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An amazing ultrathin chronometer, but what is it? JLC-AP...???

Just picked up this ss 50's manual wind ultrathin MOVIGA chronometer and can't stopnoticing the overwhelming resemblance between the classic vintage JLC ultraslim watches and the Audemars Piguets. It is marked MOVIGA / CHRONOTECH, CHRONOMETRE, SWISS and measures approx 34 X 6.2MM (!!!) that is about the thickness of the current JLC ultraslim. It is a three piece snapback case and has a extensively decorated 17 jewel manual wind gold plated movement and ss caseback. The movement inscription reads 17 Jewels, adjusted to temperature, 503 ZYO (???) MARVIN HIME CO. I tried to look it and found nothing, still, I find it hard to believe that such a well made and stunning looking watch has been in total obscurity for the past few decades...I recently bought a JLC classic 18K ultraslim and the cases are almost identical, hands, color of dial, etc... what's the story here...any ideas??? Please look at the pics below. Thanks-Attila
....though it is a nicely decorated movement I agree. But certainly not up to the standard of JLC or AP. It looks like an Eta of some kind but I haven't pin-pointed it yet. There looks to be an Ebauches symbol (like a shield shape) under the edge of the balance, can you see what it says? Also, what is the diameter of the movement inside the case spacer ring. Then we may be able to be specific.
Nice looking watch.
Regards, Rob