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Felsa Bidynator 415 Movement

I recently got this 1940's automatic using (at least to my limited knowledge) a felsa 415, which is described to be the very first (pre)series of the felsa bidynators.

According to Dr. Ranfft, the 410/415 were followed by the 690's in the very same year (1942), which would date the watch exactly and would give it a more prototypical status - in the forum archives I found the information that the 410/415 series were produced up to 1947 according to the bestfit 111.
Anyone knowing who is right??
Best regards
says that the 410 was the first Bidynator, and was introduced in 1942. It had sub-seconds. The sweep seconds version, 415, was then introduced in 1944.
He shows the 690, second generation Bidynator, as being introduced in 1947, with date and other varitions following later.
... for I could have looked that up in the Hampel myself (which I did afterwards) and thank you very much for the info, Paul - seems like you know the answer to most of my questions ...
The dial design is pretty similar to the one shown in the book, and I like the very vintage look of this small watch (32 mm).