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Lancet Watch??

I found this Lancet watch at a flea market today. I've had precious little luck tracking down anything about the brand or the model on the internet. (Perhaps the info is out there, but I got lost in amongst the myriad medical journal references.)
After I took the photos, I cleaned it, and it made a dramatic improvement.
Anyone know anything about the brand, or at least have a guess as to the date it was made?
Another view.
...and one more. Any info the collective wisdom of the group can provide would be most welcome :-)
Lancet watches were made by Langendorf (who later became Lanco). Yours, based on the movement and dial, seems to be from the 40s.
Thanks! In the grand scheme of things, how does Langendorf compare to other brands of that era?
This company was founded in 1872 by Colonel Johann Kottmann and developed by relatives, Ernst, Charles, and Rudolf Kottmann, till around 1944. All through its history the company has registered several names with various small differences:- Langendorf S.A.,Langendorf Watch Co.,
Societe D'Horlogerie de Langendorf, Uhrenfabrik Langendorf, Fabrique D'Horllogerie De Eta Langendorf,
Lonville Watch Co. Lonville Watch Co.(N.Y.)
Lanco, Lanco Swiss Watch Co (GB )Ltd.
In the beginning of the 20th century they ventured into USA. and Langendorf were imported by American Swiss Watch Co. In 1925 they set up an agency in Le Chaux De Fonds. Majority of the watches were produced for export and to save paying duty they were cased in the country that imported them (this applied to the U.S.A. also).
I have a few Lancos & in my opinion they are pretty good mid-range watches.
Lancet is a model name.
Time waits for no Man
Hi. The movement in this one is Sam Kocher another well documented Ebauche manufacturer. Once again Upper mid range quality, and real good stuff to collect for its price. Cheers Phil
Phil S