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Interesting Movement. Felsa Bidynator

Here is a Felsa 690 movement I found in a vintage Venus auto recently.
Looked pretty good quality with the centre of the rotor jewelled.
The term Bidynator puzzled me at first but I later assumed it was because the movement winds in both directions.
Anybody know if this explanation is correct?
Cheers, Neil.
around World War II, 1942 I believe. The name "Bidynator" does indeed refer to the rotor winding the spring in both directions.
Here's an old shot of a Bidynator from a mid 40's Banner.
Thanks, Bill
So All Bidynator mvmts are by Felsa? I got a couple in a lot of unidentified movements and not all are marked.
several Swiss houses from the early 1940's through the mid 1950's. The Bidynator may be found in a number of brands. Here is the Banner military style powered by the BiDy movement that I posted earlier.
Thanks, Bill