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Clebar Find

I found this Clebar at a local thrift shop. Should Clean up really nice. Does anyone know the model name? Thanks.

No name. Most vintage watches don't have names.
I had an idea that Clebar was a sub brand of Zodiac but not 100% on that.
Cheers, Neil.
You see a lot of chronographs from Clebar.
I'm not sure if Clebar had an independent history before Zodiac or not.
I have had the back off. Surprisingly clean and regularly serviced(scribed service dates on inside of back)They date back to the earliest of 1979-1996.I am assuming it's probably from the mid 70's. Maybe some else knows better. PS Why the "pi" symbol on the ring at the 6 digit?
This is an engineer's watch with a old fashinoned slide rule function.
π is a specific value used to calculate the area and circumference of circles. I can see the value of having that marked off on the slide rule, although I've forgotten how to use them.
Hope this helps,
And you can tell it's an Engineer's slide rule rather than the more common Pilot's slide rules because "1" is at 12 o'clock instead of "6".
Figured out how to use the slide rule. It does multiplication and division. Neat stuff!