest Vintage?
My latest vintage acquisition..?
My latest Vintage Aquisition?
My latest vintage Omega - update?
My latest vintage one.....Pierce two pushers Chrono?
My Latest Wakmann?
My latest...a Hamilton Cal 11 Chronomatic...>?
my latest: 30T2 (modem burner)?
My latest: Seiko world time?
My latest: vintage omega. I've got questions:?
My Latest-Bulova Oceanographer snorkel 666ft, circa 1969?
my little collection?
My little family....?
My Longines Conquest stop. It won't start up :( The balance wheel is sluggish. What could be wrong...?
My meeting with Dietrich (he did post down in another thread)?
My new (old) prize...?
My New (to me) Pocket Watch?
My new 1946 JLC, 18k red gold, mech. HW, cal P 450/4 C.?
My new Accutron 218 with blue lume!?
My new acquisition...?
My new Certina?
My new chronograph suisse and a part of my collection?
my new Citizen 8110 chrono?
My new Constellation?
My new Digital Automatic ! (Huh?)?
My new dress watch:?
My new Elgin?
My new favorite....?
My new Futurematic?
My new Longines UltraChron !?
My new 'new' watch (Long)?
My new old watch - had to share a shot?
My new Rivalle Chonograph?
My New to Me Wakmann Triple Date Chrono?
My new vintage Breitling habit is getting out of control.?
My new vintage DJ from 1985 [nt]?
My new vintage elgin?
my new vintage Zenith PW?
My new watch :-) Sort of Spaceview Bulova Accutron 1970's?
My new watch is here?
My new XL 'custom' vintage (move over Unitas!!)?
My newest baby....?
My newest find?
My newest Omega .........?
My next door neighbor told me...>?
My OCTO watch?
My old Pierpont w/Wire Lugs?
My old Vulcain triple-date?
My Omega Art Deco?
My Omega back and working again?
my Omega has returned from a face lift. before & after pictures?
My Omega, Can anyone tell me about this watch??
My personal "Tangente" or why I became friend of vintage watches?
My recently acquired vintage Omega Seamaster De Ville?
My Regular Vintage Rotation?
My Rolex and Omega family?
My second mechanical?
My second post...two of my favorite dials...?
My Seiko 6139 is finally finished....and case re-finishing 101....(lots of pics)?
My Smiths?
My som work process..?
My supplier just won't quit?
My take on valuation posts?
My thanks to all Vintage Forum TZners for the interesting posts...>?
My Tissot from 1944?
My Trench Watch Saga?
My two vintage Longines automatics arrived!?
My UG Aero compax?
My very first vintage pick-up?
My vintage "warrior" just got ZULUed!?
My vintage chronographs?
My vintage Edox cal.Landeron 48...?
My vintage Rolex Datejust 1601!?
My vintage SOTC?
My vintage Tudor versus Sir James Dowling one?
My wife's ex-love...?
My Zodiac is back from watchmaker after five months >?
Myfirst vintage that can be used for everyday wear: Certina DS-2 Chronolympic Valjoux 234?
Mystery Antique Platinum Hamilton?
Mystery Borel Bumper Movement>>>?
Mystery heirloom watch - help welcome!?
Mystery movement?
Mystery Movie Watch?
Mystery Names?
Mystery Seamaster Chronometre is here. Mystery solved.?
Mystery Skeleton with identification?
Mystery Watch?
Mystery Watch 2?
Nabbed an old Omega, can't resist these oldies?
Name that Hammy!?
Napoleon plated Elgin pocket watch?
National magazine looking for vintage watch advice?
Navitimer 806?
navitimer hands??
NAWCC Convention---Should I stay or should I go??
NECCO Soldiers Watch Swiss Pocket Watch?
Need a gift for that Special Lady??
Need a little help with this Longines....?
Need a method to remove old Lume from dial ...?
Need a quick tutorial on Hamilton pocket watches...?
Need advice?
Need advice on a Hamilton from you guys.?
Need advice on vintage watch . . .?
Need runs and stops, runs and stops?
need advice: Longines Ultronic?
Need Advise.?
Need band advice for a Ladies Tissot Stylist?
Need expert opinion about Blancpain?
Need GOOD Rolex Restorer?
Need halp dating watch manufacture?
Need HAMILTON help?
Need Help - Any Vintage Bulova experts out there??
Need help - how to remove the inner...?
Need Help - Vintage Mickey Mouse Watch??
NEED HELP !!!! Charles E Graves & Co.?
Need help buying a dress gold watch?
Need help dating this Heuer Chronograph?
Need help finding a post?
Need Help Finding Information!?
Need help for strap for vintage watch with fixed strap bars (pics)!?
Need help ID Landeron chrono movement?
Need Help ID Vintage Omega Seamaster?
Need help identifying 2 ladies dress watches?
Need help identifying Longines WWW military watch?
Need help identifying marks on back of ladies watch?
Need help identifying movement.?
need help identifying mystery watch?
Need help identifying old elgin watch?
Need help identifying this Waltham?
Need help identifying this Waltham date please?
Need help identifying Vintage Longines?
Need help identifying.?
Need help ID'ing 1891 Waltham PW?
Need help ID'ing a Doxa Movement?
Need help Lady Nelson?
Need help on Digital/Mechanical watches?
Need help on Hamilton ID, etc.?
Need Help On Landeron Chronograph ID's?
Need help on my Longines Flagship *** Kal 340?
Need help on redial issue?
Need help on this Omega crown?
Need help on Tudor! (year of manufacture)?
Need help to find info on this vintage watch - Galco?
Need help to ID a Fusee?
Need help to ID an Illinois and age?
Need help to ID this movement .... at first thought it was a?
need help to identify pocket watch ball RR?
Need Help to Identify this Vintage Longines?
Need help to identify watch?
Need help w/ LED watch- Hudson Harris?
Need Help with Accutron Repair?
Need help with Elgin Pocket watch?
Need help with family heirloom?
Need help with grandpa's watch?
Need Help With Great Grandmother's Watches Please?
Need Help with I.D. of Watch?
need help with identification of this vintage longines?
Need help with identifying this Longines?
Need help with Ingraham clock?
Need Help with Movement I.D. ~...clarification?
Need Help with Movement ID?
need help with movements?
Need Help with my watch addiction!?
need help with old rolex?
need help with old watch?
Need help with Seamaster "300"?
Need Help with some Old Pocketwatches - Any Resources out there????
Need help with this vintage Longines?
Need Help with this Watch Please!?
need help with universal watch?
Need help with Valjoux 92?
Need help! Does this back look right, case #'s??
Need help! Seems that my vintage GS has been over oiled...?
need help, hammy pics?
need help, vintage GP in manila?
Need help. Anybody knows this brand??
Need help.... :-(?
Need helping in dating this pocketwatch?
Need ID for Hamilton Pocket Watch?
Need ID on Girard Perregaux wristwatch?
Need info about a pocketwatch?
Need info about Tissot pocket watch?
Need info for MIDO Alarm...?
need info on Eterna Sonic?
Need info on a Hamilton and an Elgin....?
need info on a Wittnauer Automatic?
Need info on hampden pocket watch#160439 circa 1880?
need info on hilton 17 jewel watch...?
Need info on Lord Elgin deco looking piece?
Need info on Poljot watches?
Need Info on this Omega Seamaster 300 HZ?
Need info on this watch (Eterna-Matic)?
Need info on Tressa watch?
Need info on vintage 14k Longines tank style?
Need info re Baume and Mercier, white gold?
Need Information about TOWER pocket watches?
Need information Angelus & Hamilton Chrono?
Need more info on 60's Seiko?
Need Opinion : Is This Seamaster's Case Correct??
Need part for Railmaster's crystal insert metal ring....?
Need Recommendations for a classic vintage watch with date.?
Need recommendations for a watch repair person in the US..................?
Need Research help!!!!!!!!!?
Need some advices for a Telda Chronograph restoration?
Need some expertise on Accutron Spaceview?
Need some help dating this Hamilton?
Need some help identifying a movement...?
Need some help on watch redialing in Los Angeles>>?
Need some help re: Tissot T12 chrono, SS****IMAGE LINK INSIDE****?
Need some help re: Vintage Vacheron Case Numbers?
Need some help... is this Cartier? Delaneau??
Need some information on a vintage Omega...?
Need some measurements for Elgin 760, please?
Need some parts for a vintage Valjoux...?
Need Source for making a see through case back?
Need suggestions on cleaning silvered/painted dial...?
Need suggestions.....looking for a vintage GMT?
Need to buy a mainspring for this one>>>?
Need vintage-look quartz (sorry!) gold-color watch for my wife...any ideas??
Need your help friends!?
Neil, your Certina posts caught my attention...?
Neil....I need to scan in an article I read have some competition at your flea market?
Never Before Seen on TZ?
Never Enough IWC, Vintage 8531?
Never seen a movement like it!?
Never seen anything like it! Help ID: vintage pocketwatch?
Never seen anything like it! Help ID: vintage pocketwatch?
New "Diver" in the house ! :-)?
NEW - Capturing Time - watch photography pages...>?
New (old) arrival today...?
New (Old) Watches - Elgin & RW?
New (to me) Croton Aquamedico?
New (to me) GP?
New 60's Connie is in and a blast too...?
New Acquisition?
New acquisition ...?
New acquisition!?
New Acquisition(1 amongst many)?
New acquisition....?
New acquisition..............?
New Acquisition: My first Omega PW?
new acquisition: Audemars Piguet automatic?
New addition?
New addition - Omega bumper auto w/cross hair dial?
new addition to the collection?
New addition to the stable!?
New addition!?
New addition! Accutron Deep-Sea diver?
New Additions: More Bulova Deco!?
new and question?
New Angelus, help required........?
new arrival?
New Arrival?
New Arrival?
New Arrival?
New Arrival - 70's blues!!?
NEW ARRIVAL - Big and bold from the 70's?
New arrival - UG micro rotor, not the Polerouter?
New Arrival (and late All or Nothing watch)... '67 Seamaster Chronograph Cal.321?
New arrival and a Hamilton family shot...?
New Arrival From Europe. Anywone Know About Phigied????
New arrival- Vulcain?
New Arrival!?
New arrival,?
New Arrival, Zenith 136?
New Arrival.... Benrus Dial-O-Rama?
New arrival...Seamaster 120..Bracelet info required.?
New Arrival: '59 OysterDate...?
New Arrival:60s Longines Admiral?
New Arrivals From the Bay, Chrono and Gruen Pan Am?
New Bands For Old Watches?
New Beauty: IWC SS Cal. 88?
New Catch Vintage GP Compax Chronograph?
New Collector?
New Collector and Member (Pocket Watches?
New Collector with a Benrus Watch?
New collector: How to find a good vintage watch repairer??
New Croton Nivada Grenchen Aquamatic 360EL?
New from an old stock 1968 Pie Pan Constellation?
New GP-babies?
New guy needs a little help:?
New Hamilton movement photos...>?
New here with a Vintage Wittnauer Chrono Query?
New Hobby?
New in collecting vintage watches - state of my collection...?
New info On Vintage Omega caliber 283 !!?
New interest in vintage watches... Help!?
New Lord Elgin needs some TLC?
New Member Here?
New Minerva Fan?
New NOS vintage EDOX?
New Ocean Pearl?
new 'old stock' vintage watch dials?
new old Waltham?
New Omega Vintage reply?
new one to the collection [nt]?
New or old watch??
new photos of an old watch?
New photos of my Super Seawolf...?
New photos: '63 Omega Seamaster cal. 552?
New photos: 1935 Omega oversize military wristwatch?
New photos: G-P Gyromatic?
New pic...?
New pics of my Movado?
New pics of the Gallet/Valjoux cal. 7733?
New Purchases- Favre-Leuba Shadow, Titoni Airmaster, Enicar... Opinions? (see pic)?
New PW Purchase! >>?
New Seiko in da house! :-)?
New shot of my...?
New strap for and old diver... :-)?
New strap for my Vulcain Cricket?
New technology and old technology >?
New to forum -- 1960's Heuer Autavia?
New to forum - pic of newest watch?
New to me Accutron!?
New to me chrono?
New to me Seiko 5606?
New to me vintage austin super automatic?
New to me vintage GP.?
New to me: Omega Bumper>>>?
New to my collection - enamel?
new to my collection [nt]?
New to my wrist. Need strap recommendation.?
New to the Forum?
New to the watch world?
New to vintage - What steps can be taken to prevent a dial?
New to Vintage help?
New to Vintage Watch Collecting?
New to vintage watches?
New to Vintage Watches - Radium Concern?
New to Vintage Watches - Storage Question?
New to vintage watches.?
New to vintage.?
New Tool for dating Vintage Omegas?
New Toy & some advice, please.?
New User Questions?
New Valjoux 7733 addition?
new vintage diver watch?
New vintage in da house...?
New vintage movement scans on my webpage?
New Vintage Purchase?
New watch?
New watch - LEDRC >>?
New Watch Questions?
New Watch SPAM provides seqway to quasi-Vintage question...?
New Watch!?
New watches in my collection and i'm sure you have never seen...?
New Year's gift for myself ---> Alpina cal.586 ca.1940?
New Years Resolution?
New Year's Resolution - becoming a square!...>?
New Year's Resolution - Complicated (long)?
New Year's Resolution >?
NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION DAY - the wrap up...>?
New Years Resolution: Seiko?
New York City watchmaker referral??
New York New York!!!!?
New York Standard Watch Co ??
Newbie asks: can I polish out scratches on 1880's Elgin crystal??
Newbie bought her first vintage?
Newbie Hello?
newbie help with identification?
Newbie inherits Dad's Wittenauer 10k Automatic...?
Newbie looking for info on old Heuer, Moser & Omega?
Newbie needs help with vintage watches?
Newbie needs restoration advice for Omega.?
Newbie post - best flea market or auction find??
Newbie Posting of my first "proper" watch?
Newbie question - should I keep this or not??
Newbie Question about an Omega Constellation?
Newbie questions (Arrow trench)?
Newbie questions.....................?
Newbie Rado collector?
Newbie to vintage watches....?
Newbie with a Newbie question?
Newbie, looking to identify some older watches?
Newbie: Whats a good WW2 vintage wrist watch to restore??
Newbue questoion, sorry?
Newby with an Elgin?
Newest acquisition?
Newest Addition: NOS 1951 Bulova Belmont w/box+papers!?
Newest additions to the vintage fold...?
Newest Purchased Favorite?
Newest Vintage piece?
Newest Vintage Wristwatch/Shoe combo?
Newest: Croton Aquamedico?
Newly added chronometer watches to my collection?
Newly Arrived Clebar 3-Register Chrono?
Newly Repaired Vulcain Cricket?
Next Watch?
Next Watch - Bulova Accuquartz...?
Next watch -- yet another Universal Geneve?
Next Watch Day - the wrap-up...>?
Next Watch Day - this Friday!...>?
Next Watch Day: What's actually coming..>?
Next Watch Scan Day: Gallet Excel-O-Graph by Racine?
Next watch, Universal Geneve Polerouter...?
Next Watch... Longines 14k tank, all original...?
Next watch: (almost) LIVE?
Next Watch: Longines Conquest..?
Next watch: nice one with a Bren micro-rotor movement?
Next Watch: Omega Megasonic 720hz?
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Next Watch: Quarter repeater - maybe?
Nice number styles - Helbros?
nice 1016patina dial with new hand?
Nice Clean Elgin Shockmaster?
Nice early morning ebay buy >>?
Nice EDOX Hydra-Sub?
Nice find - Marvin?
Nice Longines Box just in....?
Nice Longines Conquest?
Nice Longines Conquest?
Nice Omega 300Hz Divers Watch?
Nice Omega Electronic F300 Hz?
Nice Omega Speedsonic Chronograph?
Nice pictures of a Vintage with Venus 150?
Nice Seiko Week Dater?
Nice surprise! New vintage Constellation.?
Nice Vintage Zodiac?
Nice Waltham UP/DWN Indicator PW?
Nice waterproof Tissot I just bought?
Nickel case??
Nicolet watch info wanted.?
Nine month wait and it's finally here!...>?
Nivada 17-Jewel Automatic?
Nivada Calibre AS-ST-1950/51 Adjustments?
Nivada Day/date adjustment?
Nivada Grenchen Chronograph?
Nivada Grenchen Chronograph - Aviator, Sea Diver?
Nivada Grenchen Depthomatic?
Nivada Grenchen questions?
Nivada Movement AS ST 1950/51 ??
Nivada vs Zodiac dive watches??
Nivada/Croton Chronomaster Aviator Seadiver?
nivia chronograph from 50's.?
nivia chronograph watch?
No dial, no hand, no brand and no caliber...?
No I will NOT bid on a Polerouter Super this close to holidays..?
No more watches for me...?
No name watches??
No Swiss, No American - let's see the rest of the world...>?
No Theme Day Day - Ooohhhhmega...>?
No Theme Day Day - Test new software...>?
No theme day this week, but a quiz for you...>?
No theme day this week...?
No theme day: Hamilton Rodney?
No theme Day>>>?
No,...that's not a date ..... (large images)?
No-Date - appreciation of the lack of complication...>?
Noldi wrist watch?
Non mechanical: Hamilton Sea Lectric II?
Non round watch: 1920's Cyma [nt]?
Non Round: Girard Perregaux?
Non Swiss..USA??
non working valjoux 72?
Non-Mechanical - an early quartz from Girard Perregaux...>?
Non-Mechanical - my favourite hummer...>?
Non-mechanical - Nixie watch!?
Non-Mechanical Watch Day - this Friday - WIN A WATCH !...>?
Non-mechanical watch Friday; Hey, it's the only one I have?
Non-Mechanical: Accutron 218D?
Non-mechanical: This one is not mine, I just like it >?
Non-Round Small variety (GP, UG, Bulova)?
Non-Round Watch - a Gumby shaped case...>?
NON-ROUND WATCH DAY - the wrap-up!...>?
Non-round watch: a recent trade.?
Non-Round: 1970s Zenith El Primero Blue Square Chronograph?
Non-round: a classical threesome?
Non-round: a funky threesome?
Non-round: Another Curvex (and Bogart)?
Non-round: Assymmetric Accutron?
Non-Swiss - German...>?
NON-SWISS DAY - Friday - that's today!...>?
NON-SWISS DAY - the wrap up!...>?
Non-Swiss- Japanese...>?
Non-Swiss...for Paul Delury...?
Non-US Elgins?
Non-vintage ...but close?
Non-Vintage Day - Gulf War Military Watch?
Non-Vintage Day - Omega DeVille Prestige...>?
Non-vintage day - some viewbacks?
Non-Vintage watch day?
Norman is back on a strap>>?
North Star Chronograph?
NOS - What's your opinion??
NOS 1970s Omega Dynamic?
NOS Bulova art deco President 21 jewels manual...?
NOS Croton?
NOS Dilemma>>?
NOS Gallet flying officer?
NOS vintage 70s-80s(?) Citizen Automatic arrived. No pics yet but this is a beautiful timepiece.?
NOS Waltham... nice !...?
NOS---To wear or not to wear??
NOT 70s day! . . a.k.a. My new no-name find?
Not a disappointment, but...?
Not a vintage question...?
Not bad for free?
Not exactly vintage, but... ->?
Not nit picking but shouldn't Non mech"" be electro mech'''??
Not so old?
Not Super Cool but in great condition?
Not the usual suspects?
Not 'vintage' in the sense we use here. But I think it has some historical value already... >?
No-theme-day: IWC's first chronograph (a pocket watch); large images?
Nothing new.... just goofing with the camera.?
Noticed a nice vintage Omega today at the PO >>?
Novice needs help?
Novice questions (gruen pan am)?
Novice vintage watch collector advice...?
Novice's questions?
Novus (red) LED digital 1974 or 1975?
Now I know..?
Now testing multiple images [nt]?
Now this is REALLY a Glashütte Original! (Loooong...)?
Numbers on Gold?
Numerous Brand Day - Longines...>?
Nuwbie question. Anyone in the general public ever comment on your watch???
NYC assistance?
NYC WIS Meet May 21... :-)?
O Ring gaskets for Divers watches?
O&W Precision?
Obscure Swiss Make?
Observatory caseback on Constellation worries?
Odd 33.3 Omega Chrono?
Odd Ball Day: 1970s Montine with Month/Day/Date?
Odd ball....DeVille?
Odd Ebay Bidder I.D.'s??
Odd Elgin A-11 movement question...?
Odd hallmark on 1940s steel IWC lug.?
Odd Ones Out - type of movement...>?
Odd prices and for what??
Odd watch for a 12 year old?
Oddball Timepieces...(part 1- lots of pics)...>?
Oddball Timepieces...(part 2- lots of pics)...>?
Oddball vintage Breguet?
Odd-Ball Watch - FHF 30 movement in a reconnaissance camera?
Odd-Ball: A Left-Handed Hamilton?
OEM omega strap or replacement??
Of Flagships, Icons, Holy Grails, & the Spice of Life. Game, Input Wanted?
Of my small collection of Accutrons, this one...>?
Off Topic,Watch collecting and other collectables>?
Offbeat brands, offbeat models?...>?
Off-topic, but still vintage?
Ogival chrono?
Oh man! I NEED a 30 T2....?
Oh my ears and whiskers..?
Oh no! vintage Casio??
Oh those Russians?
Oh Venus !?
Oh Yeah, got my first Seamaster?
OK - Let's play guess the redial?
Ok- Here is a challenge for you:?
Ok i need a history lesson In TISSOT >>?
OK I wouldn't do this if?
OK, no Swiss, no American, hold the mayo!...>?
OK. Omega prices on some starting to get ridiculous >>?
Okay Virgil. It's over to you.?
Okay, how about BIG Omegas? Pics??
Okay, project vs. parts watch? (some before pics)?
Old "Chronographe Suisse" - Info needed?
Old Birks Rideau Canadian....?
old bulova watch...need help?
Old caliber (sorry! BIG PIC)?
Old camera pic for our Paul [nt]?
Old chronometer PW?
Old Citizen Wingman Question?
Old Elgin Wrist / New Camera?
Old Enila Watch, anybody know anything??
Old Girard Perregaux Graphics question?
Old Glycine Bienne?
Old Gruen (with photo)?
Old Gruen age? 20's??
old hamilton- looking for info?
Old Hamilton Manual?
old Invictas with fish on back?
Old JLC?
Old Le Coultre 24 hour?
old LeCoultre ladies watch?
Old Memovox?
Old military Chronographs?
Old Moser. Tip on wide strap??
Old Movado Cushion?
Old Octo?
Old Omega?
Old Omega and Universal Geneve?
Old Omega Bumper - What's with the case???
Old Orient diver. Shown many moons ago. New sexy pose.?
Old Oris movement (cal. 641)?
Old Patek Philippe diamond watch?
OLD pocket watch.?
Old pocketwatch fresh from WWII (seriously):?
Old PW case polishing?
old Sandoz 17 jewels lever watch?
Old Seamaster questions?
Old Sporty?
Old Swiss Army worth buying??
Old UG back from watchmakers, before and after.?
old UN Chronometre 36.000?
Old Vintage Watch Challenge - 1862 Wristlet (Pendant Set Conversion)?
Old Waltham gold... 32k !?
Old Waltham Pocketwatch-Info Needed Please?
Old Waltham Watch Find. Need help with i.d.?
old watch?
Old Watch Ads?
Old Watchmaker Journal Article on Pierce Chronographs?
Old Westclox Chronograph?
Old Zenith Watch?
old Zeniths...opinions??
OLD! Fusee, English,Geddie #108?
Old, unusual, two-piece-case Bulova?
Older and more obscure.......?
older Bucherer watch?
Older Elgin I'd like to have cleaned.?
Older Patek ID??
Older Timex ID Help needed?
Oldest watch !!!!!!?
Oldish Omega Help Needed Please?
Ollech & Wajs Computer Review?
Omage "Fab Suisse", Wadsworth?
Omega - Advice for a novice please.?
Omega - New crowns for Old?
Omega - photos and question for experts!?
Omega "Suveran"...?
Omega "570" Beads of Rice Bracelet, $272......?
Omega "Curvex" style vintage? Anyone know about this one? (see pics)?
Omega (Pics)?
Omega : Scan for you guys to see :-)?
Omega 1040 Chrono?
Omega 1040 Chrono Seamaster ??
Omega 1925?
Omega 1940's crown?
Omega 1968 Seamaster?
Omega 30mm movement question?
Omega 30T2 - original vs re-issue?
Omega 30T2 question:?
Omega 30t2 redial query?
Omega 30T2-PC?
Omega 30T2-PC?
Omega 320 Chrono Restoration?
Omega 4- Engraving and Inscription Day?
Omega 40.6.....??
Omega 501 Rotor "Klunk"?
Omega 562 Movement Service?
Omega 600 with red cross and logo?
Omega Amigos: eclectic collection??
Omega and Breitling?
Omega Automatic?
Omega Automatic?
Omega Automatic?
Omega Automatic - Military?
Omega bracelet collection?
Omega bumper?
Omega bumper automatic?
Omega Bumper Automatics?
Omega Bumper Question?
Omega Bumper question...?
Omega Bumper Seamaster?
Omega c.280?
omega cal 265: any problems??
Omega cal. 1012?
Omega cal. 26.5S and 26.5SOB, how are they different???
Omega cal. 267 circa 1957 >>>?
Omega cal. 280?
Omega cal. 751?
Omega calibre 520 ...?
Omega Canstellation?
Omega case # codes?
Omega Century - please advise..........?
Omega Chronometer calibres?
Omega Chronometre?
Omega Chronometre. Cal 30T2-SC-Rg?
Omega Chronostops> how many variations of dial colors are actually available??
Omega classicism lives!?
Omega Companion watches?
Omega Connie Blog?
Omega Connie with c. 750 'Chronometer" dial?
omega constallaation?
Omega Constelation Bumper, and Longines Grand Prize 14k Question?
omega constellation?
Omega Constellation?
Omega Constellation?
Omega Constellation - Genuine???
Omega Constellation 1250 movement, electronic w/ tuning fork?
Omega Constellation 1962/3?
Omega Constellation 1963?
Omega Constellation advice?
Omega Constellation- Band Info Requested?
Omega Constellation c.551 Question?
Omega Constellation case backs,brick-no brick?
OMEGA Constellation caseback?
Omega Constellation Choices?
Omega Constellation crown question?
Omega Constellation Grand Lux Help...?
Omega Constellation Question/Opinion?
Omega Constellation subsecond?
Omega constellation true or false(pic)?
omega cosmic?
Omega Cosmic?
Omega Crowns?...............?
omega crystal?
Omega Crystal Help Needed?
Omega De Ville cal. 560?
Omega DeVille 620?
Omega Dynamic Strap?
Omega Dynamics from the 70's?
Omega Electronic?
Omega expansion bracelet spring repair?
Omega experts: is this case modified? ->?
Omega f300 question?
Omega Geneve?
Omega Geneve?
Omega Geneve Dynamic?
Omega goes art deco -- and botches it?
Omega Grand Luxe bracelet -- compared to modern Deville?
Omega Identification wanted?
Omega Information?
Omega LCD question?
Omega logo on interior of crystal?
Omega look authentic to you??
Omega Manual Cal.265?
Omega Marine??
Omega marriage?
Omega megaquartz 2.4 1970's?
Omega Memomatic NOS?
Omega Memomatic vs Lemania Memomatic (cousins reunited)?
Omega museum Lawrence of Arabia watch?
Omega oversize 14k?
Omega Pie Pan Dial?
Omega pie-pan?
Omega pocket watch?
Omega pocket watch?
Omega pocket watch dial = Please help?
Omega Pocketwatch question?
Omega Purchasing Decision - Help Requested?
Omega PW c.1916 -- repair???
Omega Quartz Cal 1370?
omega quartz models?
Omega question?
Omega Ranchero II?
Omega Ranchero Request?
Omega Reference books?
Omega Regulator?
Omega rice bead bracelet questions?
Omega Right time Watch?
omega rotor?
Omega Seamaster?
Omega Seamaster?
Omega Seamaster Cal 752 Repair Date-Day?...?
Omega seamaster with certified chronometer?
Omega Seamaster & pocketwatch query?
Omega Seamaster 1955 & 1959?
omega seamaster 1958?
Omega Seamaster Calendar with 6 O'clock date?
Omega Seamaster chronometers Cal 751 .....????
Omega seamaster date at 6?
Omega Seamaster De Ville Cal #?
Omega Seamaster De Ville Question?
Omega Seamaster Deluxe ca. 1956?
Omega Seamaster DeLuxe thread and examples?
omega seamaster deville 60s 70s?
Omega Seamaster Hippocampus, & other questions?
Omega Seamaster Questions?
Omega seamaster without seahorse??
Omega Seamaster-advice sought?
Omega Seamster Cal.501?
Omega SM need a case back?
Omega SM300 Click Ball Replacement?
Omega spares (UK) ??
Omega Speedmaster?
Omega Speedmaster crystals . . .?
Omega Speedmaster Professional Mark II - Project Watch?
Omega Triple date Moonphase for $6000??
Omega Two Case Numbers?.....?
Omega vintage 37 mm cases?
Omega Vintage Info - Gentlemen, start your engines...>?
Omega Vintage Information?
Omega Vintage inquiries and information given; how to inquire?
Omega Vintage Movements?
Omega Vintage Timer (NOS)?
Omega vintage watch?
Omega with a center AND sub6 second?
Omega wristlet?
Omega Wristwarch Circa 1951?
OMEGA ¨Chrono Quartz¨ Caliber number: 1611?
Omega: earliest use of sapphire watch crystal??
Omnia Watches?
On my way home from work?
On my wrist now......?
on my wrist today...?
on the horns of a dilemma, with an WWII omega cal 30T2SC?
On the matter of the Omega/Tissot association...>?
On the subject of Bulova ...?
One classic less to hunt down.?
One Custom watch added... Agassiz movement..?
One dollar watch for 25 bucks?
One from a past era.?
One from my collection?
One from the flea?
One from the flea?
One from the flea?
One I miss already....?
One I've had "forever", with a NOS vintage Buffalo strap.?
one jewel money clip?
One micro, one full...>?
One More for the Road [nt]?
One more Oris from the flea?
One of Jim Beek's gold Hamiltons >>>?
One of my dad's?
One of my favorite Walthams...?
One of my favorites, and why:?
One of my favorites. Can someone ID the movement??
One of my Favorites:?
One of my first 'expensive' vintage watches >>?
One of my most elegant watches?
One of my oldest Omegas?
One of the finer manual wind movements - Omega 30T6?
One of the oldest chronographs?
One tough watch to find the rite strap>?
One watch at a time??
one we don't often see?
Onsa restoration in Canada??
Ooooh. Look at that watch.?
Open end strap question....?
Open scan day - one of my Dad's favorite Omegas....?
Opening of TAG-Heuer Museum?
Opening the back of a vintage Omega cosmic?
Opinion on bands for vintage pieces...?
opinion on tri-compax Universal?
Opinion on V&C pocketwatch?
Opinion question on Bulova movement?
Opinions about Accutron?
Opinions being solicited?
Opinions needed...! Which one...if you...??
Opinions needed: PW hands style >?
Opinions of the Girard Perregaux Gyromatic??
Opinions on '70s Hamilton Intra-Matic movements (cal. 92)??
opinions on Certina with 25-36 movt, please.?
Opinions on dial please?
opinions on gruen curvex?
Opinions on Sicura watches??
Opinions on this Consellation??
Opinions on this Croton?
Opinions on this Elgin hinged case watch?
Opinions on vintage Eternas??
Opinions on Wittnauer?
Opinions Please...Bulova Oceanographer Value??
Opinions- Project watch, redial or not??
Opinions Requested?
Opinions requested: Is this a redial or not? >?
Opinions sought on Enicar?
Opinions sought on restoring of vintage.?
Opinions wanted on Omega Piepan dial - Nicotine ? Redial ??
Orator Pocket watch...?
Original 1931 Hamiliton "Perry" only 1 of 1000, white gold fill [nt]?
Original BUCKLE??
Original Cartier Tank Watch - photo request?
Original or redial - Universal?
Original vs. redial - to the next level...?
Originality or cosmetics??
Oriosa watch- info wanted?
oris diver?
Oris History...?
Oris question?
Oris watches?
Ornega vs Omega?
Orvin watches?
OT - Survived Wilma--Here are some pictures!?
OT: How do I change my email address...?
OT: Pics of my Italy trip...?
Other Watch Advice - Hanwood?
Others Experiences with Omega Vintage Resto Service?
Out of commission...?
Out of this world or nothing on Earth??
Out-house! - your favourites?...>?
Ouvi watch?
Oxidation on caseback?
Oxymoronic watch ??
Oyster bracelet screwed link is stuck... HELP!?
Oyster Lipton, what is it? ...(Canadian?)?
oyster shipmate (anti-magnetic) Swiss Made movement?
oyster, essex??
Pair of Omega 352 bumper movements?
Pair of Ranchero hands sell on Ebay for $400 >>?
Pair of vintage Longines Chronometer movements?
Paketa. Heard of 'em??
Panic stricken?
parachute and ruby cylinder?
Partial SOTC end of 2007?
Parts for 1970's Watches?
Parts for JLC Futurematic?
Parts for scarce watches?
Parts question?
Patek open face 18K YG case?????
Patek or what??
Patek Philippe?
Patek Philippe for a dinner?
Patek Philippe Ladies Watch - Identification?
Patek Philippe Quartz...Fake or Real ? HELP?
Patina questions?
patina: old & "new" (longish)?
Patina? YOU CAN'T HANDLE PATINA....Help, any info appreciated.?
Paul - Question on my Ilinois pw...?
Paul Buhre cal.194 (14k Gold)?
paul buhre???
Paul Burhe & Omodox?
Paul D: what's the posibilty of getting a picture of?
Paul Matthey Doret Pocketwatch?
Paul Portinoux Watch (1 of 2)?
Paul Portinoux Watch (2 of 2)?
Paul, could you guide me to that...>?
Paul, how about a watch engraving day??
Paul, I am missing your theme photos in the forum header >>>?
Paul, I just noticed your Accutron Astronaut....?
Paul, I lost your link :-( How do I remove a microrotor movement... :-)?
Paul, I'm sorry. I should of asked the guys to....?
Paul, Is my desk calendar correct...?
Paul, may we see your dial-dise 921 photo??
Paul, regarding the 100j Waltham...?
Paul, take a look at this movement pic...?
Paul, where do you get your straps??
Paul: Every year I think of you on this very day...>?
Pawn shop find?
Pawnshop Sat?
Pcket watch movt Question?
Pending purchase pro advice needed?
Perfect complement to a great watch.................?
Perhaps a cheap Omega??
Perhaps appropriate to Veterans' Day: In 1938, Czech pilots were issued?
Perpetual Harwood pat. watch?
Perpetuelle Tourbillon Breguet - share your latest PW acquisitions??
Pery solid multi colored gold watch...?
Peter Debaufre vintage pocket watch?
Philadelphia - say cheese!...>?
Philosophical restoration question #1... opinions actively requested.?
Photo essay from flea market in Vienna, Austria (over 800 kB of photos)?
PHOTO ESSAY: Vintage Rose Gold heirloom...?
Photo Test - first try, thank you?
Photos from my light tent today...?
Photos of Gruen factory?
Photos of my Spaceview?
Physiological watch related question?
Piaget Isn't A Favorite Here.......??
PIAGET(18kt)WW-your comments?
Pic and description of JLC memovox-need opinions?
Pic from the Omega stash (not a watch)?
Pic of my grandfather's Ball Pocket Watch. . .?
Pic: '65 Omega Seamaster?
Picard Cadet?
Picked these up today :-)?
Picked this piece of chunk from my watchmaker?
Picked this up for a song (actually less ;-)?
Picked this up last week?
Picked this up today?
Picked this up yesterday....Accutron Astronaut MkII?
Picked up a couple of watches off ebay today?
Picked up an Heuer chrono today?
Pickings are getting slim at the Flea Markets>?
Pics from last night's DC watch get-together...?
Pics of a Marvin flying dutchman [nt]?
Pics of everyone's favorite controversial IWC...?
Pics of Hamilton Estoril?
Pics of old Rolex Cal. N709?
Pics of your favorite new straps for your favorite vintage golds??
Pictur of vintage Wittnauer leather band and buckle please?
Picture of a Polerouter.?
Picture of the 987 in question below?
Pictures of my Seamaster Calendar at service?
pictures of watches?
Pie pan connie crown question?
Pie Pan Connie, Finished Project.....?
Pie Pan Constellation?
Pie pan Constellation pic request...?
Pie Pan Omega Question?
Pierce 132D caliber?
Pierce Chrono info Bits missing ???
Pierce chronograph?
Pierce Chronograph?
Pierce Chronograph Movements?
pierce chronographe?
Pierce Chronographe?
Pierce Pusher?
Pierce watches?
Pierre Vallee? Valjoux 7733?
Pigskin watch straps.?
Pimp up your vintage ... !?
pin lever for sovereign watch?
Piping Rock Clones?
Pix of a very clean Gruen?
Planning, time to stop and think...?
Plated watches - what do you have?...>?
Plating a stainless steel vintage watch...?
Play the dating game here .. Normana wristwatch?
Playing on a Saturday . . .?
Playing with camera. Square round chronograph??
Please comment on this Rolex Cali Dial.?
Please confirm my gut reaction...?
Please help a Newbie....?
Please help date a vintage Doxa?
Please help i.d. this vintage chronograph movement...?
Please help ID 1968 Tissot and 1971 Girard-Perregaux?
Please help ID Elgin 1894 Military pocket watch.?
Please help ID this watch Caravelle M6?
Please help identify a Bulova automatic?
Please help identify a watch...?
Please help identify Omega vintage?
Please Help Identify Pocket Watch?
Please help identify this hallmarks?
Please help identify this pocket watch?
Please help identify this...?
Please help in dating vintage VC?
Please help me clarify UG microrotor?
Please help me find this Bulova?
Please help me ID this watch?
Please Help Me Identify This Hamilton?
Please help me identify this movement!?
Please help me identify this mystery diver??
Please help me on an vintage seamaster?
Please help me understand what is this watch.?
Please help to identify Girard Perregaux movement?
PLEASE HELP trying to ID this Vulcain Chronograph?
Please help with info on Paul Jaccard Gold Pocket watch circa 1880?
Please HELP with Wittnauer electric watch...?
Please help! Original Breitling??
Please help, who is the maker...?
Please help. Are these authentic Vintage Vacheron and Constantin case hallmarks??
Please Help: want to post Omega picture?
Please ID the trademark?
Please identify old Verge pocket watch!?
Please identify thie EBEL...?
please need help with this pocket watch?
Please rank these 6 brands upper, middle, or lower tier?
Please read, its with great sadness.....?
Pleasure derived from posting on the Vintage BB, as opposed to alll others-Why, read on?
Pls Help - Questions about 18K Vintage Constellation?
Pls Help : 18 k gold pocket watches >?
pls help identify vintage jaeger triple date w/ moon?
Plucked a couple of gems out of a 'bag-o-watches'?
pockect watches for ladies and gentlemen??
pocket watch?
Pocket Watch?
Pocket watch - Agassiz (and some Longines info)>?
Pocket Watch - definitely one of my favourites...>>?
Pocket Watch "bracelets" or chain?
Pocket Watch : Invicta Quarter Repeater.>?
Pocket Watch but no watch pocket?
Pocket Watch Case...Help with Hallmark ID?
Pocket watch crystal replacement - mineral or plastic??
Pocket watch day - Minerva 1929 (around)>?
Pocket Watch Day Omega>?
POCKET WATCH DAY - the wrap-up...>>?
Pocket Watch Day - this Friday!...>?
Pocket Watch Day - this Friday!...>?
Pocket watch day - Tobias?>?
Pocket watch day Hamilton and Waltham>?
Pocket watch day>?
Pocket watch Ebauch identification.?
Pocket watch experts,,,help needed?
Pocket watch find, what do you think? OK, you all know>?
Pocket Watch has landed and what a landing?
Pocket watch help?
Pocket watch Help?
Pocket watch help.?
Pocket Watch Info?
Pocket Watch INGERSOLL without jewels...?
Pocket Watch Movement ID Help>>>?
Pocket watch movements put into a wristwatch case?
Pocket watch overhaul..what to do??
Pocket Watch Pics?
Pocket watch question?
Pocket Watch question?
Pocket Watch to Wrist Watch Conversion?
Pocket watch with crown at 3??
Pocket watch/wrist watch conversions?
Pocket Watches?
Pocket watches from father in law?
pocket watches...waltham?
Pocket watches: Hunter or Open faced??
Pocketwatch around 1810 - Pickerton, Norwich?
Pocketwatch assistance sought >?
Pocketwatch casework..?
Pocketwatch from the 50´ts with pornographic image?
Pocketwatch Question?
Pocketwatch repairer required, London, UK?
Polerouter ->?
Polerouter [Modem Burner]?
Polerouter Prices??
Polish a vintage watch by hand??
Polish the glass or replace??
Polishing a scratched crystal?
polishing crystal on vintage watches???
Poljot - subseconds??
Poljot Sthurmanskie Chronograph?
Poljot watches?
Pondering selling this beauty, but I just know I'll >>?
Pontiac Hermetique?
Poor man's approach to getting an Accutron 214...?
Poor Man's Display Back?
poor man's GO 60s.?
Poor Service from Ulysse Nardin?
Poor weekend at the boot sale, one watch!?
Popped the hood on my 'new' Hamilton Perry and found...?
Popular vintage Omegas?
Porsche Design Chronograph by ORFINA?
Porsche Design.?
possible date-setting problem w/ accutron c.218??
Possible price of these two old watches?
Possible problem with vintage Omega?
Possible to do minor touch up on vintage watch dials??
Post a picture of a vintage "beater" you wear?
Posted the same over on vintage Rolex forum about Rolex logo....?
Postie Arrived with a Super?
Posting images?
Postman dropped this off today...?
Power Reserve and accuracy of Omega Caliber 561?
Power reserve? Don't be reserved about it...>?
PP white gold with blue waffle patterned dial?
Precious metal watches - what do you have?...>?
Pre-emptive strike: Jewel Count Day - Waltham A-11?
president Andrew Jacksons vintage pocket watch?
Pre-War Rolex Model 2574?
Price differences?
Price of a stainless steel Omega constellation?
Price of Omega Cosmic 2000?
price on a vintage breitling?
Prince of wales pocket watch ??
Problem with my "new" 1948 Hamilton Barton...?
Problems with a Seamaster Electronic 300hz?
Producer hallmark?
Production year?
Progress with the Picarel pocket watch?
Project Watch- Mystery "Erima" Swiss?
Project watch re-paint!!!?
Project watches?
Pronto Regulator??
Pronto watch?
Proper description for crystals for pendants/wristlets?
Proper name for this style of Bezel??
Pro's and Con's of JLC Cal. 881?
Purchased an AS1716 based watch?
Pure & Simple - Minerva, IWC (and a GP as well...)?
Pure & simple Seamaster...>>?
Pure & Simple....Brrrrr?
Pure & Simple...Part 3 [nt]?
Pure and Simple circa 1944 Omega?
Pure and simple - the Elgin that serves as my office clock?
Pure and Simple- It's Back!?
Push button for Breitling chrono. (Need One)?
Put my core collection in the light tent today...?
PUW 1560 T caliber?
PVD'd Rolex 1972 Submariner?
PW guys, need some help with this beauty:?
PW Help, please?
PW Question Geo Pake?
PW that is not a 3/4 Plate Movement??
Q for Paul and others?
Q re: Gala DH military watch?
Q: about replating watch casework?
Q: Vintage Breguet? Anyone knows??
Quaity Watch Movements?
Quality of various old chronographs?
Quality Permanent?
Query about Tavanne watch company?
ques for Omega Pie Pan experts?
Question - winding an Omega bumper movement?
question about 'curvex' case manufacturer?
Question about a vintage Omega?
Question about Accutron signed bracelets. >>?
Question about Accutrons?
Question about an accutron problem?
Question about an Antique Watch?
Question about an old relume?
Question about Ball history?
question about breitling's quality movements?
Question about Bulova Watch?
Question about buying a vintage watch?
Question about cal 12 movements >>?
Question about claims in vintage add --it shows a 1956 Seamster with a sailboat in the background?
Question about cleaning tarnished gold...?
Question about different qualities within a brand?
question about Glycine Airman, help...?
Question about Hamilton crystal reference #?
Question about Hampden Watches?
Question about keeping vintage automatic running continuously?
Question about levers?
Question about Longines Record auto.....?
Question about movement diameter in vintage watches?
Question about my watch, please help...?
Question about mystery dial LC?
Question about net retailer prices?
Question about number of jewels in movement (historical)...?
Question about Omega serial numbers.?
Question about Pateks...?
Question about recently purchased Helbros watch....?
Question about replacing vintage hairsprings, etc.?
Question about the Bay?
Question about theis Seiko 6138...?
Question about this watch?
Question about vintage chronos?
Question about vintage dials.?
Question about vintage Glycine Airman?
Question About Vintage LeCoultre?
question about vintage Omega watch?
Question about vintage Rolex Face/Dial?
Question about vintage Rolex...?
Question about Waltham in Elgin, Illinois?
question about watch brand types...?
Question about watches in space?
Question about Zenith Cal. number........?
Question for Accutron Spaceview experts...?
Question for Hamilton fans...?
Question for the experts. What model is this Hamilton??
question for the Movado and/or Zenith historians in the group.?
Question for you VJ Cal.72 (calendar) experts?
question from a newbie?
Question guys, are all applied markers on gold Hamilton's solid gold...?
Question of Astrographic proportions?
Question on a pocketwatch?
Question on a record PW movement ..?
Question on accuracy of vintage watches?
Question on Bulova manufacturing?
Question on buying, selling, and the condition of vintage watches?
Question on effect of new SC rules on vintage watches?
Question on finding a vintage automatic GMT?
Question on non-quickset dates........?
Question on Omega Calibre 30mm?
Question on Rolex value?
Question on Seamaster 600 markings?
Question on setting an Illinois Bunn Special?
Question on this Longines?
Question on vintage Omega Ladymatic?
Question on vintage Rado...>?
Question on Waltham Pocket Watch?
Question on watch cleaning?
Question please on vintage Omega Seamasters?
Question re: Gruen Veri-thin vs Curvex?
Question re: refinish of dial and case?
Question re: the sound of a bumper automatic?
Question regarding "Radium" dials?
Question regarding Hamilton's Estoril?
question regarding mainspring?
Question/help with vintage sheffield watch?
Question: my vintage watch runs and keeps great time.....?
Question: Owl Logo on Swiss Pocket??
Question: vintage chrono "ultimor"?
Questions about "Swiss Made T"?
Questions about an Enicar?
Questions about CAMY brand.?
Questions about getting a watch redialed??
Questions about this 1950’s(?) Omega Cal. 30?
Questions about vintage chronograph and Zenith/Movado history.?
Questions about Waltham Sapphire?
Questions for the Omega experts.....?
Questions from a beginner:?
Questions on a GP caliber 27?
Questions on an old watch >>?
Questions on cal. 89, parts availability, etc. (cross posted at IWC forum)?
Questions on Paul Ditischeim, Chronometre Licita and Gruen Verithin??
Questions on the pocket to wrist transformation?
Questions re "tuning fork" watches...?
Questions re: H. Moser pocket watch?
Questions Regarding Vintage Omega Seamaster?
Quick Fix Navitimer 806?
Quick pic of my Omegas?
Quick pic of today's watch. Haven't worn this one in a while.?
Quick question about my Bulova?
Quick question regarding Bulova?
Quick Question...?
Quick Quiz - who owned this watch?...>?
Quick Servicing of movements?!?!??
Quiz - Match the movements with the watches...>?
R & G Beesley, Fusee drive pocket watch?
R Lannier of Geneva 18 ct Gold Pocket watch info?
Racine and Perrot?
Radiation burns??
Radium dial watch, like you have never heard it before (movie)?
Radium Hands Question?
radium question....?
Radium Redux?
Rado - Purple Horse Identification Needed?
Rado 990: please educate?
Rado Alarm help plus "Day/Night"?
Rado Captain Cook 999??
RADO chronograph...seeking more info for this watch?
Rado Explorer??
RADO Golden Horse Rookie?
Rado Gram with a little polishing work?
RADO Green Horse?
Rado Green Horse 25 jewel auto/day/date?
Rado Green horse King size 30 jewels. My first vintage?
RADO green horse king size dating?
RADO HELP -please check if my pics work-?
rado history?
rado horse info??
Rado Info please!!?
Rado info??
Rado information wanted,, Thanks?
Rado Manhattan Help?
RADO NCC 404 with gold case??
RADO Purple Horse?
Rado Voyager??
Rado Watch?
Rado watch.. help?
RAF Omega??
railroad approved wristwatches?
Railroad Grades - 43 years apart...>?
Rainy Sunday: make pairs !?
Ranchero on the way...can't wait!?
Ransomed three watches . . .?
Rare astronomic watch with verge escapement and 6 dials?
Rare Hamilton sold $5100.................?
RARE movemnt identification help??
Rare Omega Geneve?
rare subsecond seamaster; actually unique...?
Re David Avila's question on Vlajoux 72 vs Cal. 11 chronos...>?
Re: Help identifying pocket watch?
Re: Help me with the value of this watch, please.?
re: Mathey - Tissot: any info on vintage brand??
re: Need help aging an old bulova?
re: Show us your three favorite vintage watches, and why!?
RE: What brand of watch do I start my collection with???
RE:LeCoultre futurematic?
RE:seiko divers 300 meter?
Ready to go vintage...?
Real 1900s repeater chronograph or charming paperweight??
Real Interesting vintage LIP france T18 watch from Fleamarket this am:?
real military heuer??
Real Rolex??
Really basic newbie question?
Re-Case or not??
Received Heyworth?
Received Omega Vintage Response...>?
Recent addition?
Recent Additions (numerous scans)?
Recent additions. >>?
recent aquisitions?
Recent find "computer"?
Recent Flea Market find?
Recently acquired a quartz ladies UN LeChain?
Recently acquired: Cortebert..>?
Recently repiared G-P chrono - my new favorite!?
Recently was given a Bulova and Elgin watch?
Re-chromium-plated Case?......?
Recognize this Elgin??
Recomendation needed: circa 1957 watch?
Recommendations :Vintage repair in South Florida?
Recommendations for a newbie?
Recommendations for a solid gold dress watch?
Recommendations for a watchmaker in Brussels??
Recommendations for DC Maintenance/Restoration?
Recommendations for restoration in Portland, OR?
Recommendations please on dial/hand redo....?
Recommendations sought: Looking to restore an old Gruen wristwatch.?
Recommended Vintage Watch?
Record bumper watches?
Record chronograph, good price??
Record Price for a Hamilton??
Record Time Pieces?
Record Watch Co ??
RECORD Watch Co.?
Record Watch Co. - Your help required?
Record Watch Co., What do you know??
Record watch movement?
Record watches?
Recs for a direct read watch?
recta and a military connection???
Recta Chronograph? Yeah but look what's inside!?
recta watch company?
Red Submariner?
redial question?
Redial recommendations from Hamilton collectors?
Redialing, any advice ??
redials - some questions from a newbie?
Redials - the next level (Long)??
Redials can be a crap shoot; a somewhat unintended Before and After :?
redials. have you seen any more gross examples??
Ref. 866 AD Ingenieur...?
Reference guides?
Refinish Dial ---?
Refinished Dials?
Refinished dials: Impact on value??
Refinished or replacement dials?
Refinishing a stainless case that is "brassing" ??
Refinishing Black PVD?
refinishing old dials?
Refinishing or not?
Refinshing-How it would affect the value of the vintage?
Refresher Question - Vintage Longines Automatics Again?
Regarding octagonal cases (more)?
Regarding pocket watches, in your?
Regina Watch Co?
Regulating My Accutron?
Reid & Sons?
Re-installing stem on a WW?
Reliability of vintage watches esp chronographs?
Reliable Sellers /Rookie needs Help?
Relide Watch?
Relide wristwatch?
Remember my "free" Omega? - its finished - before/after pics..?
Remember my Hammy 950 that I dropped....?
Remember my question rgd. Breguet No.3254???
Reminder: Boston TZ Luncheon - Oct. 5th?
remontoir pocket watch?
Removing a Jubilee bracelet?
Removing deep scratches from plastic crystals - yes, it is possible!! (~ 480 kB of photos)?
Removing movement from case?????
Removing stem/crown on Tittost Autolub Actualis?
Removing stuck movement/dial from WW case??
Removing winding crown in a pocket watch?
Repainted, no??
Repainting dials?
Repair on Bulova Accutron Spaceview?
Repair Rado Diastar?
Repair/refurbish request for c. 1945 Lady Rolex....?
Repairs to 1942 Breitling Premier?
Repeaters from the inside?
Replaced crystal in my Seiko 6105?
replacement parts?
Replacement parts?
Replacing my dead Heuer - need suggestions, advice?
Replacing Roller Jewel Pins?
Re-plating a watch?
Replating help?....edited?
Replating YGF Hamilton?
Repuatble NYC vintage dealer(s)??
Request for advice: 1930s Gallet 2-button chronograph?
Request for Gruen pocket watch information?
Request for info: Landeron? cal. 48, kind of??
Request for info: What is a "wedding watch"??
Request for info: Eska?
Request for info: Wearing and maintaining watches with silver cases?
Request for OMEGA pics?
Request for vintage sales forum?
Request information on ca.1975 Omega?
Request: Thoughts on and pics of Venus Cal. 188...?
Requesting info on s Zodiac "Olympic Automatic"?
Requesting information about Germinal Voltaire?
Rescue Mission?
Rescued a couple from the Pawn shop?
Researching Roamer watch!?
Reserve on vintage Elgin?
Re-Setting Aperture Date?
Resetting problems on my Venus 188 chrono.?
Resources for fair pricing information??
Resources for New Collectors?
response from Omega on servicing policy?
Restoration Advice Needed?
restoration complete on Eirma?
restoration of a 60s omega seamaster??
Restoration of a vintage Seiko?
Restoration question?
Restoration question .....?
Restoration Question>>>?
Restoration referranl please?
Restore, repair or preserve??
Restored Bucherer chronometer?
Restoring a brass case?
Restoring a vintage Elgin Pocketwatch?
Restoring plating on watch bridges.?
Re-strapped my 1948 Hamilton...?
Retail store names on vintage dials...?
Retirement watches! - these just in... PICS?
Return on Assets (ROA) Watch?
Review: The First 3 Auto Chronos (VERY Long)?
Revival of the Hamilton 945?
Reviving a Universal Geneve Polerouter...?
Reviving a Vintage Seiko RR Approved Quartz Wristwatch?
revlon diver watch?
Reworking some vintage watch images...>?
RG Tissot?
RGM - Experiences?
RICOH All Time walch?
Right now, at this very moment, what is your longest-owned vintage watch?...>?
Roamer 17?
Rob B.: you've got to try a Hamilton 500 - (A Hamilton electric story)?
Rocar Tortoise (Rodania) help please!!!?
Rockford 910 with half whiplash regulator??
Rockford Hunter pocket watch?
Rodania Electronic? Check this out!?
Rodania follow-up: The movement >?
Rodania Remind-O-Date Alarm?
Roger Smith or George Daniels>?
Rolco Rolex ???
Rolex - or not??
Rolex "Super Oyster" Crown?
Rolex (Canadian Market) 3/4 Oyster Commander 1943?
Rolex 1003, est 1966, cal 1560, note sloping bezel, original dial, hands.?
Rolex 1920 ish WITH BLUE JEWELS have you seen one before?
Rolex 1950's Chronograph #6234?
Rolex 4570?
Rolex 4570 revised?
Rolex 6466 Oysterdate?
Rolex 6494?
Rolex BB question...?
Rolex Bubbleback information request?
Rolex cal 1575 tuning?
Rolex Chronograph 3335 in 18K ??
Rolex Cushion Oyster?
Rolex Datejust?
Rolex Daytona 6362 value??
Rolex Double-Red Sea-Dweller, A GOOD BUY????
Rolex Explorer 1967 ...?
Rolex explorer hacking, early 1970's?
Rolex Help?
Rolex Identification?
Rolex King?
Rolex movement?
Rolex Oyster?
rolex oyster 1930's approx?
Rolex Oyster Date from 1964!?
Rolex Oyster Elegant 1948?
Rolex Oyster Help Request?
Rolex Oyster Perpetual?
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 6534?
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Model 6084 Question?
Rolex Oyster Precision?
Rolex OysterDate Precision Vintage - Need info?
rolex pocket?
Rolex pocket watch, service issue?
Rolex pocket watches?
rolex prince id?
Rolex Prince vs. Hamilton one "better"??
Rolex service on a case # 6284 from 1954..more?
rolex spoons??
Rolex stainless steel Datejust with HAVANA dial?
Rolex submariner 5513 -steel?
Rolex Tudor?
Rolex Tudor?
Rolex Tudor Prince??
Rolex Viceroy?
Rolex Victory redial???
Rolex, Lusitania, and Dragonflies??
Rollie Lion's head pocket watch.?
roma genève?
Roman numerals vs. Arabic numerals?
Roman watch, liberty case What is this?
Rookie question/would like to know more about my watch?
Rose gold Bulova?
Ross Watch Case Co., Luddington, NY??
Rotary - for me, at least, a lesser-known brand...>?
rotating bezel question?
Rough Condition Seamaster Assistance!?
Roy Underhill?
royal air corps watch ..i think??
Royce Platinum & Diamond Pendant Watch?
Royce watches?
Ruby duplex escapement photo?
Running time of a TUDOR Prince Day Date?
running way fast?
Russell Great Malvern England - Info??
Russell Malvern Any information?
russian cccp watch, need info?
Russian Chronometers?
Russian tuning fork watches??
Russian Vostok Watch-- Real or Fake? can I tell??
S Smith & Sons ...Military watch ??
S.I. Tobias gold pocket watch - Info Request.?
safe winding tips for a valjoux cal 230 flyback? (handwound)?
Salesman display case for RRG?
Sandoz chrono finished up?
Sapphire back conversions.?
Sapphire crystals on old Omegas??
Saturday afternoon Columbus pocketwatch?
Save $15 on a $30 Paypal purchase?
Scan Day - A couple of early auto chronometres?
Scan Day - A little perspective?
Scan Day - My favorite watch........?
SCAN DAY - Paul, I think you'll dig this...?
SCAN DAY - Rolex Ref. 2940?
Scan Day - The Illinois Boyz?
Scan Day - Vintage 30T2Rg movement?
SCAN DAY (also posted on the PF): The Accutron Lives!?
SCAN DAY uncommon Gold Seamaster?
Scan Day...what's on your wrist??
Scan Day: 1950 Omega handwind.?
Scan Day: 60's Breitling Top Time...?
Scan Day: 60's Eterna-Matic KonTiki...?
Scan Day: A Racy Little Number...?
SCAN DAY: my Dad's Breitling Cosmonaute?
Scan of a cal 564 quickset function?
Scan request - goldcapped Constellation on SS/gold bracelet?
Scan Request..........Rolex Chrono Movement?
Scanday: Elgin 349 for JimA?
Schlup Pocket Watch <- precessor of Rado?
Schoolhouse Clock?
Schwob brooch watch?
Schwob-Frere Pocket Watch?
Schwob-Weill & Fils pocket watch?
Scored a Roamer...?
Scored a Seamaster Geneve?
Scored interesting old Benrus on Ebay?
Scored One For the Holidays:)?
seamaster bracelet 1960's?
Seamaster 120 in the snow. [nt]?
seamaster authenticity question?
Seamaster before..... [nt]?
seamaster bumpers - how are the dials supposed to read??
Seamaster cal. 321 chronograph redux?
Seamaster Chronometre?
Seamaster CK 14755?
Seamaster DeVille question....?
Seamaster just in...?
Seamaster pic request....?
Seamaster Questions?
Sears pocket watches????????
Sears Roebuck pocket watch; interesting mvmt. finish?
Sears Swiss Made Mechanical?
Seckron photos on a bright day in California?
Second chance off for 26 vintage Omega crowns - should I or not >>?
Second class Rolex??
Second Hand Placement?
second trial .... [nt]?
Second watch in 2 days. A Sears diver.?
second-minute hand synchronisation?
Seeking a watch made in 1938?
seeking advice on a snap -in- back bulova?
Seeking any info on the Bulova President...?
Seeking help in determining the manufacturing date of this Rolex 1803 Day Date.?
Seeking info on a CERTINA with special dial..?
Seeking info on Baylor (more)?
seeking info on my first vintage IWC?
Seeking info on REGINA watches?
Seeking info on this Nivada Grenchen chrono?
Seeking info on Westclox...?
Seeking info on WW1 era Ulysse Nardin?
Seeking information about an Elgin watch...?
Seeking Information Hilton Watch Company?
Seeking information on a vintage Omega?
Seeking information on this Illinois Watch Co pocketwatch?
Seeking Movado Info?
Seeking Opinion on Elgin Watch?
Seeking references for RGM watch service, Lancaster PA?
Seeking some help on a vintage Brietling...?
Seeking some information?
Seeking strap suggestions for a 1974 Seiko?
Seeking Vintage Hamilton info.?
seeking WISdom re chrono hunt?
Seems I accumulated a few Illinois this year!?
Seems people are paying higher prices for Omegas regardless of condition?
Seems the values of Omegas on the Bay are heading higher, but quality going down?
Seiko (Tritium?) Diver??
Seiko 5 Automatics Question?
Seiko 6106 - 8030 Sealion?
Seiko 6138 adjustment help?
Seiko 6217-7000?
Seiko 7002-7001 automatic?
seiko 8123-7059?
Seiko before and after>?
Seiko Bell-Matic Service??
Seiko Chrono?
Seiko chronometer at the antiques market!?
Seiko GMT?
Seiko H449 dual lcd/analogue display?
Seiko Lord Marvel 36000?
Seiko Lug-widths?
seiko movement 6139?
Seiko or Not?
Seiko Quartz LC Chonograph - 1970's Info??
Seiko question?
Seiko Sea Horse?
SEKONDA watch info needed?
Seller Recommendations for a New Novice Collector?
Selling watches sucks?
Semi-finished project: From this.....?
Sentimental Pocket Watch?
Seperated at Birth??
Serial of chronographs...?
Service and overhaul help?
service cost?
Service discrepancy between watchmakers question?
Service for Vintage Omegas?
Service NOS???
service on gruen vs. omega on vintage?
Service Question?
Servicing of Vintage Watches??
Servicing recommendations in Atlanta??
seth thomas wristwatch?
setting date / day with split-stem?
setting Omega Constellation caliber 751?
Setting the day?
Settings for Watch Winder??
Seven (7) jewel "Robert" 19'''9CH?
SF Bay Area watchmaker???
Shades of grey...>?
Shaking the watch - when did it begin?...>?
Sharing one of the oldest from my collection.....?
She has Lovely Lugs?
Sheffield Calendar Chronograph??
She's finally back from the spa... :-)?
She's My Frankenomega....But I Love Her!?
Shipping to Europe--VAT??
Should I do the trade??
Should I get a new redial or stay with the old redial??
Show me your pocket watch stands?
Show off your military style watches?
Show us some vintage Zeniths?
Show Us The Vintage Watch On Your Wrist Today?
Show us your "ugly" favourites ...?
Show us your characters!?
Show Us Your Field Watches?
Show us your three favorite vintage watches, and why!?
Show us your vintage watch desktop!...>?
Show your pocket treasures!?
Showing my Fancy 14k Elgin Hunter Case 1891?
Showing my Gruen UltraThin Pocket Watch?
Showing my Waltham "Model 1898" Wristwatch?
Sicura Chronograph Question?
SICURA Hystory?
Sicura jump hour watches?
Signal Wristwatc?
Significance of "59" on a U-G Polerouter Dial?
Silver Fusee Pocket Watch?
Simple Elegant Juvenia?
Simple Quality Watches.?
Simple redial job?
Simple, Elegant & Makes Me Smile...?
simpson's 25 year rolex?
Since it's a non theme day, let's see what you're wearing :-)?
Since the ZENITH forum is almost dead I ask my question here?
Since there's been some talk about redails...?
Since we're on old PW's...need help w/ith ID on this one?
Since we've been discussing Hamiltons...?
Sine Dolo No. 1626 pocket watch with chime??
Single T for tritium???
SIRO watch?
Six-eater questions....>?
Slava 20 jewel monster?
Slightly O/T but it's the season!...>?
Slim movement of the beginning-mid of XIX century. 1.00 mm thickess?
Slow set 7734 powered watch feels tight when spinnning up date??
Slow tickers??
Small (38mm) pocket watch?
Small collection?
small dial day Racine sterling "Caged" 1910-20?
small jewel counts and buying off eBay?
Small movement ID?
small pocket watches?
Small Stories of calibers...?
Small Watch - 1945 Hamilton Boulton >?
Small Watch - a visual time/size-line....>?
Small Watch - but only just - Benrus...>?
Small watch - my free Omega bumper...>?
Small Watch - my frst?
Small Watch - one of my first vintage pieces...>?
Small Watch - To the left! Ignore the other!?
Small Watch - Wittnauer, guilloche dial?
Small Watch Day - Rolex Twotone Bubbleback?
Small Watch Day - the wrap up...>?
Small watch Elgin A-11 query...?
Small watch... the Pink Menace!?
Small watches day-Two Omega's?
Small watches..?
Smaller vintage watches - what do you think?...>?
Smile Day - "carry" pocket watches...>?
Smile day - A breath of fresh air!?
Smile day -- my Eterna Centenaire Chronometer?
Smile Day: Cheap Makes Me Smile!?
Smile day: PW's always brings a smile to my face :-) [nt]?
Smith Patterson Co.?
Smith Watches??
Smiths Military info/advice needed.?
SMITHS ship-clock for around $60?
Snagged this jumbo 1951 Omega in 18K rose gold...?
Snagged this little puppy off the Bay?
Snagged this long-case 1930s Bulova...?
Snagged this rare 18K Hamilton "Gordon"...?
So bid on 3 Omega items yesterday and didn't win any >>?
So Cal Repair on a pocket watch?
So here I was thinking Friday the 13th had passed me by...?
So I had $15.00 burning a hole in my pocket I guess?
So I think I'm going to take my first plunge into chronos...?
So is this too big for my wrist??
So now for something a little different...>?
So THAT'S why it keeps such bad time...?
So this is what happens when word gets out...>?
So this is where everboby is at>?
So this Omega sold for $380 - another Why??
So what have you strapped on this week??
So what's a Silver Safekeeper anti-tarnish lining, and will it harm my vintage watches??
So who can identify this movement, and what is it that makes this watch "not right"??
So you think "vintage" and "humongous" are mutually exclusive?...?
So, here are some pictures of UN I purchased. Any thougths on whether it is authentic? Thanks.?
So, what's in line for the next week or so?...>?
So, what's up with me?...>?
So...... what does it mean..(another mechanical question)?
So....I went a little crazy on the 'Bay this weekend...?
Soft ware for watch collectors?
Solar "U" Self-Winding AS 1361 N?
Solar by Gallet & Co.?
Sold for close to $500 on Ebay?
Sold this a while ago and miss it so much...?
Solid gold or plated??
Solix Watches?
Solvil Titus?
Some advice on servicing of vintage watches?
Some advice please?
Some Borel watches...?
Some bracelets from my Omega collection >>?
Some Bulova 30 Jewel watches from the 60s?
Some Bulova Oceanographers...?
Some Crotons (Nivada Grenchen)...?
Some Divers?
Some Hamiltons from the 60s...?
Some help with a Gruen for a new poster?
some hits and a big miss?
Some interesting dials...?
Some items from Lancaster, PA that might have helped win the war...?
Some Lemania advice please?
Some Longines ULTRA-CHRONS ...?
Some Mido watches ...?
Some neat finds & could use some ID help. (big modem burner)?
Some new Certinas i found this weekend?
Some not-so-common brands ...?
Some of my Certinas?
Some of my Certina's?
Some of my favs.....?
Some of the collection (lots of Hamilton and Illinois)?
Some of the collection...?
some old adverts I scanned; all from 1953. Enjoy [nt]?
Some old Benrus watches...?
Some old Bulovas...?
Some old Elgins...?
Some Olmas ...?
Some Omega Seamasters in one-piece cases with removable bezel... ...?
Some Omega sold prices for the last 2 weeks >>?
Some Omega sold prices from yesterday if anyone interested?
Some Pocket watches...?
Some questions from Christos...>?
Some quick & dirty pix of some weekend finds>?
Some random pics for a sloooooow day on the Vintage Forum?
Some Recent pick up's?
Some results & some advice...>?
Some s(e)ixy vintage Seikos?
Some Thoughts on Vintage Storage for Vintage Watches (Long)?
Some vintage Breguet watches...?
Some vintage Hamilton (in new RGM) photos you must see...?
Some vintage Hamiltons...?
Some vintage strap colors>?
Some vintage watches coming back from restoration...?
Some watches just don't get the wrist time they deserve...?
Somebody knows this Tourist brand watch??
Something a little different ...?
Something alarming...?
Something from Movado ...?
Something good from 1962?
Something is 18k GOLD !!?
Something I've been fiddling with...?
something old....something new?
Something to be coming in the mail?
Something unusual for Scan Day...?
Something unusual to share here...?
Something Vintage for Scan Day.....?
Something's missing...?
Sometimes I really wonder why display backs didn't become popular...?
Sometimes you have to settle>>?
Somtimes you get a little extra info>?
Sorry but can anyone tell me whether this is a vintage piece??
sorry for double postings (pic in Public forum as well), but...?
Sorry To Have TO ask Again- "EMERSON"?
Sorry, but I cant help but smile...?
Sort of an accidental purchase - Thin-o-matic?
SOTC -- Hamilton (modem burner, for sure)?
SOTC (Modem Burner)?
SOTC divers?
SOTC starting 2007 ( many pics mainly vintage ) and what I have learnt!?
Source for Longines history 1940-70 models??
Source for straps that vintage watches??
Source for Vintage Pigskin straps....??
Sources for replacement dials??
Sources of vintage Omega watches??
South Bend Studebaker works...?
Soviet vintage chrono from 1956?
Sovil & Titus - vintage??
Spaceview question for Acutron experts....?
Spammer Harvesting This Newsgroup?
Speakin' of 70's, (advice saught...)?
Speaking of clocks, here's an interesting Zenith...>?
Speaking of Croton?
Speaking of Hamiltons..>?
Speaking of Longines here's a Longines Flagship ...?
Speaking of more deco, here's my new Oval?
Speaking of ownership, who now owns Enicar?...>?
Speaking of the Putnam?
Speaking of vintage women’s movements...?
Special Touches - Tuning Fork seconds hand...>?
Special Touches Day -- Angular?
Special Touches Gruen>?
Special touches omega marine chronometer(image)?
Specialty timepieces - what do you have...??
Speedmaster 1045 - Yellowish hands?
speedmaster 1966 original question?
Speedmaster going home to visit the folks?
Speedmaster with Gold Accents?
Speidel Bands?
Spendid Alarm?
Sportsman that isn't an Elgin??
Square Day >>?
Square Day >>?
Square Day: Bulova Ambassador?
SS Omega Constellation with Pie Pan Dial?
Start of ETA's reign?
Starting a collection?
Starting a collection (more questions and opinions)?
Starting a vintage "collection"?
Starting the week with this... :-)?
Starting to get this old Waltham >?
State of (my) Illinois Collection?
State of Illinois Collection (2 Photos)?
State of the Collection (warning: modem burner)?
State of the Vintage Collection 2006?
Steamy Friday?
Steel & Gold?
Steel watch - an Enicar that illustrates a reason why I like steel...>?
Steel watch - lends itself to simplicity...>?
Steel watch day -- a Universal Geneve Polerouter?
STEEL WATCH DAY - Seiko 7016?
STEEL WATCH DAY - the wrap-up!...>?
Steel watch day : Polished expresso cup, brushed ashtray and some funky steel to match?
Steel watch day: A Croton and an Accutron?
Steel Watch Day>?
Steel watch with a gold reflector? >?
Steel Watch, new Bulova for Easter?
stem & crown for a waltham?
Step Brothers?
sterling hamilton grant?
Sterling Silver Pocketwatch circa 1901?
Still trying to figure out calibre of this movement?
Stocking up on movement spare parts.?
Stolen Antique Railroad watch?
stolen watch - need help..?
stopping watch: Worth of collecting for exposure purposes??
stopwatch recommendations?
story of complete serendipity, new-old Omega?
Strap care...?
Strap for Accutron?
Strap opinions for 1964 Ladies Bulova?
Strap or bracelet??
Strap recommendations -- steel case, silver dialed watch...?
Strap recommendations??
Strap suggestions for vintage Hamilton?
strap/bracelet suggestions Wakmann triple-triple?
Straps & Bracelets - they do more than hold the watch on your wrist!...>?
Straps for coral Hamilton?
Streamline Friday :-)?
stupid question on pocket watches?
Stupid watch dial obsession question!!!?
Styling that stands the test of time......Seiko is a solid performer?
Submitted for feedback: Heuer Carrera Article...?
Suggestion (the more the better) for a vintage work-horse?
Suggestions >>>?
suggestions about leading watch manufacturers?
Suggestions and info please on this vintage Omega?
Suggestions for a first vintage...?
suggestions for a manual wind?
Suggestions for books on the various watchmakers??
Suggestions needed.....?
Suggestions on repair of my PiePan bezel...?
Suggestions wanted for the "right" watch?
Suggestions, please: The 1926 Waltham Ruby won't run?
Summer Favorite...?
Summer Watches?
Sunday afternoon at the flea?
Sunday Morning at the flea?
Sunday morning...wearing the old Seamaster today?
Super Compressor Question?
super compressors! show some pics?
Superatic Incabloc?
Superior Chronographe pix?
Surprise !! A set of twins !?
Surprise Christmas gift?
Surprises you like - for the risk takers in the group?
Survey - Durable and Elegant Movements?
Survey: Which Pacer??
Swank Watch?
Swapping cases?
Sweep Seconds Pinion for Waltham 6/0 A-11?
Sweet Walthams, oh my...?
Swiss Emperor?
Swiss Fakes what are they?
swiss hallmarks?
Swiss Pocket Watch - Help Required?
Swiss Titus 18k chrono on a new black croco?
Swiss vintage watch dealers??
Switzerland story?
Symbols on the dial of Waltham Triangular Wristwatch?
T and OM on dial?
Take a look at this hand-made wooden clock...>?
TakesALickin' - How was your trip to boston??
taking a chance on an old Universal Chrono?
Taking a pick inside "underrated and unappreciated" beauty :-)?
Taking from Peter to pay Paul?
Taking Stock [repost from public forum. Mistake]?
Talk about luck?
Talking of Illinois watches - let's see what you have...>?
Talking of vintage watch ads...>?
Tavannes database ??
Tavannes Watch Co.?
Technos and Baylor info????
Tell me about Angelus and Lemania watches?
Tell me about this vintage Omega Seamaster?
Tell me about this watch?
Tell me more about this Omega?
Telling If Case Gold or Gold Plated?...?
Terminology question?
Terramar by Tenor Swiss watch LTD.??
Test image post?
Test posting?
Thamks TZ?
Thank you Paul?
Thank you, Ms. Mailperson...?
Thanks for the help.... my first vintage watch?
Thanks for the strap, Paul! ...?
Thanks for your Globemaster input?
Thanks Grandpa?
thanks sqlguy, my first watch repair?
Thanks to all - and a little advise needed?
Thanks to everyone for the best wishes...>?
Thanks to you all, my 'new' Certina!?
That plastic Tissot movement...?
That's funny -- it feels like Friday! :)?
That's no Accutron -- that's a Unisonic!?
That's not high-jeweled, THIS is high-jeweled!...>?
The "value" of restoring old watches?
The 1900s Lemania-based chrono pocketwatch lives!?
The 1930s Gallet Venus 140 chronograph arrived!?
The 1940s Libana (Valjoux cal. 72c) arrived today. Finally!?
The 26.5 SOB.?
The adventure continues?
The A-team is hardly "vintage" TV but. . .?
The Beauty in the Bag?
the begining of wristwatches?
The Best Thing Since...>?
The Best Vintage Shop in the US for NOS vintage watches?
The bezel is faded a bit, but this is a special Rolex...?
The Brown Terror!...>?
The Bulova Ambassador?
The CALGARY GTG photo report [ major modem burner warning in effect ] >>>?
The changing face of my '50s Longines?
The Conquest I was asking about yesterday...?
The contents of this box made me speechless!?
The coolest Deco era watch ever: Is it a Hamilton? Illinois? Elgin? Nope....Bulova!?
The Daily Double...>?
The date of manufacture is a mystery...?
The dream caliber from ZENITH?
the finest american made wristwatch movement??
The first and only Zenith chronograph before El Primero...?
The FrankenMega arrived, doesn't look too bad?
The Hamilton "Yankee" Piping Rock . . .?
The Hamilton Watch Company on Timing, Rating and Personal Regulation (long)?
the hotch potch 60s Constellation saga continues?
The importance of having a watchmaker you trust & is competent, more?
The large watches of Cerberus are interesting. Would a learned poster please?
The last American Hamilton watch...?
The Last Time?
The Legendary Hamilton Spur?
The Mail Arrived?
The microrotor within...>?
The more I see of the "real" Longines,?
The most accurate automatic for only $170 ...!?!??
The most worn watch - which is it?...>?
The name is End ... West End !?
The New Vintage watch from RGM?
The nicest chrono dial I have ever seen?
The old dials of vintage watches.?
The oldest watch I carry on a regular basis?
The one that got away? (long)?
The one that started it all!?
The Original "New Vintage" Zenith?
The other Chronomatic watches in 70s?
The Other Hamilton Illinois Line?
The perfect vintage watch for me???...>?
The pictorial of the Seiko Cronos?
The Pierce Chronograph is Fixed?
The Pleasures of Vintage Watches, or A Post to Apologize for Not Posting?
The pocket watches of my grand-father : 6 pictures?
The rarest chronographs : not all Venus 140 are the same?
The reality behind the iconolatry of the Omega cal 551??
The return of the Theme Day - NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION DAY - this Friday!...>?
The right one came along........?
The Sea Hawk has landed!?
The search for Wild Bill's Waltham...>?
the start of carvelle?
The story of an old , very old watch...?
The story of my Omega Speedmaster 105.002-62 SC?
The Talented Mr. Ripley?
The Use of "Unadjusted" Movements (by Hamilton and others)?
The warmth of acrylic?
The watch I wore to school?
The weekend find - my first Waltham?
The WIS trap!...>?
The world's smallest movement... first hand?
Their purple-handed glory?
Theme day at the flea market??
Theme day proposal: Biggest Mistake/s and other Choices (more)?
There Was A Package In The Mailbox Today!?
These small watches...?
These things are addictive.....?
These vintage Omegas are addictive......?
They sailed off the edge of the world...>?
They're still out there?
They're synchronized . . .?
Thick beveled crystal>?
thickness of Omega Vintage?
Things that go bump...?
Thinking about my first watch... brand and type??
thinking of buying this wittnauer, comments??
This bumper RG movement just sold for $235.00 >>?
This Forum?
This guy called Paul Delury.....?
This has to be a record for a bumper movement - $501 >>?
This is currently sitting at $128.00 on the bay >>?
This is in my "to be sold" pile...?
this is my collection?
This is on it's way. Any idea what movement is in it??
THIS is what I call "triumph"! >?
This is what you get for $5!?
This just flew in from England...?
This just in! Very cool Direct Read...>>>?
This just in.?
This just in...?
This just in...?
This just in... :-)?
This morning at the antiques market....?
This morning at the boot sale?
This morning at the boot sale?
This morning at the boot sale and pen ID's please?
This morning at the boot sale and seiko question.?
This morning at the boot sale, Heuer Autavia!?
This morning at the boot sale, large haul!!?
This morning at the boot sale, two Omegas and a Seiko.?
This morning at the boot sale, two Seikos and questions...?
This morning at the boot sale.?
This morning at the boot sale. IWC!!!?
This morning at the boot sale...........Tudor?
This morning at the boot sale.........Wittnauer?
This morning at the boot sale........2 Seikos?
This morning at the boot sale........chronograph?
This morning at the boot sale.......Chronograph?
This morning at the boot sale......Heuer and Smiths?
This morning at the boot sale.....2 Omegas.?
This morning at the boot sale...another seiko?
This morning at the boot sale...deja vu!?
This morning at the booty sale.....4 chronographs?
This Old Watch - A restoration work in progress...?
This Omega (circa 1948) has just arrived!?
This Omega Seamaster small seconds just sold for $455 >>?
This Omega sold for $207 and no idea why?
This omega went much cheaper that I expected, even given the "contract" case. Did I miss something??
This one seems to be a stumper...?
This Pocket Watch Logo Does Not Look Right To Me...?
This really irritates me?
This simple watch gets worn frequently...>?
This Vintage Chrono-Matic..........what is it??
This vintage stuff is growing on me....?
This week at the flea market?
Those beautifull Cyma-movements....?
Those little evil stealing demons...?
Thought I'd dress this one up..?
thought needed on Omega Service centres?
Thought some of you might appreciate this....?
Thought that this might interest the folks here?
thought this might be interesting?
Thought you guys & gals might get a kick out of this.?
Thought you might like to see this.......?
Thoughts and opinions please.?
Thoughts on 18k gold cases.?
Thoughts on authenticity of this Omega dial??
Thoughts on the "Complete Price Guide to Watches"??
Thoughts on this Hamilton Stuart B. Thanks. [nt]?
thoughts on this Universal in 'French Case'...??
Thoughts on this vintage Omega ??
Thoughts, opinions and info on my "New" old friend....?
thoughts/pictures of elgin's durabalance??
three for the road?
Three little stars??
Thrift Shop Finds?
Thrift shop finds--Enicar, Unitas?
Thrift store find-----------> PIC?
Thumbs up for Longines?
Tiffany & Co.??
Tiffany & Co??
Tiffany 5 minute pocket repeater?
Tiffany or not??
Time Hill photos. Probably.?
Timex Automatic?
Timex Electric ( back set type)?
Timex Stainless Steel?
tinkerers / hobbiests...about that hobby?
Tips on buying a vintage chronograph??
'Tis better to give...?
Tissot Actualis brought back to life.?
Tissot ????
tissot actualis autoclub?
Tissot and omega arrived on same day.?
Tissot Astrolon?
tissot autolub, buggy?
Tissot Camping...?
Tissot factoid for the night...>?
Tissot identification?
Tissot movement: it lives !!!?
Tissot Navigator?
Tissot Navigator?
Tissot 'Nuevo Horizonte' circa 1960?
Tissot Pocket Watch Question?
Tissot PR516?
Tissot PR516 calibre 784-2?
Tissot PR516 GL?
Tissot research 2001?
Tissot Seastar Chronograph?
Tissot Seastar gets a new look...?
Tissot Sonorous T12??
Tissot t-12?
Tissot Tidbit...>?
Tissot vintage 1948?
tissot watch...?
Tissot World Time watch (1950's).?
Tissots anyone??
Titan Watch cant identify?
Titanic handwind?
Titoni Airmaster?
Titoni cosmic?
TITONI Missilemaster Airmaster?
Titus 77 Jewels?
Titus 77 jewels from 50s?
TITUS NOS Chronograph?
Titus of 1955?
Titus...anyone heard of them??
To change or Not to change>?
to redile or not to & if so where??
To re-lume hands.....or not??
To Replate or Not ??
To Re-plate or not To Re-Plate?
To Restore or Not (also posted on Rolex forum)?
to wind or not to wind?
Tobias Pocketwatch restoration question?
Today 50 years ago?
Today at the antiques fair.?
Today at the boot sale, German Kienzle?
Today at the boot sale.?
Today at the boot sale.?
Today at the boot sale...?
Today at the boot sale.......?
Today at the boot sale.......1960's Seiko.?
Today at the boot sale...Longines Weems?
Today at the boot sale...two Seikos?
Today at the brocante...?
Today at the flea?
Today at the fleamarket.?
Today at the market...Seiko chrono and Actus?...?
Today at the watch fair....?
Today find the "Broad Arrow"?
Today's arrival Gruen catch !?
Today's beater...>?
Todays boot sale report.?
Today's Catch?
Today's catch from the flea market.?
Today's Catch, Part I?
Today's Flea Market find?
Today's Flea Market find Resellers>?
Todays Flea Market find Where is the crown wheel>?
Todays Flea Market find>?
Today's Flea Market find>?
Today's Flea Market find>?
Today's Garage Sale find!?
Today's vintage - Clinton Double Date...>?
Today's watch - Hail to the Chief!...>?
Today's watch...?
Today's wear - Military-style Elgin 539...>?
Today's wristwear - Harvel Self-Omatic...>?
Tomorrow is his LAST DAY !! Please read.?
Too many watches??
took a chance on a 14k Hammy......?
Took some new photos of my...?
Took some new pics...?
Took the plunge and decided to try posting some items on the sales forum?
Took the plunge into the vintage pool...?
Tooling used to produce old movements?
Toronto...need to replace crystals on a couple of pocket watches.?
Tortue & Tonneau Time?
trafalgar 70's led-need batteries?
Tragedy (Long)?
Transistorized Caravelle Battery????
Transitional era watches in black & white (many pics)...>?
Travel question......?
Treasure or junk for these old (vintage?) watches??!!!! >>>?
trench watch?
Tri-Compax pairing - lots of pics?
tri-compaxes, let me see them!?
Tried the Omega forum without any help so lets have a go here.....>?
Trio of Tri-Compaxes?
Triple calendar moonphase question??
Triple calendar watch, need advice..?
Triple date movements?
Triple Date Trio?
Triple Date Watch Question?
Triple Safe system....?
Triple signed: Does this mean the manufacturer's name appears on 3 places on the watch??
Triple-Date (and Moonphase) Madness! (long, lots of pics)...>?
Tritium on watch hands?
Triumph & Tragedies : Seamaster?
Triumph & Tragedy. Actually triumph from tragedy>>>?
Triumphs & Tragedies - a Tudor triumph!...>?
Triumphs & Tragedies - my first Accutron?
Triumphs & Tragedies - the short story of a neophyte vintage collector...>?
TRIUMPHS & TRAGEDIES - Tudor Oyster Prince 34 (long) >?
Triumphs & Tragedies - Wittnauer?
TRIUMPHS & TRAGEDIES DAY - the wrap-up!..>?
Triumphs & Tragedies: Atlantic..>?
Triumphs & Tragedies: My First Vintage?
Triumphs and Tragedies - A Bulova tragedy!...>?
try again?
Trying a new lighting set-up with this Le Coultre?
Trying on an oyster on this beast... [nt]?
Trying to build a trio of legendary sport vintage watches, suggestions appreciated!?
Trying to find a little history on "Sigma-Valmon" Geneve Any Leads??
Trying to ID an Omega movement?
Trying to Identify Pocket Watch...?
Trying to indentify vintage watch?
Trying to troubleshoot why my Bulova is keeping poor time?
Trying to turn a vintage pocket watch into a wrist watch?
Tudor - is this real??
Tudor 74,000?
Tudor oysterdate?
Tudor Prince with Large Case??
Tudor Question?
Tudor snagged?
Tudor Submariner?
Tudor Submariner Model 7958?
Tudor Submariner service?
Tuning Fork Brethren?
Tuning Fork Madness! ...>?
Tuning fork watch you've probably never seen >?
Turler ???
Twin Day: A few of the twins in my family?
Twins - Thin twins!...>?
Twins - well, it's a bigger family than that!...>?
Twins Day: a few from my collection...?
Twins Watch Day - Arabic twelve with batons?
TWINS WATCH DAY - the wrap-up and prize winner!...>?
Twins Watch Day ...>>?
Two "Made In U.S.A." during the FDR years...?
Two automatics -- an Omega and a Universal?
Two back from watch maker?
Two beauties at the watchmaker's today?
Two Eterna-matics?
Two for my wife?
Two from the flea?
Two from the flea?
Two interesting finds from the weekend --?
Two new (old) Seikos for me.....?
Two new arrivals from the 1950s and 1960s?
Two new findings from an Internet auctionsite?
Two new vintage just in - Hamilton and Hoverta - pics?
Two nice vintage chronographs?
Two old chronographs...>>?
Two old watches, thoughts??
Two peas in a pod?
Two pocket watches?
Two project Omegas finished - before and after pic's?
Two questions?
Two Re-cased Hamiltons - quasi vintage :¬)?
Two Reg Vintage Omega Cals ???
two Titoni Airmasters?
Two Tone Dial Questions?
Two vintage Hamilton sweeties I picked up near year end?
Two Vintage Orange Divers?
Two+ decades wait for scan days 1500th post?
UG "Gilt Shadow"?
UG AeroCompax ??????
U-G Polerouters are just plain weird?
UG Polerouter-Sul?
UG triple date chrono moonphase question?
Ugly Watch - Big, gold, and odd...>?
Ugly Watch - how about this one...??
Ugly Watch - how could I forget this Bulova...??
Ugly Watch (but it's a chronometer)>?
Ugly Watch Day - Constellation Electroquartz?
Ugly Watch Day - Favre Leuba Bathy 160 - The Monster!?
Ugly Watch Day - the wrap-up...>?
Ugly Watch Day - this Friday!...>?
Ugly Watch Day: Didn't think I had any..>?
Ugly Watch Day: From the local sources?
Ugly Watch Day; A couple of beauties....?
Ugly watch: Don't know about this one?
Ugly watch: Ugly, big and loud?
Uh oh, now I did it!?
Uinversal Geneve a "sleeper brand"??
Uk Insurer for Vintage Collection?
Ultima photo-trial?
Ulysse Nardin 1950s chrono...?
ulysse nardin coctail watch?
Ulysse Nardin Query?
ulyssis nardin watch?
UN chrono and no numbers -advice please?
Unexplored areas of vintage watch collecting?...>?
Unidentified flying chrono-movement?
Unidentified Wrist Watch - WWII era??
Unidified pocket watch?
Unique Auto movement for MOVEMENT DAY. You should see this !?
Unique Sheffield ladies watch?
Unique Zenith quartz circa early 60's >>>>?
Unitas crown needed (general question)?
Universal bumper vs. Omega bumper:?
Universal Compax price at auction?!??
universal geneve?
Universal Geneve?
Universal Geneve "Compur"?
Universal Geneve / Ulysse Nardin chronometer?
Universal Geneve 161623?
Universal Geneve Aero-Compax?
Universal Geneve Ladies Watch?
Universal Geneve movements?
Universal Geneve Pocket Watch - help??
Universal Geneve 'Polerouter' a decent vintage watch??
Universal Geneve serial number/production date listing...>?
Universal Geneve Tri-compax moon phase?
Universal Geneve Tri-compax moon phase - POWER RESERVE?
Universal Geneve Tri-Compax repair?
Universal Geneve White Shadow?
Universal Geneve White Shadow (link to pics)?
Universal Geneve...?
Universal Genve Compur Chrono Just Came in the Mail?
Universal pix?
universal polerouter?
Universal Polerouter date?
Universal Poulerouter "Micremtic":?
Universal said they can't service tri compax! ??
universal tri compax authenticity?
Universal Tri-Compax Servicing?
Unknown Bulova?
Unknown Caliber?
unknown ETA 2551 movement?
Unknown girard perregaux... Help please?
Unknown Omega?
Unknown Vitage Tissot Watch - Help Needed?
Unknown Waltham Pocket Watch?
unknown watch?
unknown watch?
Unknown watch?
Unlearned question.?
Unsigned movements....?
Unsung heros in vintage ?? Suggestions ????
Unusal Elgin Chronometer?
Unusal Vintage Blancpain Fifty Fathoms w/2 crowns....?
Unusual Automatic?
Unusual caseback inscriptions with movement details?
Unusual Dial Inscriptions?
Unusual inscriptions?
Unusual Longines Admiral 1200?
Unusual Nivada Grenchen recent find...?
Unusual Omega...?
Unusual Pocket Watch. Ever see anything like this??
Unusual Watch?
Update and more questions about my Abercrombie & Fitch?
update on Amchron/Continental Watch Inc./Pin lever?!?!?!?
Update on the Mystery Platinum Hamilton - Letter from Hamilton Company's Consulting Historian (at bottom)?
Updated the Vintage Hamilton Web site . . .?
Upkeep of an Accutron?
UPS came yesterday...?
urgent:What´s the posible age for this watch?Molnija Russian?
US Time Corp, Waltham, and Seiko??
US Watch Company Pocket Watch. anyone know anything about it??
Usually I'm not too much into diver's watches...?
Vacheron & Constantin - 1950s(?) - a fake? - if not, can anyone tell me more??
Vacheron & Constatin Pocket Watch?
Vacheron Constantin id help?
Vacheron Service Repair Advice??
Vacheron with a non-factory case?
Valjoux 23 and 92?
Valjoux 72 w/ stamped Letters "CB"?
Valjoux 72C or Landeron movement??
Valjoux 7750?
valjoux 88C question?
Valjoux 92??info please?
Valjoux Calibre 78 Triple Date?
Valjoux date chrono 72c questions...?
Valjoux movements in vintage Jaeger and LeCoultres?
Valjoux Movements in Vintage U-N Chronos?
Valuations, please...1947 GP...?
Value estimate of a Rolex Oster Perpetual DATE watch?
value hamilton watch?
Value of a Longines Grand Prize Automatic?
Value of a lost Rolex watch?
Value of a Tag Heuer 1968?
Value of an 1975 NIB Enicar Star Jewels in 18K?
value of e gubelin watch?
Value of Elgin A-11 from 1945??
VC today?
Venus 140 Chrono, are there varients??
Venus 178 movment?
Venus Watch?
Venus Watch photos/info anyone??
Verge with Serial number 1?
Verification of new purchase?
veri-thin or curvex?
Very curious pocket watch... Could it be an original H. Moser? (see pics)?
Very early STEEL WATCH DAY....lots of pics :-)?
VERY excited about what's coming in the mail....?
Very Hard to Believe. Very Hard to Believe. Very Hard...?
Very old, very odd, silver British PW. Where to start??
Very poorly Helvetia discovered in a tin...(!) Curious to know what they're about please!?
Very strange Omega. Real or not??
Very unusual Gruen Wristwatch?
Very upsetting experience with factory refurbishment of vintage IWC?
Vespasian, you da man!...>?
Vietnam era Hamilton, maybe??
Villard Chronograph??
Vinage Movado photo 2?
Vinage repair in SF??
Vint Seamaster snapon caseback gasket question?
Vintage "bling"?
Vintage 12 Karat fob watch?
Vintage 14K Pocketwatch Of Unnown Origin?
Vintage 18k gold Omega SCAN DAY?
Vintage 1940s Pierce 1-Button Chronograph Watch?
Vintage accuracy??
Vintage Accutron ?????
Vintage Accutron box help needed please?
Vintage Accutron Servicing??
Vintage Acquisitions: Omega?
Vintage ads?
Vintage adventure, in the local Sears!?!?!...>?
Vintage AeroWatch ladies pendant - dating help??
vintage alarm watches...?
Vintage American Detent Escapements????
Vintage American>?
Vintage Aristo 100 Second Rattrapante?
Vintage as daily wearer!?
Vintage Attire?
Vintage auto weekly test...>?
vintage autos?
Vintage bands?
vintage bands any good sources??
Vintage Bargains?
Vintage Battery replacement?
vintage BAUME & MERCIER?
vintage beauties of Maui, Hawaii?
Vintage Benrus Question.?
Vintage Benrus watches. Why the low prices??
vintage blancpain?
Vintage Blancpain...?
Vintage Breguet?
vintage breitling - need some advice?
Vintage Breitling - with 4 dials - real or fake ???
Vintage Breitling Chronograph help?
Vintage Breitling Chronograph or recent IWC Chronograph??
Vintage Breitling Lady Diver?
Vintage Breitling Repair?
Vintage Breitling Valjoux 88, 1958?
Vintage Breitling, need your expertise...?
Vintage Breitlings?
vintage brietling 1978?
Vintage bubble back aren't worth the trouble (nt)?
Vintage bucherer running on lemania cal.1873 movement?
vintage bug / incoming?
Vintage bug got me - newbee questions?
vintage bulova?
vintage bulova?
Vintage Bulova?
Vintage Bulova - Repair Referrals Please?
vintage bulova from '58?
Vintage Bulova No letter prefix?
vintage bulova question F8??
Vintage buy~how what first time good deal??
Vintage candy and ID request.....?
Vintage Cartier - help needed (scans)?
Vintage Cartier - what do I really have? Advice??
Vintage Certina - and no DS?
Vintage Certina question?
Vintage Certina??
Vintage Chrono. Link to scans?
Vintage Chrono: Seiko vs Tissot??
Vintage chronograph markings - question?
Vintage chronograph suggestions needed?
Vintage Chronograph/Help??
Vintage Citizen date/info??
vintage citizen question?
Vintage clocks - what do you have?...>?
Vintage close-up collage...>?
Vintage Conne.?
Vintage Connie - need some help?
vintage constellation movement question?
Vintage Constellation or Longines as an everyday watch?
Vintage please?
Vintage Crystal Repar?
Vintage Cyma - Manual Wind or Automatic??
Vintage Czech Pilots Watch?
Vintage Datora? Urgent help needed!?
Vintage Dealers in Singapore?
Vintage Digital watches??
Vintage Doxa?
Vintage dress watch habits?
Vintage Driva w/slight radioactive burn?
Vintage durability?
Vintage Ebel?
Vintage El Primero Chrono / Early Version / Tri- Color?
Vintage Elgin?
Vintage Elgin?
Vintage elgin and bulova?
vintage elgin crystal??
Vintage Elgin diamond watch?
Vintage Elgin inbound?
Vintage Elgin pocket watch?
Vintage elgin with linen dial...?
Vintage Elgin/ need help?
Vintage Ephemera - Buren papers...>?
Vintage Ephemera Day -- Something from outer space?
Vintage Ephemera Day - Something to Ad?
Vintage Ephemera Day, watch scripophily...>?
Vintage Ephemera Day: 'WIS' Reward from good ole days of TZ :-)?
Vintage Ephemera: Early post # 2?
Vintage Eternamatic?
Vintage Eterna-Matic Watches?
Vintage Fabuna Watch?
Vintage Favre Leuba?
Vintage find--?
Vintage for dress...?
vintage for everyday wear?
vintage for the girls.?
Vintage Frey & Co. watch?
Vintage Gallet?
Vintage GB from World War II? Help!?
Vintage Girard Perregaux?
Vintage GMT or duel time watches??
vintage gmt watches?
Vintage GP Lady Watch?
Vintage Grand Seiko manufacture date question...??
Vintage Gruen?
Vintage Gruen info please??
Vintage Gruen question...?
Vintage Gruen Veri-Thin?
Vintage Gruen -worthwhile??
Vintage Gruen: Before and after?
Vintage Hamilton?
Vintage Hamilton?
Vintage Hamilton - Story, Pics and Questions?
Vintage Hamilton 982 questions?
Vintage Hamilton Arrival?
Vintage Hamilton Electric Question?
Vintage Hamilton gift?
Vintage Hamilton Piping Rock Question?
Vintage Hamilton wrist watches?
Vintage Holy Grail Found! Information about this "Victor" watch??
Vintage in D/FW?
Vintage in Hong Kong?
Vintage in NYC??
Vintage IN Switzerland?
Vintage IWC?
Vintage IWC?
Vintage IWC with a hallmark on top of the lug??
vintage JLC?
Vintage JLC?
Vintage JLC - Futurematic or others?
vintage jlc and/or lecoultre?
Vintage JLC divers chronograph??
Vintage JLC Geomatic Spotted...Help!?
Vintage JLC Memovox spare parts??
Vintage ladies Bucherer?
Vintage ladies Gruen?
Vintage ladies Patek pendant?
Vintage LADIES Rolex Question?
Vintage LCD/LED?
Vintage Le Jour Watch?
vintage leather watch bands - keep em or toss em??
Vintage LeCoultre Chronograph - Arrived!?
Vintage LeCoultre Question?
Vintage Lemania military info wanted...?
vintage Longines?
Vintage Longines?
Vintage Longines?
Vintage Longines Buckle Picture request?
Vintage Longines Conquest: Which Cal. is most sought after? (nt)?
Vintage Longines Czech Pilot Watch?
Vintage longines pic?
Vintage Longines vrs vintage Omega?
Vintage Longines, please help.?
vintage mathey-tissot chrono?
Vintage mechanical direct-read watches - what do you have?...>?
Vintage Michele Watches?
Vintage Mido ID??? Need Help Please!?
Vintage military chronographs?
Vintage Military Omega ID help please!!!?
Vintage Minerva?
Vintage Movado?
Vintage Movado Calendar?
Vintage Movado identification?
Vintage Movement - a trio of Hamilton Grade 917's...>?
Vintage movement - HELP?
Vintage movement day -- 2 Hamiltons?
Vintage Movement Day - Some GP´s (big pictures)?
Vintage movement day -- Surprise!?
Vintage movement I.D please??
Vintage movement identification?
Vintage Movement Illinois?
Vintage Movement... Longines 23Z?
Vintage movement: Mimo Meter [nt]?
Vintage newbie ... I have lots of questions ... (long)?
Vintage Newbie Question?
vintage newbie question time!!!!?
Vintage newbie...?
Vintage newby question?
Vintage Omega?
Vintage Omega?
Vintage Omega?
Vintage Omega 18k buckle?
Vintage Omega books recommendations >>>?
Vintage Omega Buckle?
vintage omega buckle from mid 60s?
Vintage Omega Cal. 491?
Vintage Omega Calibers?
vintage omega constellation?
Vintage Omega Constellation?
Vintage Omega Constellation - is this a good redial job??
Vintage Omega Constellation Crown?
vintage omega constellation f8192?
Vintage Omega Constellation info please for duck out of water?
Vintage Omega Constellation question?
Vintage Omega Constellation--Prices Sky High, Why??
Vintage Omega dial puzzle?
Vintage Omega Dress Watch?
Vintage Omega Gallery?
Vintage Omega identificaton?
Vintage Omega movement?
Vintage Omega Pendant Watch?
vintage omega pw?
Vintage Omega Question...>?
Vintage Omega Questions?
Vintage Omega regulateur with 2 time zone????
Vintage Omega restoration- need watchmaker?
vintage Omega Seamaster 30 info request.........?
vintage Omega Seamaster 300?
Vintage Omega Seamaster Deville?
Vintage Omega Seamaster- Redialed, or not redialed.?
Vintage Omega Seamasters?
vintage Omega service question - when and where??
Vintage Omega sighting, would like to identify the model >>>?
vintage omega stopwatch on auction block?
Vintage Omega vs. vintage LeCoultre observation?
Vintage Omega Wristwatch?
vintage OMEGA wristwatch? cal. 26.5 SOB T.2 ??
Vintage Omega, and a pleasant surprise.....?
Vintage Omegas?
Vintage Omega's - Desirability factor?
Vintage Omegas (long with Photos!..)?
Vintage or modern, Frankenwatch or hand made??
Vintage Oris with odd movement...?
Vintage Patek bezel question?
Vintage pieces rediscovered?
Vintage Pocket Watch?
Vintage pocket watch ... odd regulation issue?
Vintage pocket watch suggestions>>?
Vintage Pocket Watch/ Minute Repeater?
Vintage pocket watches ----MODEM BURNER---?
Vintage pocketwatch info sought >>>?
Vintage Poljot Alarm - pics and a quick review >>>?
Vintage Pumpkin for Tomorrow?
vintage pw for daily wear??
Vintage quartz - what do you have...??
Vintage Rado Automatics - Part I?
Vintage Rado President Auto info needed?
Vintage Rado question?
Vintage Rados --- need help.?
vintage railroad pocket watches?
Vintage Redial?
Vintage repair??
vintage restored longines...?
vintage rolex?
vintage rolex?
Vintage Rolex?
Vintage Rolex?
Vintage Rolex "bubbleback" movement questions?
Vintage Rolex Air King pictures??
Vintage Rolex Bubbleback Box??
Vintage Rolex collecting ideas.....what next????
Vintage Rolex GMT Master?
Vintage rolex movement help needed?
vintage rolex mvts.?
vintage rolex oyster perp conundrum, what do you think??
Vintage Rolex Pocket Watch Info?
Vintage rolex Prince?
Vintage Rolex times two... (x-post from PF)?
Vintage Rolex watch?
Vintage Rolex with tear drop lugs?
vintage rolex??
Vintage Sales Corner??
Vintage Seamaster - real or Fake??
Vintage Seamaster 30?
Vintage Seamaster Cosmic?
Vintage Seamaster Cosmic Cyclops??????
Vintage Seamaster- Followup????
Vintage seamaster- I need someone with good memory?
Vintage Seiko?
Vintage Seiko?
Vintage Seiko 8030?
Vintage Seiko Chronograph Questions?
Vintage Seiko crystals?
vintage seiko divers?
Vintage Seiko Manual Wind Movement for your viewing pleasure (scan)?
Vintage Seiko Worldtimer?
Vintage Seikos are sure growing on me fast...?
Vintage Semaster 30 "Explorer" dial............?
Vintage shop in San Francisco?
Vintage shopping in Berlin??
Vintage shopping in Boston????
Vintage shopping in Germany, help please.?
Vintage Shopping in Toronto?
Vintage Shops in Milwaukee/Madison/Northern WI??
Vintage Spaceview...?
Vintage Spectra LCD watches?
Vintage Speedmaster ck2998?
Vintage Speedmasters--Is There an In-Depth History??
Vintage 'Sports' watch?
vintage springbar questions?
Vintage stop watch collection.?
Vintage Stopwatch Repair?
Vintage Swiss watches from S. American dealers...?
Vintage tanks with date??
Vintage Tavalor Wristwatch?
Vintage Temporis automatic running way too fast?
Vintage Timex repair??
Vintage Tissot?
Vintage Tissot (?)?
Vintage Tissot identification?
Vintage Tissot question?
Vintage Tissot VS Oris?
Vintage Tourneau fob (or pin?) watch?
Vintage trademark MONVAL?
vintage tudor oyster - advice requested?
Vintage Ulysse Nardin (new pics)?
Vintage Ulysse Nardin. is $400 a fair price for a 1960's SS auto.?
Vintage Universal Geneve?
vintage vacheron?
Vintage Vacheron Age, Value? Help!?
Vintage vacheron Constantin XIXth century?
vintage VC - did I make a mistake??
Vintage virgin here?
vintage waltham?
vintage watch?
Vintage Watch - Timex Model 43537-JXA7????
Vintage Watch Accuracy?
Vintage watch ads from WillPac...>?
Vintage Watch Ads Online?
VIntage watch auctions?
Vintage watch brands - ranking??
vintage watch BUCHERER?
vintage watch bumper "rattle" >>>>>?
Vintage watch cases?
Vintage Watch dealer?
Vintage Watch Dealers - Recommendation wanted?
Vintage watch description?
Vintage watch ephemera - what do you have?...>?
VINTAGE WATCH EPHEMERA DAY - the wrap-up!...>?
vintage watch grading - same as for new watches??
vintage watch issues: bracelets and polishing?
Vintage watch owners rise up!!! >>>?
Vintage Watch Price Guide?
Vintage Watch Repair Recommendation-OC, CA?
Vintage watch repair/restoration: Tips for a novice??
Vintage watch RESEARCH web sites???
Vintage watch running slow. Can that be adjusted??
Vintage watch shopping in Washington DC?
Vintage watch shops in Boston?
Vintage Watch Shops in SF Bay Area??
vintage watch stops ticking?
Vintage watch stores in Geneva?
Vintage watch stores in Las Vegas??
Vintage watch stores in London?
Vintage watch suggestions . . . ??
Vintage Watch Suggestions??
vintage watch with chronometer escapement?
Vintage Watches - Bang for the Buck?
Vintage watches and Crown logos?
Vintage watches and various in-house movements.?
Vintage watches at the USGP?
vintage watches- dial refinishing?
Vintage Watches from Chicago to Green Bay??
Vintage watches from South America?
Vintage Watches in Atlanta, Georgia?
Vintage watches in Hong Kong??
Vintage watches in Manhattan?
Vintage Watches in NYC?
Vintage Watches in NYC?
Vintage watches in Rome?
Vintage watches in Rotterdam ??
Vintage watches in South Florida??
Vintage Watches in Western Michigan????
Vintage watches information at - always excact ??
vintage watches paris?
Vintage watches Transglobe?
Vintage watches/radium dials/risks. Advice.?
Vintage Wittnauer MVt Code: "AXA." Anyone have a clue??
Vintage womens Lucien Piccard?
Vintage worn or used this week?
Vintage wrist watch research?
Vintage Zenith?
Vintage Zenith?
Vintage Zenith - can someone help me identify it??
Vintage Zenith - Too Good to be True??
Vintage Zenith assortment...>?
Vintage Zenith Desk Chronograph (large)?
Vintage Zenith that will need some work?
Vintage Zodiac Super Seawolf?
vintage Zodiac....?
Vintages of 40+ size??
Vintages with complications---call for some pictures and comments?
vintagr rolex model and serial numers, inside case back?
Vintgae Seiko>?
Visiting LA -- vintage watch shops??
Vizsla, I took your advice. But, I spent more than I wanted to.?
Volta Minute repeaer with moonphase, calendar and chronograph?
Vulcain case back - how to put it back?
VULCAIN CHRONO is it original??
Vulcain Chronograph?
Vulcain Cricket?
Vulcain Cricket - Need your thoughts?
Vulcain Cricket Alarm Chronometre?
Vulcain Cricket Dating Issue?
Vulcain Grand Prix?
Vulcain ladies cocktail watch?
VW award watches?
waht is a bumper movement??
Waited over two decades for "that" particular vintage?
Waiting for this one?
Wakmann asymmetrical?
Wakmann Braille wristwatch?
Wakmann chrono problem?
Wakmann dial question?
Wakmann Gigandet and Breitling?
Wakmann Handwind from the 50ies >?
Wakmann mvt question?
Wakmann overhaul results - not good?
Wakmann Questions?
Wakmann Triple Chronograph with date?
Wakmann Triple Date Question ??
wakmann triple-date opinions?
Wakmann Watches?
Waltham - Restore, or Chuck It??
Waltham 100 jewels !! ... Paul ??
Waltham 100...?
Waltham 455 movement number question?
Waltham 455 movement picture?
waltham centennial 100 jewel auto chrono?
Waltham Colonial Riverside PW: Completed Restoration?
Waltham Electrodyne Swissonic?
Waltham goes to War (long)..>?
Waltham info please?
Waltham Land Sea?
Waltham Movement Project?
Waltham movement with unusual regulator that I posted?
Waltham P.S.Bartlett from civil war?
Waltham Pictures?
Waltham pocket watch?
Waltham pocket watch?
Waltham pocket watch?
Waltham Pocket Watch?
Waltham Pocket Watch?
Waltham Pocket Watch: Basic Questions?
Waltham PW - Back Case Removal Problems?
Waltham Ruby?
Waltham Ruby wristwatch revived?
Waltham salesman's sample??
Waltham serial number with a letter??
Waltham Skin Diver?
Waltham Vanguard - Tough image to capture?
Waltham watchstrap woes?
Waltham WW2?
waltham, how to find number on movement??
Waltham-Jewel Series--My poor defense--?
WalthamMovement Identification?
Walther Waltham confusion?
Want Information on Rolex Oysterdate Watch?
Want some info on a '60s Longines "Flagship"?
Want your vintage watch photographed for a magazine??
Wanted one, but bid on 5 to make sure and won them all >>?
Wanted to share this?
Wanted: Pic of Chronosport UDT and Sea Quartz 30.?
Warning, redial photos inside...?
Warning: Opinions requested re: restoration of a dial.?
Was ist das? Etwas von Glashütte??
Was JLC that far ahead of its times??
Was there ever a cal 355 Connie date??
Was there ever a more unusual looking Patek??
watch "refurbishing"?
Watch / Strap Combo - White gold with yellow applied numerals?
Watch / strap combo: A divisive combo?
Watch Age and NOS Dials?
Watch appraisal for $100?
Watch background?
Watch Band for 1920's Cushion????
watch band quality ratings?
Watch batteries...?
Watch Books from Santa?
Watch Case made for Elgin by the Star Watch Case Co.?
Watch case re-plating ? - cheaply !! Any suggestions?....?
Watch cases - do you have favourites in your collection??
Watch Chain restoration?
Watch Chain sources?
Watch Chains?
watch cleaned but non working?
Watch Companies Bidding Up Prices of Vintage Wayches?
Watch day.?
watch getting rusty??
watch got wet?
watch identification Heuer.?
watch losing time?
Watch maker recommendation???
watch problem?
Watch purchasing advice?
Watch recomendation?
Watch Repair Advice?
Watch Repair in Los Angeles Area??
Watch Repair NYC?
Watch repair on Long Island?
Watch rescued from trash Semi large scans?
Watch Restoration - Indices??
Watch restoration for resale?
Watch restoration in NYC area?
Watch Service?
Watch Shows - Cleveland Area??
Watch Storage?
watch terminology??
Watch tools?
Watch Trends (Longterm view)?
watch winding stem out. How to insert again??
Watch with mother-of-pearl CASE -- can you ID??
Watch without a name..???
Watch your age...Another Omega...?
Watch your age>Longines>?
Watch(as) your age, or pretty close?
Watch/Strap Combo - black is not my favourite strap colour, however...>?
Watch/Strap Combo - Omega bumper on original (?) strap...>?
Watch/Strap Combo - Seiko Navigator?
Watch/strap combo Day - Gruen ...>?
WATCH/STRAP COMBO DAY - this Friday!...>?
Watcha wearin' today.. Warning - these 2 are 100% WATERPROOF too !!?
Watcha wearing today...!??
Watcha wearing today....???
Watchband styles?
watchbands of the 1920's?
Watched LA Confidential: two cool watches...?
Watches and Elvis Presley?
Watches and the Moderne style: a photo essay?
Watches as alternative investments?
watches for the blind?
watches found?
watches found at garage sales??
Watches from the 70s...?
Watches In Space?
watches of the Second World War?
Watches that get noticed - from the ridiculous to the...>?
WATCHES THAT GET NOTICED DAY - Friday - that's today!...>?
WATCHES THAT GET NOTICED DAY - the wrap-up!...>?
Watches that get noticed, for some reason this vintage Russian.......?
Watches that get noticed: For me, it's this Minerva...?
Watches that have grown on you?...>?
WATCHES THAT MAKE YOU SMILE Day - the wrap-up!...>?
Watches that use Valjoux 7736??
watches with Italian heritage?
watching a little "TV"?
Watchmaker References for L.A.??
water condensation under crystal!?
Water resistance - chronology of improvements?
Water resistance restoration question?
We have a national holiday here today >?
We haven't had Chronographs for a while..?
We need a "What were they thinking?" day on the forum?
Wear or not to wear vintage strap...?
Wearing a favorite Tissot today...>?
Wearing a pocket watch?
Wearing a special one....?
Wearing my BEAST on this HOT day in the city... :-)?
Wearing my Cortebert today...>?
Wearing my Harvel today...>?
Wearing my new vintage Citizen diver...?
Wearing this one today...>?
Wearing this one today...>?
Wearing this one today...>?
Wearing this one today...>?
Wearing this one today..>?
Wearing this today...?
Wearing this today... :-)?
Wearing this today: Also one Pure and Simple >?
Wedding Watch?
Weekend antique show find (many photos)?
Weekend boot sale find.?
weekend dig's?
Weekend find 1 - Zodiac Hermetic?
Weekend find's 4 project's?
Weekend finds at the NAWCC Mart!?
weekend watch market in London?
Weird Benrus case design?
Weird electronic watch?
Welcome back, Paul!?
Welcome to the new here Vintage Forum...>>?
Well that cheapo chrono I posted about below set another high >>?
Well the flea market Omega has some new hands>?
Well the values of Omegas went up quite a bit >>?
Well this one is getting closer>?
We'll try this - When, Where, What & Which?...>?
well while i'm in vintage land.........?
Well, a couple thoughts/questions for anyone with a few moments...?
Well, finally pulled the trigger on a stainless Accutron band. >>?
Well, I didn't do too bad at the Flea Markets>?
Well, I didn't score like Walter or whiskeyguy, but...?
Well, I shouldn't have....?
Well, if Mr. Delury has ever been wrong about a watch...?
Well, I'm really crossing my fingers on this 'eBay surprise'....?
Well, it's official. The Vintage Vacheron I posted a while back is a fake.?
Went a round with a Rotary today. I've had this watch....>?
Went to my Favorite "source" today?
Went to pick up a few gems from the watch maker last night...?
Were you to specialise in one brand, or one type, of vintage timepieces...>?
West End - Keepsake Prima?
West End Watch .. any know ...?
West End Watch Co. history??
Westclox "Selfregulating" wrist watch?
Westclox 17 jewel?
Westfield by Bulova?
Westfield watches?
Wgeo wristwatch celluloid?
Whaddya think??
What "makes" a Military watch?!?!??
What a beautiful movement AP VZSS!!?
What a difference a strap makes...?
What a difference the right strap makes!?
What a find!?
What a gift!?
What adorns your wrist today?...>?
What are original papers,?
What are people paying for a full disassembly/cleaning on a watch??
What are wearing for Father's Day??
What are world's best cities for vintage watch shopping? The?
What are you waiting for ?????
What are you wearing today..??
What are you wearing??
What are you wearing?...beater for me today?
What are your thoughts on buying a restored vintage piece? How about with a refinished dial??
What are your thoughts on case personalization??
What Band Maker Do you Like?
What Bracelet for this old Doxa Dive watch ??
What brand is most numerous in your vintage collection?...>?
what brands to stay away from?
What can this be??
what can you guys tell me about borel watches???
What can you guys tell me about this Rado Green Horse King Size...?
What can you tell me about Silvana watches??
What can you tell me about this Illinois??
what can you tell me about this Omega Seamaster?
What Can You Tell Me About This One? ? ??
What can you tell me about this Venus??
What can you tell me about this watch??
What causes magnetizism??
what causes splitting in gold fill??
What causes spotting on dials??
What color straps do you use on your rose gold watches??
What comes of packratting.?
What constitutes "Rare"??
What could you tell about this OGIVAL ??
What could you tell me about this Breitling Premier??
what day is it?
What determines the development of a Patina on a dial??
What did I do? Chrono runner question?
What did I just buy??
What do have on today??
What do I have here? (Helbros)?
What do I have here???? - Other than 2 Benrus watches?
What do I have??
What do these numbers mean??
what do these tiny numbers mean? (New collector)?
What do those letters on a balance bridge mean??
What do you folks think of Antiquorum? And the Universal Geneve Tri-Compax??
What do you guys & girls think of this ????
What do you guys make of...?
What do you guys think?
What do you guys think... :-)?
What do you have in the way of non-round vintage wristwatches?...>?
What do you have on this Friday??
What do you make of this case??
What do you think about it ??
What do you think of my latest addition? Omega 30mm from 1951.?
What do you think of this watch??
What do you think...?
what do you think?? help me :;)?
What does "Birks" mean on Eterna Kontiki dial? >>>>?
What does "helicoidal square" mean on a winding stem.........?
What does "classic" mean to you?...>?
What does a name evoke?...>?
What does this designation mean on the?
What does this set of halllmarks mean?
What does this thing do??
What exactly is a "Flipper"?
What Friends We Have! Thanks 6-Eater Pat....?
What got you started in vintage watch collecting?...>?
What hack jobs have you discovered when buying a vintage watch? >>>?
What happened to theme day???
What happens if a vintage watch doesn't have spare parts during service??
What have I here??
What have you been wearing this week??
What I did on my summer vacation...?
what if some tosser?
What is "gunmetal" case and what can one with it to make it pretty??
What is "National" (Wakemann movement)??
What is a "refinished" dial??
What is a fair price to pay for > > >?
What is a Hamilton Electric 501??
What is a INCABLOC??
what is a seiko hi-beat grand seiko?????
What is a Wittnauer "Pert-O-Graph"?? Found One...?
What is an ebauch mark??
What is an Illinois Sante Fe Special...more?
What is become the brand ELGIN ??
What is Che wearing??
What is difference between Longines 30L movement...?
What is index regulation?--?
What is it??
What is it?...>?
What is JFK wearing??
What is meant by "Butler" in reference to dials??
what is that clock?
What is the basic difference between....?
What is the best way to fix a crystal to a vintage case??
What is the best way to remove Patina from a watch case??
What is the name of this reference book??
What is the origin of the dial with both roman and arabic numerals??
What is the rarity and value of a 1926 Rolex Oyster??
What is the relation between these Walthams??
What is the year....?
What is this clock?
What is this Elgin?
What is this symbol??
What is this??
What is this???????
What is vintage??
What is wrong with this Longines? (link) >?
What is your favorite vintage Longines, and why??
What is your ratio of vintage watches on straps and on bracelets?...>?
what is?...?
What I've been wearing lately . . .?
What kind of Doxa is this??
What kind of watch is this??
What Model Accutron Watch are you wearing Today??
what model Omega did th1s 14k deployant come on??
What Neil (UK) said about NOS. I think I'm finding it to be true!?
What old classic(s)...?
what omega??
What should I do with a NOS Omega??
what size case for my particular movement??????????
What the heck are they even thinking? (bad auction phorography)?
What the heck is this - Wittnauer 11ESG ??
What to ask for during an auction bid...??
What to buy for my aunt??
What to do about the DEEP scratches......?
What to do with this Bulova??
What to look for in an Accutron??
What type of accuracy do you expect from a 150 year old watch??
What type of accuracy do you expect from a 50+ year old watch??
What type of vintage watch collector are you?...>?
What vintage watch have you been wearing most of late?...>?
What vintage watch have you purchased that became a keeper??
What vintage watches have you acquired mainly for their looks...>?
What was the first vintage watch you acquired for yourself?...>?
What was the price when it was new??
What watch are you wearing for New Year?! ->?
what watch did you wear on your wedding day?...?
What watch will you be wearing for Easter Sunday?...>?
Whatcha wearin' today??
What're you wearing today??
What's a Catorex??
What's a NOS Heuer Perforated Strap Worth?!?
What's a snap back basket case??
What's happening with prices??
What's old is new again...?
What's on the workbench??
What's on your wrist today..?..?
Whats on your wrist today??
What's on your wrist today??
What's on your wrist today??
What's on your wrist??
What's the best polish for a coin silver pocketwatch case??
what's the consensus on vintage croton watches...?
What's the correct crown for this Constellation??
What's the date of this Cyma Watersport??
What's the difference ....?
What's the difference between the various Longines lines??
What's the latest addition to your vintage watch collection?...>?
What's the latest vintage watch to join your collection?...>?
What's the lug width of the Seiko Bullhead...?
What's the proper way to store a vintage watch RUST (scan)?
What's the worst thing that could happen to a tritiumed dial/hand watch left alone for many decades??
What's this Omega Tank worth??
Whats up with these little Longines models - now hot??
Whats With The Omega Frenzy ??
What's wrong with this movement? Anything? (more)?
What's your best looking watch? Mine is this Ebel...?
What's your favorite Accutron or other tuning fork watch??
What's Your Favorite Accutron??
What's your lucky vintage watch for Friday 13th?...>?
What's your most complicated vintage watch?...>?
What's your opinion about restoration??
What's your percentage split of watches Vintage/New?...>?
When did Lemania start to produce movements for Omega?,?
When did Rado start using the movable red anchor logo...?
When did wristwatches start appearing with date displays??
When is a redial not a redial..?
When it comes to wristwatches...>?
When it rains it pours (show your bumpers please!)?
When this watch issued from the factory...>?
Wher to find a double curved crystal??
Where and how to sell vintage watches??
where buy vintage watches in Lake Worth/Miami area??
Where can I buy online Bulova-parts??
Where can I find information about a Piaget watch??
Where can I find IWC Mark ix, x, xi in London (UK)??
Where did your watch live before you??
Where do you buy your watches??
Where do you find straps for your vintage watches??
Where do you find your vintage watches ??
Where do you guys find 'em????
Where do you guys go to look for vintage watches??
Where do Zenith fit in the quality scale??
where is a good place to buy vintage watches?
Where should I get my parents' old Hamiltons restored??
Where the value of vintage Omega's is headed?
Where to buy good vintage watches??
where to buy used watches reasonably?
where to buy vintage in Paris or Amsterdam?
Where to find a vintage part for my Bulova??
Where to find and who to trust??
Where to find drtailed info??
Where to find straps for Fixed Lugs??
Where to get values on timepieces?????
Where to restore this JLC? Help please!?
Where To Sell Vintage Watch??
Where to start looking for this one??
Where to Start???
Where's Rolex Vintage Sports Model Going???
Which book to buy??
Which brand provides the best support for vintage watch owners??
Which brand should a newbie concentrate on??
Which companies go by TBN, SXK and TBN with their custom code (also placed in Watch repair)?
Which has more gold? 10kt solid gold or 14kt gold filled??
Which is "more" vintage, and why??
Which of these Omega stories is true??
which strap for a gold vintage dress watch??
Which strap/buckle combo for 50s seamaster???
Which to get - Constellation or Speedmaster?
which valjoux movts are a "drop-in" replacement for a 773x??
Which watch to repair? Cressine or Benrus??
Which Watch was that??
Which watch??
Which watches use the ETA 2824 or 2892 movements??
Which would you choose??
Which would you choose?...>?
Which would you go for...?
Which wrist do you wear your vintage watch on??
Which Zenith caliber??
Which Zodiac to put on for swimming today...??
While we're on the topic - how do you feel about case inscriptions?...>?
Whilst at home with the flu....?
White 14K Piping Rock?
White Star circa 1950??
who _really_ created the first mass-produced automatic chronograph??
Who are YOU calling an SOB?????
Who can make display backs?....?
Who had that vintage Illinois wristwatch...?
Who has a Boulevard? (post em if ya got em)?
Who has heard of Ferrero??
Who has the 'loudest" watch??
Who has the oldest Seamaster? Here's mine... :-)?
Who knows what this is..(also posted in watchmaking)?
Who knows which swiss chronograph this is???
Who knows? Economic Recession? Epray prices never this high??
Who said there is no market for vintage ladies watches??
who sells original longines NOS crystals??
Who sells Vintage Rolex??
Who should stay, who should go??
Who was the Grandfather of the ETA 2892??
Who's been so ecited about a new purchase that they've worn a non-working watch??
Who's the expert on vintage pocket watches, here? (nt)?
Who's the expert vintage Omega guy here? I need some help! >>>?
Why are they called "Hunter's" cases??
why cant i find any info on TAYLOR watches??
Why can't we have a Vintage Sales Corner???....?
Why didn't I think of this??
Why do IWC cost so much??
Why does it take 2-3 weeks ship from Canada to US??
Why has no-one...?
Why I love Federal Express.....?
Why is it that bumper wind mvts are considered...?
Why is silver seldom used for watch cases today??
Why is there is little interest in the Longines cal. 12.68Z??
Why Micro Rotor Automatic??
why vintage Omega Constellation is much more>>>?
Why were watch hands made as consumable parts? >?
Why wind your watches in the morning?
Why would anyone pay $255 for this??
Why would Omega publish their book in French only??
Wierd second-hand behavior?
Wife steals watch!?
Wild About Wylers (Long)?
Wild Omega Prices?
Will You Americans Please Desist !?
wind up cartoon watch.?
Winding Manual Watches?
winged hourglass?
Wire lug watch strap sources??
Wish I knew the date of my Curvex!?
Wish me good luck on my new job?
With all the modefn technology today.....?
Without cheating, can anyone ID the maker of this box? [nt]?
Wittnauer Calendar 2000?
Wittnauer Electric battery type?
Wittnauer Pert-O-Graph--Very Cool Tool!?
Wittnauer Revue--Review!?
Wittnauer watch id?
Wittnauer watches?
Wittnauer with Bulova movement??
Wittnauer-info request?
Woman's vintage watch suggestions>>?
Won't you take me to Funkytown!...>?
Wooden Dials?
Woohoo! One 'grail' down!?
Woohoo! We're in the Grand Final!...>?
Woohoo, hoo!?
Wore a couple of old favourites this weekend...>?
Work in progress...>?
Workmanship ...?
World Series Watches?
Worn this one all week...>?
Worried about radium on your vintage watches? So was I, so I bought a Geiger counter >>>?
Worth a look...>?
Worth a redial ??
Worth restoring? Elgin A-11?
Worth the price??
worth the wait...?
Would a nato strap work on this repeater moon??
Would anyone else care to share their jump hour watches??
Would appreciate any 411 on Mondaine (more)?
Would appreciate any information on Bucherer (more)?
Would appreciate any pics of the Gruen Pan American. Thanks. (nt)?
Would like estimate of Age?
Would like help in identifying B&M movement?
Would Rob B. be able to fix a broken index wheel on a Seamaster Electronic???
Would you buy a watch showing signs of oxidation??
Would you keep a 60 year old watch running all the time??
Would you please recommend a restoration workshop??
Would you redial this??
Would you redial??
Would you wear a vintage watch with worn gold plating??
Would you wear it ??
Wouldn't mind some hep interpeting this message from Omega - Thanks!?
WOW - Response from Zodiac Watches (Need Help)?
Wow I just heard the most horrible noise ever =(?
Wow! and to think I thought it was only worth $100 !!!?
Wow, some very nice pocket watches on this forum this afternoon.?
Wrist Shot of my new triple date moonphase.?
Wrist shot of 'new' 1950s Landeron 48 chronograph?
wrist shot Wednesday?
wrist watch box?
Wrist watch in cushion shape?
wristwatch in movie 'the pianist'?
Wristwatch Protector Covers / Straps?
WSW: Lets have a look at what you got?
WSW:Tuesday Bulova Spaceview 1973 Share you pics to :-) [nt]?
WW2 German Military Watches?
WW2 Omega military broad arrow?
WW2 watches - Wagnet and BWC?
WWI/II Naval Chronometers- any good reading??
WWII Bulova?
WWII Glashutte Tutima German Flieger dials?
WWII Pocket Watch? for autavia lovers?
WWWWWWWWWalthams... :-)?
Wyler & Helbros on a sunny Texas day....?
Wyler Chronograph?
Wyler fest !?
Wyler ROCKS !?
Wyler Superior 1948 (ETA 1080)?
X.B what does it represent?
X-post from Jaeger-LeCoultre Forum: Any more suggestions??
X-tra rare Breitling from the 70s?
Yank 'em and crank 'em! Let's see some manual-winds...>?
yard-garage sale treasures.?
Yay! Another 'grail' off the list!?
Yellow gold can be so nice.... (cross-post from PF)?
Yes - It's another "What are these people thinking" Omega posts >>>?
yesterday acquisition: 1780's Virgule Calendar?
Yesterday at the antique fair?
Yesterday at the boot sale, 2 seikos and a mil type...?
Yesterday at the boot sale, two old Seikos...?
Yesterday at the boot sale.?
Yesterday at the boot sale..........?
Yesterday's Horological Haul?
Yesterday's vintage wear '54 Tissot...>?
Yet another Bestfit request >?
Yet another Bulova dating question.?
Yet another great JLC movement lives inside this MOD Air Force watch:?
Yet another Polerouter.....?
Yikes! I have 6 vintage watches I'm waiting for.?
You guys brow-beat me into getting this redialed, so here it is [nt]?
You just know when a it's going to be a favorite!?
You Make the Call...?
You Omega guys correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this a chronometer regulator?
You recognise this pair of Ed. Heuer 125 yrs Limited Edition?
Your Comment pls: LeCoultre Memovox Vintage?
Your considered & worldly opinions, please, gentlemen...?
Your expertise would be greatly appreciated [post 1 of 3] >>>?
Your favorite "XL" vintage watches?
Your favorite manual wind vintage movements??
Your favourite manual-wind wristwatches?...>?
Your favourite vintage watch dials?...>?
Your highest, and lowest, jewel counts?..>?
Your opinion on whether dial mistakes can be made in the factory?
Your simplest and your busiest vintage designs?...>?
Your vintage wristwatch collection - what period?...>?
Youtube Solvil et Titus "vintage" watch movie ad.?
You've got mail!?
Zeigeist no more?
Zell Bros - Turtle Timer?
Zenith / Generic Pocket Watch Markings Question?
Zenith 135 - gilt vs. rhodanized?
Zenith 146H Chronograph Movement?
ZENITH and OMEGA .Two calibers of chronographs?
Zenith caseback question?
Zenith Chronometre 135?
Zenith Chronometre with unsigned "chronometre" movements?
Zenith deck watch?
Zenith El Primeros / Tri-Color / Two Versions?
Zenith Pocket Watch Help?
Zenith Pocket Watch Help needed?
Zenith Signal Corps?
Zenith special - WW aviator watch?
Zenith Star Gold Watch and Band?
Zenith Super Sub Sea?
Zenith vintage chrono info needed.?
Zenith Watch...What Have I Bought??
Zenith with Unsigned Dial ??
Zenith wrist?
Zenith... to redial, or not??
Zheut wrist watch?
Zodiac diver watch?
ZODIAC just in....?
Zodiac miracle !?
zodiac movement?
Zodiac PR?
Zodiac Sea Wolf movement maker??
Zodiac Sea Wolf repair question.?
zodiac seawolf?
Zodiac Seawolf?
Zodiac Seawolf question?
Zodiac Seawolf Valjoux?
Zodiac SST 36.000 ????
Zodiac SST 36000 problem (please help me fix the beast)!?
Zodiac Triple Date Chrono...????
Zodiac vintage power reserve?
Zodiac watch?
ZODIACs ... when will the insanity end ... !??
Zoty - 1945 Wristwatch?